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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I am very late posting, but I have been to work, then my friend came and we made a wreath for my door (how late am I with that???????) and at 7pm I had an appointment at my dentist - huh an hour of drilling and then I finally managed to come home and take photos and do this very short post - yes I think it will be short! I have been very blessed this week! I got a parcel from Jo from Jozart and another one from Donna from Doings of Doone.....so here is Jo's lovely gift for me and one for my mom - a christmas treat triangle and it was full of treats!

Such lovely patchwork - I wish I could make stuff like that - Jo is a genius!!! She spoils me and now my mom too!
Then my lovely gift from Donna - she made me such a lovely book and also put some goodies in the parcel - have a look!Ah Donna you did make exactly the right "card" love it!!!

And here is my desk - I should have shown that first - sorry Julia, but I was distracted with my gifts!

Kitchen table desk.....very messy....

And this is my craft room desk with a card in the making.....

And here is my wreath - my friend brought some sticks which we made into a wreath and then as we found the ribbon with the deer in my stash I had to get out the TH deer flight die and here is what has been made - I like it very much......

I might add more to it and I might not - haven't decided yet! 
 Thats all folks on the crafty stuff ! On other good news my mom is finally home from the hospital and is doing well! I spent the last weekend at her place -setting her up to be on her own and she seems to be doing well! I wasn't very happy with the decision to leave her there on her own but she wanted to be at home so I gave in! So far so good! Fingers crossed it stays that way!
I am going to bed now, this has been a long day and a long post too, and I thought it would be a short one! HUH!
See you all tomorrow with my next card!
Have a lovely week, lots of hugs to all of you....


  1. Hullo Delores lovely gift from Jo and Gonna pray for yr mind healing Shaz in Oz.x30

  2. Oh Lucky you, love that bag of goodies and what a fantastic gift. So pleased to hear your mum is home again and doing well. Great door wreath too.

    Happy crafting
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 71 for the moment

  3. Better late than never Dolores :-) Your gifts are very special....made with love. I love your Christmas wreath.
    A x # 41

  4. Lovely gifts and wreath. Hope you are feeling better after your trip to the dentist.


  5. Lovely festive desk and tables and you and your mom really deserve your little treat I sent (and Donna's too)with all you've been through lately. I do hope she settles well and manages at home.
    lots of love Jo x

  6. Aw how lovely of Donna and Jo. They are both super talented. Fab to see you!! Take care Zo xx 82

  7. Firstly, I'm glad your mum is home and doing well, I am sure if she wants to be there, home is best for her! Now, your gifts - beyond beautiful! and your wreath also - wonderful. Helen 24 xx

  8. Oh pretty prezzies! And for Mum too. Love the wreath. WOYWW hugs! Nan G #69