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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

WOYWW, 2nd February, 2011

Good morning everybody!

How are you all this (in our country) very cold and dull morning??? I am quite happy and that is because I got back up to crafting! It took me a while - I haven't done much yet but it is a start and I am happy! So to get straight to the point and not bore you with all the other goings on in my life I think I better show you a few photos of my desk and what is on it!
I started off by making the flowers from Mandy's tutorial! If she will have a look at them she will probably say I haven't done very well but I did make an effort - I even streched and mad a little heart shaped one....

I also made a Valentines card with one of these flowers......

Yesterday I noticed in our shop Memories that they have these very nice distressing clear stamps - 5 different patterns for 15 Euros and as I have an idea what to do with them I went and bought them....

And here is an over all look at stuff on my desk - yes I bought the TH DI Worn lipstick! Can you imagine of all the colors I didn't have that one! Ha, ha.....

And in preparation of doing more things crafty I got out my Valentine's Day MS punches.....

and Donna I made the salt dough which is in the fridge now ( in cling film - not showing the contents of my fridge ha, ha) waiting for me to find a face mold for my doll ( went to 4 shops don't have them - just clowns, elephants - animals and venitian masks, for which I would have to make a doll as big as me!! I will try another shop  today which is out of town) as I am not an artist and can't really make a nice face ! 
So there that is all for now folks....have a good snoop enjoy the day, be safe and happy!
Hugs to all of you


  1. Love your desk today, I think the flowers look just great. Glad you are back crafting again.

  2. love the flowers, they are gorjuss hun

    thanks for the snoop
    Judie 58

  3. I have a feeling I have some dolls faces somewhere if you're struggling. Email me if you're interested and I will hunt them out for you.
    A x

  4. Lovely, lovely stuff!
    Those stamps look fab!
    Chrissie #22

  5. Love the creativiy going on on your desk today, the card is gorgeous as are those beautiful flowers :)
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #88

  6. Yes those stamps do look great! Nice flowers ;)
    The brushes you asked about....I use them to ink backgrounds with....a bit like using cut & dry foam but it gives a soft stippled effect.
    xoxo Sioux

  7. Your flowers are beautiful! I love MS punches, can never get enough of them. Thanks for sharing!

  8. lots of gorgeous stuff to play with there, stamps, punches, a beautiful card, great workspace, happy woyww, thank you for sharing (#9)

  9. Whats in your fridge today? lol now thats a whole other challenge in it'self :).
    happy woyww, thanks for sharing :)
    crafty hugs - Andria (42).

  10. I want those stamps.

    Face wise - roll a ball, squish it SLIGHTLY flat,

    pinch a nose 2/3rds down from the top,


    paint on a black dot eye each side and close to the nose, and do a symbolic pair of kissers,

    diagram up on my post in ten minutes - try it before you buy a mold...


  11. Hi Hun
    wow fabulous flowers, gorgeous card, luv the new stamps,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (36)

  12. I love your flowers - the one you have put on the card is beautiful. Sorry to hear it is so cold there as I am basking in sunshine here in America but expect to be cold in two weeks when I return to the UK. #17

  13. I so enjoyed the tour round your space ...great roses ...beautiful card ...and I love those stamps ...great bargain.

  14. Your new background stamps look fab.Love those heart punches too. There are lots of TH inks I don't yet-I just love the names though.

  15. Lovely job on flowers and perfect for your valentine creation! #105

  16. Love the flowers, looks great on your card so don't put yourself down! Great new stamps too, I like background stamps a lot and have been trying to use more of them and less paper. I have about 15 or 17 of the TH inks, as Linby says, great names for them, my current fave is Bundled Sage!

    Brenda 91

  17. OOOOOO! I like your new stamps! Thanks for the work area snoop! Star 125

  18. I think the flowers look lovely, as does your desk. Good job on getting the mojo back - I'm sure that those beautiful stamps and Doone's salt dough is helping. Keep it up, it's looking crafty!

  19. I spy Martha Stewart punches! I love them! I think your flowers turned out very nice. Where can I find the tutorial? Thanks for sharing. Vickie #80

  20. Oh back with a bang! The flowers are really lovely and the pink one looks gorgeous on the card. You're all go - salt dough in the fridge - I just about got round to finding a recipe!!

  21. Your flowers are lovely and the pink one sets off that perfect little Valentine's card.

  22. The flowers are so effective, I rally like them. Beautiful Valentine card too.
    Thanks so much for all your comments whilst I've been in America. I'm just catching up a bit on the plane and it helps the time to pass quicker.
    Love Jo x

  23. The flowers look great to me. I love the MS punch set...I want that one too...lol

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo lucky #1.

  24. Boohoo, Blogger not showing me a picture of your stamps :-( Love the Valentine's card and the flowers are fab :-)
    Anne xx

  25. Hello, your lollipop flowers are lovely - the one you chose to put on your card looks very effective. Thanks for sharing. Elizabeth x #96