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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WOYWW, 15th June, 2011

Good afternoon everybody!!

I have been up since 6am, I thought I would blog early but I got caught up in other things and so I am now blogging veeeeeeery late! Well the Pif hasn't arrived yet so no picture of that but I have other stuff to show you... so much I am worried I won't get it all into one post!
First I would like to tell you something about the International Year of Forests
.....hmmmm I know what you are thinking - what do forests have to do with crafting.....A LOT ladies, a LOT.....All the lovely paper you use comes from trees and forests...all sorts of fibers, mash....la, la, la.....that is all FORESTS!!!!!! Actually the air you breathe - forests!  So pay some respect to those big patches of green that surround you! Well I do have something  more deeply crafty in connection forests and this big big event to share with you.... a few months ago our Slovenian Forest Institute started preparing events and other things to celebrate IYF and one of our  co- workers that comes from a little village called Žiri said that their local lace making ladies club was prepared to make something for this event.....sooo I was  asked to look for pictures of trees in old books that were not photos but drawings so that they could make  their sketches for the lace and they made pictures of all the main tree species that grow in our forests - in LACE!!! I have seen a lot of exhibitions over the years but this is just amazing - hours and hours of work! I think they said every picture was 300 hours of work!  I tried to capture what they did on these photos but it is impossible to really show it unless you see it live....
 This is the whole exhibition.....
The bobbins and pillow they use for making the lace - each one of the bobbins is made of different wood - going from left to right pear wood, plum wood, walnut wood, beech wood , cherry and maple wood.....
Here are details..... chestnut leaves and fruit.....


Beech trees.......


And this is a small lime tree they made.....all the leaves are made of lace.....


So that is one thing I wanted to show you.....well then there is the messy desk of this week......

The floor.......

Even the ironing board ( he, he don't have to iron now.....)

Then last but not least two cards I have made - two completly different styles.....this one I played with different papers to achieve the look of the beach and the sea - and a very cute Craft Meow stamp.....

And my piece for the Simon Says Stamp and Show challenge where they want a lot of torn stuff....I think there are layers of torn on my card......

and right at the end - if you haven't given up ages ago a roll of lovely Fabriano art paper...... I must cut it but I just love to carress it.......

Thats me for today not sweet and short but definitly sweet and long!
Lots of love and hugs to all my lovely bloggy friends....


  1. The lace pieces are amazing! What patience and gorgeous details! GREAT ambitious desk, lovely layers on your art and a big Fabriano lover here too!! Happy WOYWW!

  2. The lace is so exquisite! I admire this skill so much as I learned how to make it when I studied textiles but just didn't like doing it. Lace and tatting I found so stressful but it is so lovely.
    Pretty card and I must add that your "messy" desk could be tidy in 10 minutes no problem!
    Love JoZarty x

  3. Lovely post..great cards, beautiful photos, fun !! love the WOYWW card just my style. Enjoy WOYWW thanks for the snope #71

  4. SUCH a good point you make about us respecting the trees...our crafting owes much to them! The lace pieces you show here are amazing. Happy WOYWW!

  5. Such beautiful lace work - how intricate! Your cards are lovely too - and I understand why you can't cut that paper!

  6. Wow that lace is amazing ...I have never seen anything quite like that ....keep going back to have another look. I love both your cards ...so different ... beautifully made.

  7. This exhibition is truly amazing! Thanks for sharing. I was reading your post and came to the part Slovenian Forest Institute and I was like wait a minute! That's where I'm from! :) Lep pozdrav v Ljubljano. :)

  8. Wow! That lace is fantastic. Another one of my hobbies that I don't get enough hours in the day for. Maybe I will have to put that on WOYWW one day - not seen anyone with Lace on their desk!! Can you tell I am a Gemini?

  9. What a fab post you have shared today! Your work is lovely and the lace is just amazing - what very clever ladies to produce such perfect little leaves and trees.

  10. Hi there, Yes, I am a long way away, aren't I? I'm trying to be very patient waiting for my Pif. I am very curious about what it will be. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw all that intricate lace. My best crafty friend has been learning to do this for a while. I might send her a link to your blog as I'm sure she would like to see it.
    I love that card with the little girl on the beach. Happy WOYWW!

  11. wow! i am impressed with the tree! lot of work there. gorgeous card, A busy creative desk, you are like me - stuff is on the floor too, but i dont spread out on the ironing board though, Happy WOYWW 106, Thank you for sharing your workspace, # 25

  12. Thank you so much for sharing that beautiful lace - what talent there is out there. Truly tremendous and so inspiring to all lace makers.
    Thanks for sharing your makes and desk too. Hugs, Neet x

  13. Hiya - that lace is just AMAZING!! Your PiF is well on its way - sent by Airmail so should be there very soon. I only hope you like it :) As you know, life was so busy it took a little wait to post it - then of course the weekend got in the way. Di x

  14. ooo - looking full of creativity and colour - great to see you taking up the challenges! Fab tag with great papers and details!Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show Challenge. Sarah

  15. WOW! I am impressed by that amazing lace. Beautiful! Love your card. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #46

  16. Really interesting post- I am so with you on the forests-how many people really realise that we would not be here if it was not for the trees providing our oxygen?The rest of your post is so inspiring- the hard work that goes into lace-making is phenomenal! Shaz #96

  17. What a lovely post D, I'm a huge tree hugger so could appreciate the festival a lot! Love that lace, how amazing and talented those ladies are. Lovely busy desk this week (who needs ironing anyway??) and great projects too. have a wonderful weekend.


  18. OK....totally blown away by the LEAVES....OMW that is some skill!!! still shakin' my head!!

    and oh the LUCIOUS LAYERS on your card!!! pure HEAVEN!!

    Thank BUNCHES for playing along with the teamies and Simon Says Stamp and Show!!!

  19. Hooray! Hooray! My Pif has just arrived! (Monday 20 June) and it was well worth the wait! The box is lovely ... some of my favourite colours, pink, maroon, black. And the beautiful flowers inside! They are gorgeous and very clever. I would not have the patience to make them, and, yes, I know immediately how I can use them. I am at work now but will put a pic on my blog this Wednesday. Many thanks! I am absolutely thrilled to receive my lovely Pif, all the way from Slovenia!

  20. Well!! Thank you so much for sharing that with us - the lace is just gorgeous and you must pass back all our comments to the ladies in the club. They have excelled themselves.

    Love your desk this week - I will have to try your tactic of covering the ironing board ;) Thanks for stopping by!