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Thursday, January 13, 2011


Hello Everybody!

I thought I would come back with  photos from my travels....you know how I said I was going to the Cotswolds for New Years celebrations and I imagined the place would be like the Mid summers murders scenery well I must say we drove quite a way into the country and just couldn't find anything like it exept for the extremly narrow roads that were driving me crazy! We stayed at the Cross Hands Hotel in a place called Old Sodbury! The hotel was nice, the food was good and the staff very kind so no complaints there at all! It is a long way to that side of the country as we were driving from Kent! So the first day was just travelling from Kent to Old Sodbury! The next day we went to Bath....I read up about Bath and wanted to see all the sites! So after a long time searching for somewhere to park we finally parked in an underground car park! A warning to all of you do not park or drive anywhere in the center of Bath just leave your car outside the city at a P + R !  Don't ask why just do it! Ha, ha....
Anyway we walked down to the river Avon there is a very interesting bridge with tiny shops on it (they are tiny as they have just a wee bit of space on the bridge)  and there is a famous horse shoe wear on the river.....here are some photos I took....

Here is a picture of the bridge and the wear.....

Then we walked over to the Bath Abbey......amazing rosette vaulting.....your king Edgar was crowned there in 973

There was a very nice exibition outside the Abbey called Britain from the Air - great photos - I saw a similar one in London outside the V & A museum a few years ago....if any of you live near Bath or in Bath you should go and see this!
And then we headed to the Roman baths the Aquae Sulis  "the waters of Sulis" which was the roman name for Bath - Sulis was the Celts goddess of waters and although the Roman goddess was Minerva they encouraged worshipping the Celts goddess and also named the natural spring after her! Clever they were those Romans - the Celts liked that and were more susseptable to the Roman culture! 
The Roman engineering was really amazing - such modern use of a natural resource in those days - I have travelled around Italy a lot and have always been amazed by their culture! 
If you look at photos of of the Roman Baths on the internet they are all taken on a perfect sunny day clear skies and all that but I think my photos really look like the baths looked like at that time....have a look....

Here is me blocking the Abbey ha, ha.......

I love the fog on the photos gives the place that extra misteriousness...

 And another one of me preparing to go into the water....NOT....it was sooo cold that day....

So that was the Roman Baths - our last stop was at Sally Lunn's the oldest house in Bath...I really love that place and not to mention the Yummy Sally Lunn's bun and a nice cup of tea which was really great after wondering around the city on a cold day.....

Oh yes almost forgot - the last stop was the Royal Crescent! Bath is all about Georgian architecture crafted from Bath Stone!

The arial photo is not mine.....but it is the only way you can "see" the Royal Crescent in its vastness and beauty!

That is all about Bath - tomorrow we will be off to Bristol to see the famous SS Great Britain!

I hope you enjoyed my walk around Bath.....have a lovely day!
Lots of hugs


  1. I've not been to Bath so it was really lovely walking around it with you and sharing your photos. Thanks.
    A x

  2. You drove into the center of Bath????

    Are you MADDDDD?????

    I shall sing and tutorial tonight and might post tonight - On fridays I post my 52 weeks with Darcy, so if I don't get the post doen tonight it will be saturday - I think I am asking you to check out the blog tonight and saturday if I do not post tonight, if you can/want to,

    if not I'll do it through vimeo anyway so if you click on any of my vids it takes you to the full list of all the ones I've done on vimeo - you just need to know I have an acoount called

    doings of doone

    and I also sometime appear on vimeao as donna louise rodgers...

    I am confusing you, will try to add thisinto the end of the video,

    easy rider wins


  3. Hojla,
    zanimivo in poučno, bom z veseljem spremljala nadaljevanje.
    Pozdrav, Janja

  4. Fabulous pictures Cardarian!
    I have actually swum in the Roman Baths when we lived in Bath in the 1970's. They used to open the baths for public bathing during the Festival... sadly they don't do it any longer, but the water is so HOT! The steam coming from it says it all!
    I'm glad you had a good time!
    Thanks for the interest in our new Blog - Less is More!

  5. What fabulous photos and a great view of Bath through your eyes. I was especially impressed with the photos of the bridge and "wear." I have no idea what a "wear" is, but I suspect it has something to do with the water pattern. What struck me about the bridge is, the British don't seem to leave any piece of land undeveloped. I was quite impressed with how well they use what little land they have.

    Your photos of the Museum and Baths were also stunning. Again, thanks for taking us along on your trip. And it didn't even cost me airfare (grin).

  6. Lovely photos, Bath is a place I've never been too but always wanted to go! Looks like you had a great time despite the cold weather.