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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunshine on my terrace!

Hi girls and boys!

Ha, ha there are boys among us so I must say hello to them too! I am still catching up with things - it seems the older you get the longer it takes to get back on track if your routine has been messed up! I did catch up with all the housework - although I still haven't cleaned the windows but it is such a big job and I am a bit lazy - still I am not here to waffle - I am here to show you my terrace as I am doing WOYWW out here at the moment - I will do more photos of my outside space all through summer but I thought I would give you a preview - It is such a lovely Sunday - we have clear skies - the mountains you can see from my terrace are as clear as a bell and the temperature is 29 deg C! And here is my desk...

And here is the other side of the terrace - have a peek at my flowers - not in full bloom yet but quite nice!

I also have a chez long out there for a bit of a rest - I live out here from May till the end of September!
Ok then I better get back to WOYWW and some crafting - I have a whole list of things I have to do!
Have a lovely Sunday wherever you are and I will see you later - I am writing up my travel blog!


  1. Bliss bliss bliss....an outdoor room witha fantastic view. No wonder you spend so much time there in the summer. Those plants are looking gorgeous, don't you just love summer!

  2. Oh it looks wonderful on your terrace :o) Don't worry about the windows there are far more important things to do, like crafting or just sitting on the verandah enjoying the day ;o)
    Anne xx

  3. Love the look of your terrace ...wish it was warm enough to sit out for so many months ...we have just had 3 glorious days but the rain is back today and the temperature is a bit low.

    I know what you mean about routine after being away .... when i came back from my sons, I was wondering a round for a couple of days with no direction ... felt out of the loop

  4. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog. You are so kind. Your outdoor room looks really special. I can just imagine many happy hours spent there :-)
    A x

  5. My flight leaves tomorrow morning Cardarian...I like hot chocolate and biscuits for when I arrive! *Ü* Ooo...that terrace looks sooo relaxing and a lovely place for contemplating, reading and....hot chocolate! LOL.
    Thank you so much for leaving me lovely comments and for being a good friend. I appreciate it. I'm looking forward to seeing pics of your visit to England. It always looks different when other peeps write about it. TFS. ~Glen~

  6. oh that is a gorgeous terrace, i am sooooo jealous. I would love,love a terrace like that.

    Re: your descripstion of the cake on my blog, I did laugh, not at you but because that's exactly how I would descibe it too...and I really should know the english lol but made up expressions are ALWAYS more descriptive lol

  7. Budge over D, I'm coming to sit on that chez long with you and admire the mountains and talk about MS punches....

    I don't blame you for sitting out there for most of the time... i think i would too.


    Paula x x x

  8. If I had such a lovely space I would live out there too. All that lovely light would be great for x-stitching.

  9. I have a teeny nothing-to-get-excited-over gift for you to say thanks for the WOYWWAC.....so please can I have your address? Email me...
    Thank you!