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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

WOYWW and a Disc -o - doll

Hello my dear friends!

First big apologies for not coming round to much of you - the reason is my knee is still hurting so I try to be good and stay away from the computer! I hope this pain goes away soon  I was hoping for a quicker healing but obviosly it takes longer or am I just very impatient?????
Anyway thank you for all the lovely get well wishes - they all help and make me happy! 
So what have I been doing whilst my leg is sitting on a pillow or a chair??? I didn't do much crafting but I can show off a disc - o - doll I have made! I was looking at the lovely doll Donna made and wondering if I could make something like a doll myself!  I was reading a very old 2002 Stampers Sampler and I found these disco - dolls in there - made with a CD! I thought to myself " oh that will be easy I can make that! " Yeh well I could make it but it wasn't easy - took me all day and you will see what a mess I made on my terrace - just to make a doll ( my DBF says it isn't even a doll it is a humpty dumpty - huh that boost my confidence!) 
Ok then prepare your snooping machines (eyes) and wizz around my desk which is not my desk really but my terrace table! Lunch Lady Jan do you see where your bunting is proudly displayed???? 
So my "desk".....

my desk when the doll was in the making....

more mess to be seen......

and finally my disc - o - doll.....

I used elements from Dylusions stamps but also a stamp from Alpha stamps - says ART for her hair - used some Bo Bunny DP and copics and stickles to glam her up.....this is the disc side but I made another side too....on this side I covered the cd and added some buttons  - also stickles!

Another look at my WOYWW....

If you want more of a snoop - if you haven't worn out your "snooping machine" get over to our HQ where Queen Julia will show you to more snoopy sites.....
Lots of hugs to all 
PS.: Donna and Jo as you can see there are 2 chairs free waiting for you to come and craft with me....it is just 29 deg C today so ideal for crafting...:-)


  1. Good to hear you are getting plenty of feet up crafting time. Hope your knee feels much better very soon.
    A x #76

  2. A disc doll how fun! She turned out great. Sure hope your knee feels better soon! Happy WOYWW!

  3. Hope your knee gets better soon, I am also very impatient so I know how you feel! Love the disco doll, at least you've been able to do something! Helen 22

  4. What a fun project & a great way to use Cd disc's , happy crafting jill #52

  5. Hey, the bunting looks fab there - especially with the disco doll, she's great!!
    Glad to hear your knee is slowly improving, at least you can sit outside. It is too cold here in the UK :(
    Hugs, LLJ #70 xx

  6. love the doll, she looks fab hanging from the bunting.hope your knee continues to get better.
    janet #68

  7. Adorable little CD creations...hoping you soon are back to normal. Never fun being side lined. Enjoy WOYWW #154

  8. Your disco doll is really very clever! Take it easy and get your knee better. Your terrace looks like the perfect place to relax.

  9. Hope your knee continues to improve :) Your dool turned out great!

    Katie 136

  10. I do hope you be pain free soon, keep the leg elevated and higher than your heart if you can it and helps heaps. Love your cd lady dolls they are so cool, never see one before. Stay happy.

    Eliza #11 again

  11. I just love looking at everyone's space!
    My plan is to try to visit the people that end in the same number as me

    Thanks for the peek!
    #161 on this week's WOYWW

  12. Bit late for WOYWW but I am just checking out a few desks. Disco doll is fun. Hope your knee is less painful x M #73

  13. yep got you mail -w ill respons soonest - just back form Hereford, and love the disco doll - my dolls are far from everyones cup of te - the main thing is - do you enjoy it?

    I learn soemthign everytiem I make... and that is worth it even if no one likes the end product...

    I will claim my chair as soon as I can afford to coem back - will tryt o skype at the week end...

    dxxxx sorry for typos - very tierd


  14. Brrr! it must be cold for you now!! We've had rain, rain and more.... rain this week, making it difficult to entertain the family but it has been lovely. Hope to skype soon now they've gone home.
    I miss being with you so much and will be back so be warned. Blogging the photos made me really nostalgic but I also realised what a wonderful time we had in such an amazing country, all thanks to you! No birthday gift is necessary as you have given more than gifts.
    Hurry up and get that leg better and free from pain.
    Speak soon,
    Jo x

  15. I think your doll looks great, very altered, don't listen to your friend, listen to us! lol Hope your knee is doing better! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :) #50

  16. Patience in healing is the key dear gal, however frusttrating! Love the Cdolly...using the ART stamp for her hair was an inspired idea!

  17. Sorry you are still having pain on your knee but I think it might be like that for a few more days - sorry! Just think how much better you will be at the end of it all. Hope it soon disappears (the pain not you leg).
    Love your work area - have heard all about it and no doubt will get much more told tome when I next see Jo.
    Love your doll, she's definitely at the diso.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet 71 xx

  18. Fun project, the disco doll! You certainly get to see some unusual things on WOYWW lol! Your little round table is an amazing desk and you do well to work in such a small space. I love LLJ's bunting - very festive!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #3

  19. I'm sorry to hear that you still have pain in your knee. I'm sure that it will recover soon. I love your doll! Very original creation.
    Take Care
    Sarah x

  20. Love your cards. Get well soon.


    Stampattack Carol