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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOYWW, 19th January 2011

Good morning everybody!

I am so late posting - initially I wanted to start this post at 6am but I didn't sleep very well in the night so I just turned off the alarm clock and had another dose of sleep which ended in a bit of a rush to work! I wasn't late really just that I didn't do my post so this will be a quickie with lots of news - ha, ha I have to bring you up to date with all the goings on here....
I spent the weekend at my moms - yesterday she was 77 so I thought as I can't be with her during the week when her birthday was I should at least go over there at the weekend! She was happy - I made a card for her and the most important thing was that we spent time together! 
Yesterday I went to a demo for coloring at our shop Memories....the owner showed coloring with various media, well most of it I have already done but I haven't done much with chalk ( so I bought a box of chalks) and also I wasn't familiar with the mixing of perlex and gum arabica....so another bit of knowledge was poured into my brain.....and that wasn't all ....when I came home I got a message on my computer saying that a tutorial for tissue paper flowers is waiting for me on Mandy's blog - she makes these really lovely flowers on her cards and I asked her how she does it and I got a tutorial - ha, ha I seem to be getting those quite often - obviosly I still need to learn a lot ( last week I had a Cuttlebug tutorial from Donna from Doings of Doone ) One of these days I will have to show cards with all I have learned from these lovely ladies!( I must mention Jo from Jozart who sent me angelic fiber - must show something I did with that too!)
So without further a do here are some photos for all you nosey girls and boys.....

Yesterdays demo......

My desk with some new goodies .....see if you can spot them.......

and now a view to the left......a bit of a mess everywhere you look....oh dear those sweets should have been hidden!

A close up of my Valentines day goodies.....

And a card I made last night.....I used some new papers from DCWV called Colorful life - lovely art from Donna Estbrook ( I think that is right)....a very unusal card for me but I quite like it - it is also the first of my Valentines day cards.....

And that is it - I will probably be about number 100 and something but never mind it is not a contest it is fun!
Hugs to all you snoopy friends,


  1. You have some amazing stash on your very creative looking desk :)

    Is the sugar candy cane that I can spot real as well as the sweets??
    Have a happy WOYWW,
    Karen #65

  2. Your black flower is beautiful. What a lovely card for Valentine's day!

    Sue xx 67

  3. Nope you're not number 100, I am!! Love all your new goodies and it's always nice to have somewhere close to you you can go for lessons, or just a browse round. Very pretty and unusual card.

    Brenda 100

  4. Ooh that looks a lovely shop and you managed to get even more lovely crafty stash. Thanks for sharing your desk and Happy Birthday to your dear Mum.
    JoZarty x

  5. You are such a busy bee. Lovely new stash. I love the card too.
    A x

  6. You kept busy. The card is pretty cool. 111

  7. love the wall color. I am so afraid to put a strong color on the walls even though I think it looks great here.

  8. I'll find you no matter where you are on the list!! You have been very busy, love all your stash on show today. Hope you had a good day at work, and get better sleep tonight!

  9. You have some interesting storage solutions there. I have been looking for a good way to store my heat guns, and steel edged rulers, amonst other things, and the hanging rail looks a very good idea.

  10. There is so much crafty goodness surrounding your desk! I would love to sit there and play for hours! The Valentine's card you have made is great! I like the look of those wood stamps you have out on the desk in the first picture of your desk!
    Happy WOYWW!
    xoxo Karen

  11. So many crafty yummy goodies! Thanks for the peek and sharing. Happy WOYWW, hugs Marjo #10

  12. Hi! Thanks for visiting me! You asked about the Suzi Blu stamps. They are made by Unity and you can get them all at http://www.eclecticpaperie.com/
    There are even some new ones coming soon that I have pre-ordered! I am in love with them!
    xoxo Karen

  13. Thanks for the peek, lots going on for you as usual, In relation to the hearty clay i mentioned on my blog i got mine HERE and it looks like they ship worldwide.
    Thanks for visiting me
    Happy WOYWW {on thur!}
    Minxy #1

  14. What fabulous flowers you have made - I love making flowers so off to see the technique you used.
    Glad you had some time with your mum - give her a hug from me for her belated birthday next time you go over.
    Hope the weather gets better for you.

  15. Loved having a rummage around your very creative desk. I have dabbled with chalks a little ...hope you have fun. Thanks for the link to the tissue flowers ...they would work well on vintage for me.
    That is an amazing card ...I think a 'rock chick' would love to get it ...the black and red makes me think of Alice Cooper....love it xx

  16. What a stunning card - clever you!!

  17. We don't mind you having sweeties :-) Gorgeous card love black, white and red together. And another gorgeous card below ;-)
    Anne xx

  18. lovely card, and fab new stash
    nice to meet you
    Debbi #39

  19. So much yummy stash lurking on your desk.
    Sorry I am doing the rounds so late this week, but its been a crazy one!
    Tertia 110

  20. Wow that looks like a great place to go for some lessons - lovely stash ~ Nicky 24

  21. Love your work space. Looks like you have a lot of stash to work with. I like Martha Stewart punches!

  22. Wow, that's quite a theatrical looking card - love the black flower. Thanks for the reminder about Valentines day, I need to get some cards made for all the guys at work who will forget! xx

  23. What a gorgeous card. I can't sleep either. Not from wanting to, but because I'm so busy. Hope all is well with you and I saw the video Doone did. That's pretty creative.

  24. I have not visited your blog for a few weeks, and am so glad I made it back today! The card you made is lovely! Very dramatic!

    I will comment on the things below here, while I am commenting! lol Sleep? I almost forgot the meaning of sleep.

    Your purple card is lovely. Great job.

    I am in the USA and family from the UK, so I am fascinated with the pictures of Bath, etc. Thank you for sharing.
    Hugs, Pat Smith