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Monday, April 26, 2010

Changing plans!

Good morning girls!

I have been away from blogland for a few days....WOYWW is getting bigger and bigger so it took me about 3 days to do the rounds! I think the last nr. I saw was 99 but we might as well be on 100 now!  Weekends sure do come around quick but also dispappear quite quick and I had a busy one...It was one of those weekends when all the housework had to be done so I washed a load of washing, ironed a mountain of clothes and vacum cleaned the lounge and the kitchen and then......well my vacum cleaner decided it was enough and stopped working - and that was just before I got to my craftroom where the floor is covered in  bits and pieces of paper! Oh well what can you do?? I think I will have to do some resarch and find a new vacum cleaner - I have my eyes on a Dyson but in our country they are quite expensive! I will see! 
All last week and this weekend I have been making up my mind wether to fly to England or not ( or should I say the Civil Aviation Authority was doing it for me) as it looks at the moment everything is back to normal, except some people still being stranded in varios places! If nothing changes in the next few hours I will be at Stansted at about 8pm ! I will be doing a bit of blogging from there and of course I will participate in WOYWW! 
I have been up since 5.30 am, packed my bag and got everything ready so my dear girls this week I will be spending close to you! I have plans to go to several craft shops in the London and Kent area and spend a bit of dosh on stamps and other things I don't really need but need desperatly if you know what I mean! It looks like the weather will be nice so I am quite happy to go, except for the flying bit - not just worried about the volcanic ash,  I am always a bit worried when going on planes! And I do a lot of flying - I will be flying to England 3 times in the next month and a half ! So a frequent flyer!
To wrap this up I managed to make a card this weekend - it is for 3 challenges!
Caardvarks - Monochrome and
Here is my card:

The cute zebra was a digi I found on the internet. I think the card could be for a little boys birthday and I think I know who that boy is going to be! The punch is Martha Stewart and the flowers were zentangled and then punched out with an EK succsess punch....My daughter criticised and said I shouldn't have put the flowers on - maybe she is right! I must tell you it was heart breaking to punch out all that hard work zentangling but I thought it would really go well with all the black and white! Actually is black and white monochrome??? It could be if you think  white as the lightest black or black the darkest of white! I know I am not making

any sence at the moment it must be my "beforeflyingadrenalin" already kicking in! 
I think that is all folks from me today....next time I will be reporting from England! he, he!
Have a lovely day ( we have bright sunshine and about 25 deg C) !
Hugs to all of you,
PS.: Maybe some of you haven't seen the last blog from our dear bloggy friend Paula who after getting rid of Tomi ( a tumour) had to go back to hospital because of another problem! Please girls send positive thoughts her way I am sure it will help, she is such a lovely lady!


  1. Your zebra Zentangle is just TOOOOOOO cute Cardarian!

    And yes, good thoughts have been sent up for Paula.

    Have a blessed and art-filled week!

  2. Love the card ...it is such a cute Zebra.
    I see you are well and truely into Zentangling ...what a great idea to cut out flowers from it ....although I have to say ...after all that work ...I dont think I could ... unless I was not that happy with it and yours is wonderful.
    re Mono chrome ...I always thought it was black through to white but scrappers and card makers use any colour with all its shades.
    Have a fantastic time in London.xx

  3. what a great idea to punch out of the zentangle you made-very original.

  4. Very sweet card. Thank your for playing along with the Papertake Weekly challenge.

  5. Thank you so much for the WOYWW visit last week. I hope you have a good trip to UK and enjoy your craft shopping. I really do like your monochrome doodling, something I also enjoy!

  6. Oh how clever doing the Zentangling then cutting out flowers,they look fabulous ;) And thanks for the tip as my Zentangling's not up to much but think I could manage enough to do some flowers or such and it would look ok. The whole card is fabulous and don't listen to DD (dear daughter) as the flowers are great on the card. Being nosey, do you come to England to see family and/or friends, for work, or just 'cos you want to? Perhaps you could get a Dyson while you're here hehe though I know really it would cost too much to fly it back. Hope you have a lovely time anyway; hope thje sun shines while you're here, we have had some nice weather :)
    Anne xx

  7. Cardarian gal, I'm late catching up and now you must be over here! Am excited and bummed that I didn't know sooner - are you at work or at play? And monocrome - any work in shades of one colour, ot necessarily balck and white. Cool card. I LIKE the flowers! Happy visit!

  8. Fab card, the zebra is a lovely image and your flowers are great! Thanks for taking part in the Alphabet Challenge xx

  9. Cute zebra indeed, and I love the punched out zentangle flowers- what an incredible idea - will be using that one (although my big flower punch is broken...so needs replacing!!)

  10. Great zebra card!! Thanks for joining us at Caardvarks!!

  11. Hiya D

    I am just catching up with some of the blogs i've missed over the last 2-3 weeks - so thought i'd look here and catch up with your travels.... thank you so much for the mention - I really wasn't expecting that as i came to the end of this post!!! I love the zebra image and the zentangling... well, you are brave cutting that up = but the results speak for themselves - well worth it.

    Paula x x x