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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WOYWW, new location and new desk!

Hello my dear friends!

I am sorry again for being away for such a long time, but I have another very good excuse! I have moved to England! It is temporary at the moment, but we will see how things will go! Can you imagine packing only two suitcases? And of course most of the stuff had to be for crafting and the suitcases only weigh 20 kilos? HUH what a struggle! Of course as soon as we got here I had to go to the shop and get a Big Shot - you can't live without a die cutting machine these days! Luckily my dear friend Jo from Jozart has provided me with lots of crafting goodies so I am now fully equipped to make cards! And I have been making them when I haven't been sorting out my DBFs house! Huh! You can imagine how much work there is to do as there hasn't been a woman in the house for 20 years! But we sort out things everyday and soon it will all be sorted! :-)
Now let me show you my new desk....actually it is the big table in my DBFs lounge - I have taken it over completely so this morning my DBF said : "Should we buy a bigger table???"
I will have a craft room upstairs but at the moment there are so many other things to sort out the craft room in on the back burner.
So here are a few shots of my "new" desk......

As you can see in the background is my new Big Shot, my laptop and other bits and pieces. I have been very busy making cards so as you can see it is quite messy! Do you see that lovely bin for paper bits - Jo from Jozart made it for me I love it - it is so practical to have something like that so you don't have to run to the big bin all the time.
Now you have seen my desk,  have a look at the lovey dovey cards I haven't been making.....

All of the cards are made with a bit of stamping, die cutting and coloring. I have used inks and watercolors...

The photos are not super good because the light in the morning is soo bad...I will have to remember to take photos in the afternoon of the previous day. 
Let me bore you with a few more photos.......

Thats it - the lot for today! I am really lucky to be here at the moment as at home they have about 20 inches of snow - not much fun really! 
Anyway I will be  popping around to see you, don't forget to check in at the WOYWW HQ with our lovely leader Julia!
Lots of hugs to all of you


  1. I'm whizzing round all my fav blogs while the twinnies do some drawing by me 😃
    It's soooo good to see you joining in the fun from your new abode in England....now exciting. I'm sure you will soon settle in and put a woman's touch on it all 😉
    Hugs Annie x #15

  2. Draga moja
    čestitke za selitev,
    domek pa si kar uredi
    veselim se tvojih prihajajočih objav pa še kaj zapiši kako se imaš
    Prva kolekcija iz novega domka je super
    lp Tamara
    veliko ljubezni

  3. Lovely Valentine cards!! :D I think England has some of the very best crafting shops, so I know you won't be deprived! Have a great week and God bless!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #9

  4. How exciting.. and just TWO suitcases? You did well! :D

    It looks like you've really settled in. Love those cards especially the bright rainbow coloured ones - such a nice change from just red & white.

    Carmen x #53

  5. Hi Dolores, those cards are awesome. I'm amazed you managed to pack everything into two cases- I think I'd need a lorry just to move my crafting stuff! Emailed you my addy-thank you !!!Have a great week, hugs, Shaz #16 xx

  6. was about to email it to you, but can't find your email addy? mine is Shazsilverwolf@gmail.com

  7. Tole pa se sliši nadvse zanimivo. Vse dobro v novem okolju in uživaj, kolikor se da.

  8. Oh how exciting...you're here!! Hope things are going well. I'd really like to come and see you, probably in March as February is manic! We'll keep in touch and sort something out.
    Meantime, I like your new desk, you've made some lovely cards already :-).
    Hugs, LLJ 26 xx

  9. Moving country with only two suitcases? I couldn't do that. I moved country 4 times and each time with a van or lorry (and that didn't include furniture which I left behind each time).
    You have chosen the right country for crafting supplies. I have lived in the UK and I could actually go to (physical) shops and spend my money on lovely stash. (rather than wait weeks for your internet shopping to arrive) There are sales too of course and craft fairs etc.
    Your cards are absolutely beautiful!
    Have a good week and I hope the weather isn't too bad,

  10. You know, I never thought of Slovenia for my next holiday - otherwise I could have gravelled light and brought some stuff back for you. Drat!
    So good to hear you have moved at last. I hope you will be very happy in your new home and with your new life.
    Maybe we will get to meet now - fingers crossed.
    Lots of Love
    Neet 29 xx

  11. England, wow, lucky you! I would adore living in England and then of course there are the fabulous craft shops! People seem to think the US has it all but I find that a lot of the supplies I love come from shops in England... *sigh* Don't worry, you will get it all together quick as a bunny and be crafting to your hearts content! :D
    Hugs for now,
    Beth P
    #76 WOYWW

  12. busy girl! on the move! lovely colors! thanks for letting us visit your new desk!
    robyn 54

  13. Welcome to England... hope you settle fast, but 2 cases?? oh my.. my crafting stuff would fill more than that! Re the stamps and paint - not on the Paperartsy site yet, they stock the independent stores first - try Artist TradingPost, Country View Crafts or the Stamp Attic. Hope to see you soon, now you're nearer!! Helen 8

  14. Hi Dorores
    How exciting that you have moved over here ... And with only 2 cases. At least you have a good selection of crafty stuff...... And make some great card ( or should I say 'lovely' cards.
    I wish you lived a bit nearer so we could meet up... Maybe meet in the middle?
    Have fun with your sorting out
    Janet @18

  15. Yikes, only two suitcases. I hope they were very big because I couldn't pack everything I need for craft into 2 bags. Hope you settle in to your new place very quickly.
    sandra de @13

  16. It's amazing how well you can do with limited resources and you have produced some super cards. Can't wait to get together soon but ,meanwhile,it's good to Skype.
    Love Jo x

  17. Welcome to the UK! You've certainly not wasted time since you got here! Love the cards. Hugs, Chris # 11

  18. Draga D., veliko veselja in lepih trenutkov ti želim v novem okolju.
    Se že veselim kaj vse nam boš pokazala.
    Pozdravček, Janja

  19. I don't read other peoples comments maybe I should as I didn't know you moved to England until now and what a big surprise this has been, also to fit everything you want into 2 suitcases, blimey that would be hard. Can you get a few crates shipped over later on? I have so missed you on the desks. Now at least you will be closer to some really wonderful people in craft land. Excellent cards created, happy sorting in your new home.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda
    Belated WOYWW

  20. Ah, Delpres, finally made it around to catch up on all my comments, somehow I seem to,get very behind every week, it would be easier if it were not end of our day when your day begins over there.
    Reckon that much snow would be hard to take, I love where I live best of all, love also your cards, well done on having award table set up like that particularly love the rainbow cards, Shaz in Oz.x #2