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Friday, April 9, 2010

Allo, allo!

Good evening my dear friends!

Sorry I haven't been around since Wednesday but it seems commenting on all 70 and more blogs worn be out a bit so yesterday I had a rest from blogging! We also had lovely weather all week so I was enjoying the sun, just sitting around the lake and doing the "people watching" thing! I must say I was also doing the kids watching thing as it seems that now that I am older I have become really worried for kids if they are playing close to the lake - parents are chatting away and the kid is just about to splash into the cold lake when I give my warning shout! They probably think "stuuuuupid woman" (do you remember Allo, allo?) but I don't care I can't jump in the water to save them so I better shout! You would think with age and experience you wouldn't be worried about these things but I seem to be more and more!
I haven't been doing any crafting just gathering ideas and I drove to Kranj ( a town about 20 km away from Ljubljana) to a craft shop to buy some blank cards - they don't have all that much stuff for cardmaking - they are more specialised for painting and jewelry but they have a big range of blank cards - all shapes and colors you want! So I had a snoop around and found a few more things for my stash....
I will now go to my pink room and try to produce something to show on here in the next few days...
All my lovely ladies thank you for all your comments on WOYWW, I am happy you enjoyed the snoop around my pink room and also that you liked the pictures of our lovely lake and mountains!
Have a lovely evening, enjoy your crafting and I will see you tomorrow...


  1. Each decade seems to increase ones worry meter ...especially when you feel you are the only one who senses danger. I dont think I ever sensed danger until I became a Mum ....now I think atleast 6 steps ahead and feel I have to state my worries to whoever will listen ....then I cant be blamed if something does happen ...and I stll do it even though my two are mid thirties lol
    Hope you had a relaxing and productive evening in your pink room .... and I do agree that ...although fun ...it is exausting going round on WOYWW Take Care xx

  2. Yep,WOYWW is a marathon, but oh me oh my don't we all love to get each other's visits. ANd it doesn't matter how long it takes, seriously.
    I understand about the safety and children thing - lke Angie says, it seems to increase as you get older; the cure is t osit with your back to the water!!

  3. I know what you mean I worry like that too. Have to admit I don't visit all the bloggers that join in WOYWW I feel I spend too long on the computer as it is.
    Anne xx

  4. Hi Cardarian a BIA is a Bind-it-all you can see it here:
    Anne xx

  5. oh, bless you for worrying... think it comes with the territory when you become a Mum like Angie says... I used to think my MIL was over the top as i was so relaxed with my little ones - i always had my eye on them even if it didn't look like it. I think as we get older, we tend to feel we can sense more danger - through our experience as much as anything... don't go changing - your vigilance may pay off one day.

    please can we have more piccies of the mountains - they were to die for.

    Paula x x x

  6. Your cards are lovely! I am visiting from Sherry's as I also have to get most of my things sent to me here in Sweden from friends in the US! Please stop by and visit me!

  7. Hi sweet lady! We are blessed to have people like you that care about others *smiles*

    On another note . . . would you mind if I had your snail mail (home) address? No, I won't be in the neighborhood *hee hee*. E-mail me when you're not out at the lake helping save the younguns! *BIG SMILES*