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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WOYWW, 16th March 2011

Hi my lovely friends!

I can't believe this but my last WOYWW was 6 weeks ago! So much time has passed .... unfortunatly time flies when you are on holiday.....not so when you are at work! 
Still I am glad to be back as we all know "there is no place like home". 
I still have loads of photos from Cuba to show you but I am still struggling with my teeth problems so I don't do much on the computer after I come home from work - I just go straight to bed! Well yesterday I made an exception - really forced myself to do some things in the afternoon so I went to a craftshop and bought a few bits and bobs, I also got a package yesterday with some goodies and as I have not made anything in so many weeks I made a card for Chrissies and Mandies "Less is More" challenge!
Here is my desk....first an overall look at a really messy desk...how can you manage that and not craft at all I ask myself???

Swing to the left.....messy boxes full of I don't know what and my new MS punch around the page Wild flowers - I have been hunting that one down for ages it is now finally in my possesion! Also the bird trio from Hero Arts - I just love birds they will never go out of fashion for me....

Onto the right we have a new shoe box ( yes I also bought 2 pairs of shoes over the weekend - I didn't have any!!!:-) ) in which I have put my gems and pearls, but I am running out of space for crafting so that box will have to go - don't ask me where because I haven't got a clue! 

And here is my offering for the day - an "off the edge" card for "Less is more"

So that is my WOYWW. I have a librarian course later in the day but I will be round all you nosey people in the evening!
Lots of hugs to all of you...


  1. Welcome back. You have been missed. Really hope your tooth problem settles down soon and you can start to enjoy your spare time again.
    A x

  2. Lovely Bright card and I love the colours
    Hugs Susie Sugar xx

  3. Hi there,
    I'm so glad that you made a card fro our challenge! I haven;t managed the last couple of weeks with WOYWW... I felt guilty because I couldn't get around to leave comments as "Less is More" was keeping us so busy. We had over 230 entries for each of the last couple of weeks and that's a lot of blogs to visit and comments to give!
    Your card is great I love that cheery colour!
    Thanks for entering and I love your birdie stamps!
    "Less is More"

  4. Lovely card and a very creative looking work desk too


  5. Welcome back. It's my first WOYWW in ages too, and it is so nice to see someone else who has a mess despite no crafting!

    Thanks for making me feel normal.
    cheers, rachel no. 70

  6. Welcome back, you have been missed. I hope your problems with your teeth settle down very soon as that can be so painful. I do love those new bird stamps and a lovely creative space, I hope you get chance to have a play soon :)
    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #73

  7. i can't seem to see images on blogger today - but I can say it is lovely to have you back...


  8. Welcome back, it's amazing how quick the time flies, hope you get your teeth problem sorted, i hate dentists but when needed they do usually help!
    Great card :D
    Happy Wednesday
    StAy InKy
    hugs Minxy #28

  9. I had lost track of time and no idea it was so long since we last saw your fab workspace!! Thank you for your kind comments earlier.

  10. Super card, love the colours
    Your work space looks FAV, so artistic
    Ive not joined in with WOYWW for ages, Less is More has taken over our lives!
    Thanks for entering our challenge
    "Less is More"

  11. Hope you feel better soon. Looks like you have lots to play with when you feel more like it!

  12. Lovely to have you back... you have been missed. Lots going on there too despite your lack of crafting.
    Thanks for your kind words to me too,
    Love JoZarty x

  13. Welcome back, sounds like you had an amazing trip, those dolphins absolutely adore you!! I'd love to do that one day. Funny how desks seem more untidy when we're not using them than when we are using them! Great new goodies too. I was at the dentist this week too so I feel your pain, literally!!

    Brenda 114

  14. Oh we really have missed your cheery desk and lovely comments. I do hope your teeth prob gets sorted soon - it makes you feel so miserable. x x Jo

  15. Very pretty card! Love the colors...so bright and Spring-like!

  16. Oooh we have the same colour craft rooms - I love all your stash! Can I come over and play??? Pretty please !!!! Lol
    Rebecca (45) x

  17. Nice to see you WOYWW'ing again. Have missed you whilst you were away. Now looking forward to seeing some more of your photos. It sounds wonderful.
    HJope the tooth problem settles soon and you can get back to some seriouos crafting. Take care - remember sleep is a great healer.

  18. Great card. Glad you had a good holiday but sorry to hear about your teeth, hope you feel better soon.

  19. You are a real Martha Stewart punch girl... I love her punches too...!
    Cute card too!

  20. Gorgeous card, love the colour. x

  21. It's so great to have you back - so sorry about your tooth problem -it really is misery. You're going to have to build a cupboard out on the balcony soon - just for the punches!!

  22. Lovely to have you back on the WOYWW wagon again... even if you are now wisdomless!! LOL Sounds like you had a fab and lengthy holiday, must admit Cuba isn't one of the first places that come to mind when I think of holiday destinations. Annette #5

  23. WOW busy work space. Love all the fun stuff on your desk. I thought the MS punch was awesome then I saw the flower soft and thought hummmm...wonder if you can use it on the border? Think I will try. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #52

  24. Hi hun
    nice to see you back, look forward to seein some piccies, hope ya soon get ya teeth problem sorted, gorgeous card, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  25. Ohhh, gotta tell you MS punches are my weakness...I want them all lol. Hope your teeth get to feeling beter and you are your old self soon. Great card!

    Thanks for the peek and sharing, Hugs Marjo #10

  26. Your desk is not messy at all. Have ya had a look around lately? I love your desk and would love to reach through the computer screen as I've said to others and rummage to see all the goodies you have. What a wonderful desk. I do hope your teeth improve for you. Nothing worse than teeth that are acting up.

  27. Hi there!!!
    Thank you very much for yor comment at our site! =) I´m looking at your scrap desk and I want to sit down there and.... CREATE!!! WoW!!! I love your desk! =)
    Hugs Milo

  28. Welcome back - hope your teeth problems calm down so you can enjoy crafting with all that lovely stash - great card ~ Nicky

  29. A lovely desk and really love the card done for Less in more challenge not in my colours at all but you really pulled it off, well done.
    I too have been struggling with teeth, so commiserations there, TFS
    Shaz in Oz. x

  30. I quite agree with Marjo, I want all your MS punches too. I shall have to save some pennies for those. Hope your teeth problem soon resolves itself. It makes you feel so miserable does't it?