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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WOYWW, more gifts and a messy desk!

Hello my bloggy friends!

I hope you are all ok, waiting for spring to come....I certainly am but it keeps on stalling its arrival as we have more snow coming - actually the next few days will be snow, snow, snow....I guess that is what you have to expect if you live under the Alps.....
Sooo I will start with happy news.....I have been sent 2 lovely gift parcels.....

Nr. 1 was from Jo from Jozart - she sent me some plastic canvas, because I would like to make those crosses she posted a tutorial about some time ago - I will make them for Easter to send to some of my relatives - I couldn't find plastic canvas anywhere here in the shops so she sent me some! Also included was a lovely Zig - zag card which I have yet to study how to make and a postcard explaining all! Thank you Jo so much - you are sooo good to me!!!

Nr. 2 was a lovely gift of cute crafty goodies I got from my fellow Slovene crafter Helena  from Helenitinedrobnarije
She is a very versatile crafter - she made some ribbon and washi tape for me and also a cute heart and bird!
Najlepša hvala Helena - oh tako sem vesela! Tale ptiček je ravno zame - ljubim ptičke!
So here is my lovely gift........

After you have seen the nice stuff prepare yourself for a messy desk! My DBF is flying in from England this afternoon and it is his birthday tomorrow so I have been making a card for him - it is peeping out of that envelope! I will show it once he gets it! So enjoy the snoop on my messy desk - it was sooo clean yesterday and this morning look what it turned in.....grrrrrr...

and here is one photo from another angle......

This will be it - for once I managed to make it short and sweet! Now I have to get up to work and then later on I will be off to the airport to pick up my DBF!
Have a lovely day, a good snoop and I will try to get back to as much of you as possible but I will be busy with my visitor - he stays here till Tuesday! YIPPEEE!!!
Lots of hugs to all of you...



  1. What special parcels you get through the post. Aren't we lucky to know such special people thanks to WOYWW :-)
    A x # 52

  2. Čestitke za prejeta darilca, zelo so lepa in nekaj posebnega-tvoja mizica pa tudi, kar vabi k ustvarjanju.
    Lp Tamara

  3. great looking fun things to play with. I have thought about trying to make some of the washi tape myself but haven't yet. I can never find what I want when I need it. Thanks for sharing and have a great week! Vickie #28

  4. Glad your packet arrived in time for you to make those crosses for Easter. The card separates into 2 section which just slot easily into each other so try it out. Lovely gift from your Slovenian friend!
    Send Hippy Burpday wishes to A and hope you have a super time together. Speak soon,
    Love Jo x

  5. Ohhh you have got such a lovely collection of goodies. Looking forward to seeing how the crosses turn out.
    Sandra @83

  6. Lovely mail to receive - hope you enjoy the time with DBF and he has a great birthday. I am longing for spring too, it was lovely yesterday but colder again today. Helen, 5

  7. So much exciting stuff to see! Making washi tape seems like its something that should be on my to-do list! Have a great week,Hugs, Shaz #91 xx

  8. Great desk and fab parcel contents x
    Happy WOYWW Heather # 72

  9. Aw hope you both have a lovely time. Great pics as always. Take care & enjoy this week whatever it brings. Zo xx 59

  10. I unearthed a bit of plastic canvas the other day to use to texture my Gelli plate printing. Funny that I only made one or two things with it ever (a box with superheroes around it for DS when he was small) but I still hold on to this super complex house pattern book (think Barbie Dream House from the 1950s) that I always intended to make for DD then never did. Now I have to hunt down the crosses to take a peek....


    Happy WOYWW

    MA (16)

  11. Just think, you could be snowed in for the next few days (please, please, please) and then you would have to snuggle up nice and warm with DBF the whole time.
    Enjoy your time together.

    Awesome gifts you received.

    Take care, enjoy - Hugs, Neet xx 11

  12. What an interestin gdesk, and all your new goodies make my outh water...LOL
    WOYWWers are getting quite crafty in the photographing of our work desks LOL pretty soon we will be hopping around to see what the angle of the week is LOL
    Krisha #21

  13. How lovely to get crafty gifts, lucky you.
    Hope you have ahappy birthday time with your boyfriend
    Happy woyww

  14. Lots of lovely gifts there! And I LOVE your messy desk - lots of crafty goodness to discover! (Cleaned up workdesks scare the hell out of me to be honest...;)


    die amelie #102

  15. some lovely little gifts there crafters are such wonderful giving people. Your desk was tidy and I could just make out a peep of card
    Wishing you a really great WOYWW
    Ria #73

  16. Love Happy Post - both to receive and to give!
    Great cards and busy desk as usual.
    Happy Birthday to your Man!

  17. Always fun to get some little pressies...thanks for sharing. Have a fun week and Happy WOYWW, messy or not.

  18. that plastic canvas is very versatile.... I use it to store earrings on. the zig zag cards looks interesting .... please let us know if you work out how it is done.
    have a great week and stay warm with all that snow on the way
    janet #32

  19. Your gifts are fabulous! Such lovely peeps! Have a great week. Happy WOYWW! Nan 7

  20. It is so nice receiving gifts in the post, it's like christmas all over again. Your desk looks like it has been having a creative workout, have fun with your DBF


  21. Messy desk - no - just well loved and very interesting. Happy WOYWW Gill x #103