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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WOYWW, Starting another year with a messy desk and a card!

Hello my dear friends!

I am so sorry I haven't been around desks this week - since I came back to Slovenia I have been so busy and also suffering with really bad backache! So fed up with this pain all the time! I guess it is old age but still you just think enough is enough! Ok no more moaning!
First of all I would like to thank everyone who gave an ATC to Julia for me - a big thank you - unfortunatly I haven't recieved them because I left for Slovenia before they arrived to my DBFs! So they are now probably in his house but nobody is there to pick up the mail! I will get them eventually - no worry!
Thank you to Julia who has sent them - the Royal Mail didn't deliver in time! Huh!
I sent off the ATCs, to a few who haven't attended the crop - I should have sent them from England but I ran out of time so I have sent them all from Slovenia - they will arrive soon I hope!
That is all of the WOYWW5 business so now lets move on to the next year! Here is my really messy desk!
I have been dabbling with watercoloring lately - I signed up for an online course for cardmakers which is really helpful but I am not really a very talented watercolorist ( is that even a word???) - hence the water and paint brushes on my desk ......

Here is a card I made for one of my cousins kids for their confirmation!
With this card I am playing along with two Slovene challenges:
Craftalnica - they want you to use Slovene words on your card - either a stamp or other - I used a die by Najlepši par and I will show this in their gallery too..
and MAVELU june challenge they want you to do something out of the box - out of your comfort zone and the watercoloring for me is definitly out of my comfort zone....

The background is watercoloring and so is the die cut flower - it is a Memory box die but I cut it out with watercolor paper and then colored it! The other die cuts are Spellbinders! I die cut a few of those words and then stacked them one on top of the other so it looks thicker.
I hope to be able to get round to you WOYWWers this week - I think I might finally have a few hours of free time so I can hop around! Thank you to all of you girls who commented last week - I will try to get back to you too!
Have a lovely week and enjoy your crafting!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Ko pride čas, navdih vedno mizica oživi
    krasna birmanska voščilnica,
    upam, da te bo bolečina kmalu zapustila
    lep teden

    1. Hvala ker sodeluješ tudi na junijskem Mavelu izzivu Out of the box

  2. Zanimiva voščilnica. Upam, da bolečina kmalu popusti!

  3. Lovely makes, hope the back improves for you. You were my swap buddy who I need to send my ATC to. Please can you let me know your address (message me on Facebook) and I shall send you one of my little cards. I do have one of yours from the crop. Thanks! Just popping by to say hi today, empty desk, been sorting stuff!! Take care Zo xx

  4. Vedno rada pokukam v ustvarjalski kotiček! ;)
    Krasna voščilnica je nastala.

    PS: sem iskala tvoj mail, ker bi te želela nekaj vprašat, pa ga nisem našla....

  5. Your ATC arrived this morning and I love it. Thank you so much. We are so lucky to be part of such a fab group of friends aren't we?
    Annie x

  6. Kako zelo je lepa... vse...čudovito ozadje, srebrna barva, ki se prepleta, šopek rožic... Hvala, ker uporabljaš Najlepši par!

  7. Voščilnica je zelo lepa. Všeč mi je ozadje in rožice.
    Hvala, ker si se nam pridružila na 109. izzivu CRAFT-alnice. Lp

  8. Zelo je lepa in šopek rožic jo zelooo poživi :-))
    Hvala, ker se igraš z nami v CRAFT-alnici .... Srečno!

  9. Lepa voščilnica, zelo lepo si naredila ozadje in uporabila veliko simboličnih motivov.
    Hvala, da si z nami v 109. izzivu Craft-alnice. Pozdravček Lili

  10. Oooo kako čudovita voščilnica :) Vesela sem, da si se lotila akvarelne tehnike in hvala ker sodeluješ na našem mesečnem izzivu :) Pozdravček,

  11. Čudovita je! Všeč mi je ozadje.
    Hvala, ker si se nam pridružila na junijskem izzivu. Srečno!
    Pozdravček, Tina