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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WOYWW, cards, cards and more cards

Hello my dear friends!

I cannot believe that my last post was on the  13th October but there was a reason for that and I finally have good news! On the 31st of December after almost 37 years I will do my last day of work and start a new period of my life! I am sooooo happy! I have been trying to sort it out all this year and now it finally happened! So there that is why I have been away from my blog but now I am back in business so prepare to yawn looking at cards and more cards because to stay "normal" that was what I have been doing! I think I haven't done so many cards in all the years I have been making cards.Thank you so much for all your patience my dear friends.
So to start the normal WOYWW I will show you my really messy desk, sometimes I have as much space as an A2 card to do my stuff.....

It is really weird because I tidy up every day and then suddenly this happens.....
I have loads of Christmas cards to show you I won't show all of them on this post - I will save some for the next days - I hope it gives you some ideas if you need some inspiration....

 Deers seem to be in fashion this year so I have made a few cards with deers - above you can see one....
Here is another one...

Also houses seem to be quite trendy....

Then I have made a few cards with washi tape....

I saw something similar on the internet and I wouldn't really think of using washi tape for a candle ( I don't know why but candles always remind me of the 2 Ronnies sketch about "four candles - fork handles :-))
And here is another idea...A tag on a card - love that little penguin...

I know you have started yawning now so I will stop with this and carry on tomorrow - actually it will be Friday because tomorrow  I will be going to Trieste -  Italy for a bit of Christmas shopping! YIPEEE!!!
More news on Friday but until then lots of hugs to everybody and don't forget to surf over to the Stamping Ground where you can see more desks and nose for ideas and also meet up with our Queen Julia!


  1. Hi Dolores, love your cards. Laughed at the Two Ronnies sketch- that was so funny! Awesome little penguin tag card, love the colours. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #11 xxx

  2. Hi Dolores. It's so good to see you joining in the fun again and what an exciting time you have ahead of you.
    Annie x #19

  3. Oooo D., kako lepa novica. Prav veselim se s teboj.
    V naslednjem letu bova torej imeli dovolj časa za klepet tudi dopoldne:)).
    Vse praznične voščilnice so zelo lepe.
    Lepo bodi, Janja

  4. Hi, Dolores, good to see you again, and congrats on your upcoming retirement! The cards look just great. Helen 8

  5. Wow, finishing work AND a trip to Trieste - how lovely!! Do enjoy it, and welcome back to WOYWW. Looking forward to seeing lots more of your beautiful cards, Chris # 13

  6. Hi Dolores, Your cards are all lovely! Glad you could join in again :)
    RosA # 10

  7. Hi there! Wow, how exciting....does this also mean that you'll be moving to the UK in the New Year? Squeeee, how fantastic it would be to see you again!
    Love your cards btw, you're right, deer do seem to be on trend this year!
    HUgs, LLJ 21 xx

  8. Hehe, same with my desk, but for me it is never more than A3. Some really lovely cards you made! Thanks for sharing!
    Gabriele 23

  9. Lovely cards - I especially like the deers!

  10. Hi Dolores good to see you back.... even though you have still been busy and making beautiful cards. Funnily enough I made a joke about the four candles at work today..... and everyone around knew the sketch and laughed, it seems it travels well too
    have fun ..... I bet you are looking forward to leaving work, think of how much crafting time you will have
    janet #15

  11. Stunning cards! Good luck with the new plans for next year. x Jo

  12. Happy Christmas/ "Srecen Bozic!" to you and your family and loved ones.
    Jo x