Wednesday, March 1, 2017

WOYWW, cards and new stuff and a knee operation done!

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

It has been 2 weeks that I have been missing from WOYWW but of course the reason was my dear DBF had a full knee replacement which we were waiting for for ages and I had to turn all my attention to that matter! It is over now he is doing okay except for the pain which we are trying to manage with painkillers! Thank you for all the well wishes - they help ! I will show a picture of the knee in a minute but first the usual business of WOYWW - my desk and what I have been making and buying ( ha, ha a bit of retail therapy is always nice! :-) )
So my desk is busy - I have cleared it a little bit but on the sides you can see stamps, inks, papers, glues and all sorts! 

I have been making various cards - a day before the operation my boy celebrated his 70th birthday so I made a card for that occasion...

then I made a get well card for him after he had the operation....

This week I made my first Easter card - still about 30 to go but it is a start - I better get on with that....

I used acrylic paints for the background and the egg is a memory box die!
My last card is a birthday card I made for my DBFs granddaughter....

I colored the background with Broken China distress ink and then stamped butterflies all over it! I also colored some card with metallic Prima and Pebeo acrylic paints and then cut the Wplus9 butterfly frame out of that card added the sentiment and a few gems! So there that is all I have done this week! I think it is more then enough considering I have to look after my patient, clean, cook, iron and do all the rest of the housework! Huh!
To keep me going I bought a few bits - some Hero Arts neon inks and a set of pinky ALTENEW inks...

  I also bought 2 sets of Eclectica Paperartsy stamps - everybody knows I love flowers and these stamps I just couldn't resist!

Finally here is a picture of my DBFs knee - he had the dressing changed yesterday but it is swollen and not very nice!

I hope you have a good week - I will try to get round to some of you but I can't promise much - I am quite busy with my patient!
Hugs to all

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

WOYWW 402, cards and a few new things....

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

Another dull day here in Kent - I really miss the sun can we please have a few days of it ? Or at least one whole day of bright sunshine!!! Please!!! That's my moan for the day!
Did you have a nice Valentines Day? We went out with our MG and had a lunch in a country side pub! Nice! At least I didn't have to cook!
Getting on with the usual stuff I have been busy up till yesterday with my Valentine's day cards and all sorts of other desk is as messy as ever - well I do tidy up almost every day but as soon as I make something we are back to square one! Huh!
So here is my messy desk...

Besides the usual mess there are a few novelties - I bought a few little bottles of enamel accents - I think they will be quite useful! Then there is a new sizzix wild flower die from TH. You must know by now that I am crazy about flowers so such dies grab my attention and end up in my stash...on the right hand side there is a pile of paper and on top of that are 2 new stamp sets - although I have lots of stamps I have virtualy non with bunnies, chicks and other stuff that would be handy for Easter cards so I got them and one is from Altenew and the other from Winnie and Walter! You will see them in detail when I make some cards with them!
Now here are 2 last cards from the Valentine's Day batch.....

I got some lovely mail art from Donna.....

I sent back a card in this colorful envelope.....I used distress inks to color the roses and then of course realised that if the postman carries it around in the rain it will turn into a big mess so I dried it properly and then put some glaze medium on it to protect it ! I did a test before hand as that could turn into a mess too but if you do it fast it works..... I know there is this TH micro glaze thing you can buy but a tiny container cost around 9 pounds so I think using the medium is cheaper!

And as last her is something I have been doing this morning .....just stamping and coloring but I don't know what it will end up being.....
I started here...

and ended here....

So there I think I am finished now - I have lots to do this week - 2 sympathy cards, 2 birthday cards and of course it is time to start on my Easter cards - busy times aye?

Have a lovely crafty week !
Hugs to all of you,

Thursday, February 9, 2017

WOYWW 401, Operation date and beading!

My dear bloggy friends! 

I am so sorry I missed the 400 WOYWW! I did make stuff to show but when Wednesday came I was a bit down as my dear DBF got his operation date! Well we are very happy to have finally got there after almost 3 years waiting but is was a shock! To be honest we both sat in the lounge just quiet both thinking is it really going to happen or will we be sent home again but the next day after the call the letter did come and it is true! 
So that was that I will have to wait for the big 500 now !!! :-) Huh!
I must say Julia had this amazing idea - I wonder how she came up with it and it has brought together this wonderful group of ladies and we are not just crafters but we are proper friends! Thank you Julia for having this amazing idea 400 weeks ago!!!! It is lovely to be part of this gang!
Celebrations aside it is time to get back to business and that is showing our desks! I will start with my very messy desk - I am probably this weeks winner for messiness! Have a look.....

This week I made a few more cards....a less traditional Valentine's Day card....

and two more traditional cards with pink and red....

I also made some felt hearts! I started really enjoying sewing and BEADING!!!!

That is all from me this week ....I still have to visit people who visited me before but I will be going around to this weeks WOYWW gang too!
Have a lovely week and enjoy your crafting!
Hugs to all,

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

WOYWW 399, I am back after a long break!

Hello my dear friends!

