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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

WOYWW, cards. cards and more cards!

Hello lovely bloggers!

I hope you are all well and happy, all in the spirit of the coming holidays, happily checking off the many "lists" ( Julia ?!!!? :-) ) you have put together these days for shopping, cards or whatever jobs you have to do!
Well I also have my lists and am very slowly checking them off! I just can't get into the fifth gear this year for some reason! Cards seem to be the only thing I have been able to do! Still crafting is what these Wednesday gatherings are all about so I invite you all into my little craft room for a quick snoop, so that you can see what I have been up to these days! I am still off work, my main task these days is to start walking better and without crutches which I am doing every day - I go for a long walk every day - I struggle but I go as it is good for me!
Now lets get down to business....
My desk this morning is in preparation of making a vintage card - I have colorwashed a piece of cardstock which will be the background for my card, die cut some snowflakes, found some lace, mesh, bells, printed out some cute vintage postcards and prepared my stamps and some vintage paper I took out of an old 1850 magazine our library threw out during the process of moving ( he, he see that is the advantage of being a librarian) and I am now using it for my cards....the text is in gothic writing so very apt for Christmas cards!

Swing to the right - stamps I have chosen for the card are from Viva Decor - quite nice flourishes and vintage stuff! Also you can see all the mists I have used...

Swing to the left - a mixture of everything.....I honestly think I will never ever have a tidy desk!

So there that is my desk - now I would like to show you a few of my Christmas cards - I never make them in batches - each card I make is an original - of course that means I use way too much time for cards but I just can't help it...
I love this LOTV stamp such  cute bears.....

This is a Penny Black stamp I love....

Here are some of my vintage makes - I am entering them into our Slovene challenge CRAFTALNICA where they want vintage or shabby chic - wether this is shabby chic I don't know - I never really understood what that means.... these 2 cards are made with a technique I saw in one of the last craft stampers - the main picture is black and white and then you just add colorful embellishments....The stamps are both from La Blanche - I bought them in our Memories shop......

and the last one I am showing is a very playful card - stockings full of toys and candy! The stamp is from Inkadinkado...I spent ages coloring and glittering this card - a bit of white gel pen too,,,,

here is some detail....

I have more but this will be it for today......
Have a lovely day....
Thank you to everyone who takes time and visits my blog, I haven't been commenting much lately but as my knee is getting better I can spend more time sitting so I will also be commenting!
Lots of hugs to all of you


  1. Oh WOW - gorgeous cards. Love them all.
    Great desk views very busy views too.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Neet #1 x

  2. Beautiful cards... I can relate to that, when you say you use way to much time for cards, because I am the same in this regard...:). But I guess the more time to spend on the card, the nicer and better results you get on the end. You can see it straight away there was some though put into the cards and they all look amazing.
    Hugs, Simko

  3. So many beautiful cards, you have been busy but I hope it's not just because you leg problem is keeping you home. Hope it's getting better with each day.
    Your vintage cards should really fit the bill. Hope to Skype again soon and see how you are getting on with the birthday boy's box.... love JoZarty x

  4. Your cards are really gorgeous. Think we are all chasing our tails to get all done at the mo :-)
    A x

  5. Glad you are able to get out and about more - and sit at the computer!! Your cards are fabulous.

  6. What a lovely selection of cards you've made, I especially like the vintage ones. Hope your leg is progressing nicely, you'll be running marathons soon :)
    hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  7. Fabulous cards! Don't worry about not getting into fifth gear - I'm still struggling to find second :( Where does the time go?! Di xx

  8. You have been so busy! Lovely cards. Its the best time for being creative I think. I am having a busy day sorting my Christmas cards and loading a few new brooches into our blog shop too. x Jo

  9. Love all your cards they are so different, very busy bee you've been I'm still up to my ears but don't seem to have anything to show for it! Thanks for my snoop! Have a great crafty week,hopefully you'll catch up! HaPpY WoYwW!!
    (((Lyn))) #31

  10. Lovely cards, and so many (says she with three in her stash so far). Keep meaning to say that I love the background to your page, the colours make me smile every time I visit.
    Ann B

  11. What a busy desk today, I love your cards, I am going to have to make some cute ones. Have a lovely Wednesday, Laura

  12. Wonderful cards D! Really a labour of love, for sure. I think your challenge cards are perfectly shabby chic, but I think everyones idea of all these styles is very subjective. Love the ingredients you're gathering for your next card, what a great score that magazine is! Good girl for exercising the knee, keep at it, gotta stay bendy at our age!!!

  13. Love the desk! I may fake tidy, but will never achieve it. LOL! Love all the different cards! You have been very busy! Happy WOYWW- AManda #17

  14. Ohhh you put me to shame making each card an original. You must start in January!!!! They are all beautiful too. I am so disorganised I have to batch make otherwise no one would ever receive anything!!
    I have those viva decor stamps, they are gorgeous arent't they, so useful.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #61

  15. Great looking stash on your desk, and some lovely cards too - I particularly love the third one! Lovely job. Happy WOYWW, Shoshi #56

  16. Glad your knee is getting better. I love your variety of Christmas cards. I don't usually make batches of cards as I get bored with doing the same thing several times. I have done small batches this year, but no more than 6 of any design and each one is different anyway. Maggie #33

  17. Krasni voščilnici si pripravila za izziv. Zelo lepe so tudi ostale.
    Si res pridna, ker je vsaka tvoja praznična drugačna. Moje so letošnje leto bolj pokupčkane :). Me veseli, da se že "potepaš" malo okoli. Lp

  18. Your cards are really beautiful and so many wonderful things on your desk.

  19. Zelo lepe voščilnice si pripravila za praznike.
    Mislim, da je ravno to izziv pri tokratnji nalogi kako in kaj si ustvarijalke predstavljajo pod besedo Shabby :).Vsaka malo drugače, povdarek je le na starinskem.
    Lepo da si se nam pridružila.