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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

WOYWW, starting year 3, wedding and......

Hi Everybody!

Here we are pushing year 3, celebrations are over, Pifs are sent and life goes on..... I won't show my Pif in the near future as mine is travelling all the way to Australia! Still I have taken photos of it so as soon as it arrives it will be on my blog!
So turning to current events as you know the day before our anniversary I came home from England and on the next Friday I went back to England for a wedding.....very bad planning but what can I do??? We sat on the runway for more then an hour (coming back) due to storms in central Europe so I got home late again! I won't be flying any time soon! Enough is enough! On the bright side of things I had a lovely time at the wedding....here are a few photos of the lovely couple.....
A bit of eye candy - the amazing cake....well it was very tasty too....

this is a picture you will probably never see again - me with a fascinator......

and this is the card I made for the wedding.....

and finaly my desk of this morning.....shamefuly messy but at the moment Mr. Mojo and I are on VERY good terms in our relationship so busy, busy, busy.... I made a card for a mom to be....it is in the envelope....

yes I can show it as she won't read my blog......

And here are both sides of my really messy desk.....left....

and right......

and my new first ever lovely Suzi Blu stamps.....I know Donna is going to say "cheat" but I intend to use them for my FAT project -  after a few attemps I have realised I  can't draw a face - yet - ha, ha my drawing abilities are the ones of a three year old so I need some help here!

Ok that is me done for today - very late I know but all this flying has just made me sooo slow.....which brings me to a big apology for not getting to all the desks I intended to last week - I will get to you this week and try to be better - I am now at home for the rest of the summer so lots of time for snooping around desks! 
Thank you to everybody and see you today.....
Lots of hugs to all of you....


  1. lovely post seeing those wedding pics aaahhh! Glad you enjoyed it and you dressed up a classy treat! Bt you didn't save me a piece of cake?
    now how on earth idd that desk get like that when you haven't been there.. .well it must be the Messy Pixie at it again. Love the SB stamps!
    Hugs JoZarty
    be sure to sign in for my blog candy..

  2. Gorgeous wedding pics....and that includes you in your posh gear :-)
    A x

  3. Great cards and a lovely messy desk :-)

    TFS, Lisa-Jane #69

  4. Gorgeous cards, hope she does not pop accidentally onto your blog. beautiful image. A very busy desk. Despite the hectic week, sounds like you still had a lot of fun at the wedding, beautiful workspace, Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 105, #22 (please do check out my blog candy for charity)

  5. Hi hun
    lovely piccies to look at, you look beautiful in ya fascinator that cake looks fab, gorgeous card, lots of goodies on ya desk, thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  6. Lovely wedding pictures, especially that fascinator. The cake was certainly different in style - not quite the traditional three tier fruit cake, but the taste is the important thing anyway. Beautiful cards, thank you for sharing.

  7. Wonderful wedding pictures, and what a cake!! You have had a hectic week for sure, hope you get to relax soon!

  8. Ah don't worry about thte desk visiting - everyone knows how your jet set lifestyle is exhausting!! Lovely wedding pics - great weather, you looked lovely in the blue frock..and the cake is amazing. Hope you and Mr Mojo are making sweet erm, creations!

  9. What an interesting wedding cake! Sweet wedding card, and ADORABLE mom-to-be card. Happy WOYWW!

  10. So much going on ... I love the wonderful cards you made ... and that cake is so unusual' I think you look great with that facinator btw xx

  11. yes - now rest - and play and art

    I love cheating, and I love stamps, and I love SuziBlu and I did a whole video on the cheat at collage method so me too Hun - when time is short always cheat, I hugely approve (not that you need my or anyone elses approval)

    but I also know that if you love the Suzi stamps you will love suzi class, she does a free Monday Sucks group that you can watch in replay if you can't participate and see if you like her style, and really taking one of her classes is only like a months stash money for most crafters, and you WILL learn to draw faces if you do her goddess and poet class you will - all her students do - I'm gonna post the monday sucks links tomorrow... her stamps are very much petite doll style _ SOoo cute - go see her blog - search on unity stamps and watch what she does with them - uhmazing...

    I am NOT just saying this - your cards are very beautiful - you need to let your hands do more and your brain do less , only let your thoughts appreciate what you see you hands producing DO NOT JUDGE - you are out thinking your talent and squashing your possibilities...be kinder to your self

    big hugs and hoping to see a darcy page? maybe?


  12. Great pictures. And I love your fasinator. Sweet wedding card. Get some more sleep. #100

  13. Nice wedding pictures! You've certainly been busy and I hear ya with that flying stuff - not my most favourite thing to do!!!!
    Your cards are so sweet, you have done a great job! Happy WOYWW ;)

  14. Fab cards and really lovely pic of you in your posh outfit - love the fascinator!!

  15. That cake is amazing! I am trying to be very patient waiting for my Pif. I will let you know when it arrives.