I have been away for such a long time! It was due to me being away at home in Slovenia and after I came back I have suffered with a cold that has lasted for ages and took all the life out of me for a few weeks! To be honest I am still not 100% but with this cold weather never ending I don't think I will be for a while!
Still I am back to making things and that is why I am back ready to show you my messy desk and what I have made!
Ohh yes have you noticed the number of WOYWW - next week it will be 400! Unbelievable! 400 Wednesdays ladies have gathered and shown their stuff! Amazing! Julia our Queen has nailed it! No doubt!
Anyway we will be talking about this next week now let me get up to showing you my desk....
 As you can see that pile of a mess are some of my stamps and dies for making Valentines Day cards! Yes that is what I have been doing! I am not organized yet - I just randomly take out stuff that I need and pile it on my desk - I have to get back to be more tidy but for the moment randomness is all I can manage!
 This is the other side of the desk where at the moment my lovely pink glue gun lives - I have finally discovered a good way how to put the tape in! My advise don't look at videos just do it!  You can see a box with my sewing in it a big box of kleenex tissues and that other pink thing is my new phone which I like very much! I changed from Samsung to Sony. I am not a fan of iPhones so this is fine for me!


So what have I made? Here are 3 cards I will show you.....

First up - I stamped the background with various heart stamps in pink  and then put some black die cuts from My favorite things (words) and Carabelle studio (hearts) on top.....

Next one with a bit of gold embossing and die cuts again from My favorite things and sentiment from Lil' inker,,,,

And here is the last one with the same die cut from My favorite things but with an extra butterfly one from Memory box..... sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp...

That is all from me today.....I will be around looking at what you have been making - ha, ha maybe I can get some inspiration from all you arty folk!
Have a lovely week and get ready for week 400 of WOYWW ! Wow how great is that?
Lots of hugs to all of you, 

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WOYWW, Cards, cards and more cards!

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I missed out on last weeks action - guess why? Forgot it was Wednesday! The weeks just turn around sooo quick I simply can't keep up with what day it is! And as I am now retired and don't go to work it really doesn't matter except if I want to do WOYWW! So that is my excuse for last week! Back now and in full swing making cards! The mojo is up and down but I am cracking here is my desk!

What you see there in the middle is a background I have just made for a card. Then there is my brand new PINK ATG gun! I have one at home in Slovenia but I decided to buy one here because I got fed up with messing about with double sided tape! Still I was messing about for an hour to load the tape into the ATG gun! Grrrrrr! At home I never had a problem but here I just couldn't get it right! Anyway it is now in use and okay! Behind the gun there is a pile of cards I have made! Still have to make around 30! And ATCs for the crop and well I would like to sew some decorations for Christmas! I see all sorts of ideas on blogs and pinterest but I just can't decide! 
Here are a few cards I have made recently.
Christmas cards first as tis' the season........ 

2 birthday cards.....

an last a sympathy card...

That is all I will show you for today! I am late posting as I was watching the gripping series Missing! Oh I wish they would show the whole series in one go - it is painful to wait a whole week to see the next episode!!! Huh! 
My dear friends have a lovely week, keep crafting and I will see you when I come to snoop around your blogs! And some of you I will see very soon at the crop - looking forward to that!!! 
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Thursday, November 3, 2016

WOYWW on Thursday! My first Christmas cards!

Hello my dear friends!

I am late, very, very late! Coming on WOYWW on Thursday instead of Wednesday???? So sorry but yesterday we had a busy day and come the evening I was so tired I just couldn't do the post! But I am here now and will link up if I still can!
My desk has finally come into the Christmas spirit! I was happy to start on the cards - it was hard at first as my mind was completely blank but eventually I got into the mood! I only have 50 more cards to make so hopefully the momentum carries on for a while....:-)

To start with 2 blue - snowy ones........

Crafty individuals lovely London Christmas stamp....

Background stamp is Hero Arts, snowflake is Simon Says Stamp die!
This is a religious one I made with one of the stamps I inherited from my friend Jo..... 

And this last one is a bit modern - background is a My Favorite Things stamp and the tree is a Papertray ink die!

Thats all folks for today - I will try to come round more this week - I have been a bit busy these last 2 weeks but by the end of the week all my busy times will be over!
Have a lovely week and see you as I snoop around your desk!
Lots of hugs,

Friday, October 28, 2016

Friday smiles with my daughter!

Hello and good morning to my bloggy friends!

I don't usually participate in Annie's Friday Smiles but I have some lovely smiles to share! Recently my daughter has been here visiting with her boyfriend! We had a lovely time - went up to Liverpool to see my friend Jo and after that they stayed with us her in Kent for a few days! Every morning when I turn on my computer I have a look at the photos we have taken and it puts a smile on my face so I thought this would be great to share on Annie's Friday Smiles!
This is my lovely daughter - she has recently finished her university studies and is a professor of Spanish language and History of Art! I am very proud!

Here she is with her boyfriend who is a really nice man very kind and always prepared to help....

We stayed at Jo's and had a lovely time - the young ones absolutely loved it in Liverpool so we will probably go back again if Jo will have us...:-)

We also met up with my partners daughters and family - we had a really nice time - it was the first time they have met....we had dinner in a restaurant and also took a big family photo outside - everybody was supposed to pull a face on that one...:-)

This is a selfie we took before they left and my daughter's boyfriend managed to get us all in even Alan - my partner who was sitting in the back....

So there - these are my lovely memories and they make me smile every time I look at them! I hope you will enjoy them too!
Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to smile! 
Lots of hugs,