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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hello my dear snoopy friends!

So sorry I haven't been blogging lately but I am a bit busy these days. I have a lovely friend from Australia visiting, it was my daughters birthday on Saturday and well my boss is on holiday for 2 weeks so I am working 2 libraries! And as you know I am over 50 so juggling all this is not exactly easy ha, ha.....
Anyway I will be honest with you not much is going on on my desk at the moment but I do have a few photos to fullfill your need for snooping! It will be a long blog but I won't be writing much - just showing photos otherwise I will take up too much of your precious time - time you should be spending snooping around other desks!
 So lets start with my daughters birthday and the cake I baked - it is a chocolate orange cake - it is a family secret so don't ask me for the recipe, I can only pass it on to my daughter! 
My baby was 25!!!!!! Where did all those years go??? It seemed I just brought her home from the hospital!

My friend Annette from Australia did the fancy icing......

My daughter admiring her cake....

My daughter with her boyfriend....

Blowing the candles and cutting the cake.....

A hug for mummy......

A hug for my friend Annette......

The lovely quilt I got from my friend ....it is a Christmas table cloth.....I just love it - she has done a beautiful job - you girls out there that do quilting will agree with me....

   Dodaj na

A close up......

And now my little craftroom where I also sleep at the moment as I have given my bedroom to my friend....

And at last a card I made for my friend as it was her nameday too....

I will blog my daughters birthday card later in the day - I think you have more then enough snooping material at the moment ha, ha....Sorry if the post is so long, I promise I will be very short next time! I just had to show off a few things ha, ha
Lots of hugs to all of you 


  1. Pretty quilt and yummy cake!! Robin

  2. Hi (I always want to use your name but don't know if you want to give the game away and keep people guessing haha) Ooh that cake looks yummy yummy, love the quilt your friend is very clever and the card you made her is beautiful.
    Mica powders are pigment powders such as Perfect Pearls, Pearl-Ex, if you've ever seen those, and lots more. Some you can just add water to to paint with others you need to add a binding material. They have a lovely sheen to them. Also you can stamp with Versamark then dab the powders on or add a little bit to ink, such as distress ink re-fillers and top up with water to make a shimmer spray.
    Have a lovely day ;-)
    Anne xx

  3. Hi Cardarian
    oh scrummy looking cake, i don't know where the years go, fabby piccie, gorgeous table cloth, beautiful card, have great day, sue,x

  4. oh that quilt is beautiful love the cake too oh made me feel hungry,hugs cheryl xxx

  5. Cor that cake looked delish.
    Enjoy the time with your friend

  6. Hi D, lovely cake and happy belated birthday to your daughter, time certainly flies! What a wonderful gift your friend brought you, it's beautiful, as is the lovely card you made.


  7. hello lovely lady, fantastic photos. I am glad you are having a good visit with your friend...I love the quilt/tablecloth, she can visit me if she brings one here too lol

    ohhh cake....but no recipe, nooooo, what a tease! please adopt me so you can pass on the recipe!

    Don't work too hard dear.x

  8. Yummy cake, my daughter is 16 next week I just don't know where the time has gone. Hugs Pam x

  9. What a nice set of pictures to look at - looks like you all had a lovely time, and how lovely to be sleeping in your craft room - if that was me I wouldnt be doing much sleeping!

  10. Sounds like you're having a lovely time with birthday celebrations and your visitor. That cake looks really yummy. I dont mind if you send me a slice with any sewing you need doing :-)
    A x

  11. Ooh yummy scrummy cake - what a nice Mummy you are. Love that tablecloth-really beautiful.

  12. I don't quilt but that looks stunning to me ... mind you... so does the card and the cake and the daughter and you made all three of those ... so well done you too :0)

  13. What a great cake. If you ever find yourself over here please feel free to pop in with one! I LOVE that tablecloth - gorgeous - and that card is stunning.

  14. If there's any of that cake left I'd be happy to take care of it for you .... Yes it seems like yesterday I brought my little girl home too, and now she's got little girls of her own!

  15. Love the pink card, the chocolate cake is gorgeous - it made me feel hungry

  16. Brill pictures - happy birthday to your daughter. Love that quilting and how nice of you to squeeze up into your bedroom - can remember doing that when I had a makeover.

  17. fabulous quilt but what a heavenly chocolate cake!!Have a fabulous woyww!! Glad you liked the fishy!

  18. your cake made me hungry. its a beautiful card!

  19. That cake looks so yummy. Looks like everyone had a great time, too. I know I'm late getting here today, but I'm staying in order this week after my computer decided to shut itself off last week and I had no idea who I had visited.

    Having company from Australia would be a big thing in my world, and I, too, would take time away from blogging. I'm amazed you even had time to post this and visit.

    I guess (or at least hope) you got your plumbing problems straightened out. Happy WOYWW.

  20. Thanks for the peek! Seems you are having a great time with family events and your lovely friend for a visit.

  21. oh that yummy cake and such a beautiful christmas cloth...have a great time with your wonderful friend...hugs kath xxx

  22. oh yummy cake :0)
    Thanks for sharing hun :0)
    *hugs* Heather x

  23. Ooh I wish I could have some of that cake it looks scrumptious. Hope you have a lovely time with your friend. Hugs Jo. xx

  24. Hi D

    Hope you are well, not been in touch for a while but glad to be here today...

    what a fabby cake (yum yum) and that card is just stunning. Love it.

    How lovely to have your friend staying with you... hope you are making the most of your time together - and hope to hear about the things you get up to...

    Paula x x x

  25. Yum, great looking cake & love your workspace

  26. Oh busy busy! But good busy, huh - what wonderful photos, your darling girl is like you!

  27. Sorry I'm late, the quilt and the cake are fabulous!