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Friday, June 4, 2010

Still doing WOYWW

Hi Girls!

Just a quickie - I am very busy as I haven't been at work for a few days and now I have piles and piles of books that I need to work on BUT I am visiting desks and I hope to finish WOYWW tonight! I will blog about my travel over the weekend when I hope I will have a little bit me time! What I have seen up till now on your desks is really lovely - lots of brilliant ideas and I am so happy to be part of a group of such lovely creative people! I must correct myself just always saying " hi girls" as I have noticed there is boy amoung us! 
I wasn't very lucky with weather in England ( the sun came out the day I left) and we don't have very nice weather here at the moment. The weekend is suppose to be better and I hope to finally be able to get up to some crafting again! 
I wish all of you a nice Friday ( it is the best day of the week as we have 2 days off work ahead of us - that is the people who actually go to work ha, ha) and enjoy your weekend!
See ya soon!


  1. Hehehe I'm chuckling. I hope no one comes to Englad for the sun :-) It is however a beautiful day here today. Glad you had a good time over here and have arrived home safely.
    A x

  2. I have a friend in England who overheard the following conversation between a foreign visitor and a young Welsh girl regarding the weather:
    - Doesn't it ever stop raining here?
    - I don't know, I'm only 12...

  3. OMG - D - I had a bit too much sun yeserday and as a consequence, a burnt nose, forehead but white eyes LOL... My arms are red too... so it is a lot stronger than you think...

    Can't wait to hear tales of your visit again - I enjoyed the last tale so much.

    Paula x x x

  4. LOL - love the comment from mummylade above - you could say the same thing about Melbourne, Australia ;-)

  5. I agree! . . . Friday IS the best day of the week *smiles*

  6. We're not known for having good weather but we have had some lovely days and it's been glorious today; hope it is over there too so you can sit on your verandah :o)
    Anne xx