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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

WOYWW, A pogo and the White cliffs of Dover

Hello my dear friends!

I am very late today - it was my first day at work after my operation and there was no chance I would post early in the morning ( as I had to go to see my GP before work) and when I came back home  I needed a bit of rest before I could get on with things - anyway I am here now and ready for the big snoop around Queen Julia's kingdom!
What is on my desk??? Well a few things.....
A card I made for a friend! The bike is a Hero Arts stamp, the baloons are a Paper bag studio stamp and the hill is a bit of some English newspaper I had at home, TH summer distress inks and that is about it!

Next thing you can see on my desk is a Polaroid POGO PRINTER, which I was soo happy to get but as it seems my camera which is a new SONY CYBER SHOT does not have any option that would make it work with the POGO! So I am now very sad - if anybody out there has any idea about how it might work PLEASE, PLEASE let me know!

And last and not least I finally got my big order from LOST COAST DESIGNS (they were probably stuck in customs as I waited for them 8 weeks!) - lovely stamps - I mounted them all and they are ready to be used....

Ok then 2 snaps from my travel......a picture from the Aquatic Center at the London Para Olympic games....

and one from the White Cliffs of Dover..... I will show more in another post!

Ok thats me done for today - have a lovely evening and a good snoop - I am just about to have one!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Wish I could help with the camera thing but I am a technophobe - sorry. Love the photos, especially the White Cliffs of Dover. Hope you get settled back into work soon. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #47

  2. This website (http://computer.howstuffworks.com/mobile-photo-printer1.htm) seems to indicate that the printer hooks to a camera with a USB cable. Perhaps your camera came with one? Hope you get it figured out! :) ~ Laura #133

  3. Lucky you, getting to the Paralympics! Love that card with the bicycle. Hope you show us what those new stamps are. Happy WOYWW. RosA 130

  4. Lovely card, great idea having the ballons coming off the handle bars on the bike. Wow you went to the games awesome and you are now sight seeing the coast line of dover, something I have wanted to do for a long time. Have fun and I hope your return to work isn't painful.

    Eliza #20

  5. Hi there Cardarian, thanks for sharing ~ love your cycling card and yes the white cliffs of Dover they really are special aren't they?? I just popped over after having this comment from Jo on my blog: Twiglet has left a new comment: "Your photos are lovely and that rose is just perfect and a lovely name too- isn't our friend Cardarian a Dolores?? "
    So thought that you might like to see it - it is very magnificent rose and keeps so very well as cut flower too and a sweet fragrance. happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #48

  6. How lucky are you to get to the olympics :-) Hope you had a great time.
    Hope it all goes well with your knee now you're back at work.
    A x #85

  7. Lovely to see the photos of you and to see the one at the Olympics was really brilliant.

    love that card, very cleverly put together with the balloons and the hill - I have just bought a die which is a bicycle as I wanted one for a friend's card. Am sure I will use it over and over again. Hope so.

    Hope work does not prove too much for you after your surgery - take care.
    Hugs, Neet xx 84

  8. Don't overdo it when you get back to work..your knee is recovering well but you still gotta take care!
    How amazing that you got to the Paralympic games, hope you had a lot of fun there. And the White Cliffs of Dover are always a sight to see!
    Have fun!
    LLJ #81 xx

  9. It took me a long time to get my pogo to print wireless from my camera/mac you have to export to a certain file type, bring it to the crop, and I will being your lead and we will work it out before/after If I recall I couldn't get my pogo to print from your camera and them I did when you were not looking ( see I lie steal cheat and do stuff behind your back) - I'm sure the image i printed was not from my camera...?

    by the way are we going for a beer/wine/gin in the evening after the crop before you go?

  10. Great photos of your wonderful wanderings and your bicycle card is great. I do wish you had longer to heal your knee op but as you have had to return to work, please take it easy and I hope it doesn't cause you too much pain in work.
    I do hope you can link up the pogo.....you must be so disappointed after being so thrilled to get it.
    Not too long before we see you... woo hoo!
    Love Jo xxx

  11. sorry can't help with the camers, have you tried looking on google, that usually helps.
    cute card and how patient of you to wait 8 weeks for some stamps.
    thanks for sharing
    janet #65

  12. Kako čas beži in nama nikakor ne uspe srečanje ali vsaj, da se slišiva.
    Voščilnica mi je zelo všeč. Na tehniko se pa na žalost parv nič ne spoznam. Pozdravček

  13. Your card is lovely. I am looking to purchase a pogo and I hope someone can help you out.

    carol x

  14. What a great post, with lots of things going on! Your card is great, and the new technology looks really exciting - and I envy you the Lost Coast stamps, what fun to play with! Happy belated WOYWW!
    Alison x

  15. Great post. Love the card and your photos are fab!

    Sarah x