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Friday, August 19, 2011

Lost a Wednesday - My bathroom monthly mojo!

Hi my dear friends!

It is horrible that I have to keep on apologising for not coming round to you but I had a mad week and I will explain all my problems!
Last week the man who was supposed to do my bathroom in September called and said that they could come this week! How often does it happen that the people who are doing bathrooms or any kind of work on your house say they want to come earlier then expected???? So I grabed the chance and I have been homeless all week! Twice a day - early in the morning and late in the afternoon I go to my flat and have a look what they have done and also tidy up the mess they make and water my plants! I have been staying in our visiting professors flat - luckily there were no professors visiting this week! :-)
The worse banging is over but the bathroom still won't be finished till next Wednesday! So I will be staying at my friends till Wednesday I guess! 
Before I show you my bathroom I have something for Sashas MY MONTHLY MOJO! The theme this month is Muse & Use it! As all of you know I rarely make a wall hanging or anything similar.... I could call my self a "practical" crafter because although I think wall hangings and similar things are really lovely pieces of art I just don't see my flat full of them! So I try to make sure that everything I make goes to someone - that is why I like to make cards - even if the card is for a challenge I make sure it soon goes to someone who will be happy to get it! Lately I have ventured into art journaling - I made an art joural - memory book for my daughter and I will start one for myself soon! 
Here is a card I have made recently for one of the students that used to work in our library - I really like to make birthday cards - as the color goes with a "yellow" challenge at "Craftalnica" I will also enter my work there! ( he, he another "use" of my card) 
 For this card I used a Suzi Blu stamp "party girl" and an Inkadinkado sunflower stamp! Bits of Tim Holtz stuff, Hero Arts alphas and a few black pearls! The backround of the card was made with distress inks so all in all a lot of stamping and inking!
Here I have another "use" of my art! I was thinking of what to make to notify the people in my block of flats that I will be doing my bathroom and they will have to put up with a lot of noise! So I made a "painting" to tell them what I will be doing....here it is!

I bought some of that new Paperartsy Fresco Finish paint at the Artful Splodger ( a good online shop with excellant service - I get my stuff in 4 days which is almost unheard of! I really recommend them!) and made a "cracle" backround - the base was pink, then I put over the cracle stuff and the blue one on top - it is fantastic to watch it cracle - almost magic! Beforhand I  gathered all the bits and bobs for the collage! I cut apart some cardboard and used the white acrylic dabber on it - to represent a worn out wall I stamped a few tools and colored them, buckets of paint and the word "bang" for lots and lots of banging! I wrote the actual note on the computer with a old typewriter font and then distressed it with vintage photo! I also stamped a lady in the bath and a shower on top to get the peoples attention to the point of this note! The edges are also distressed! The note was a success - everybody now knows I am doing up my bathroom!
 Here are a few details of this "mojo" of mine 
day one - morning - last shot of my 36 year old bathroom.....

day 1 - evening ....stripped down.....

Day 2 - lots of pipes and wires....

Day 3 - doomsday......the wall..... initially I wanted a shower with three walls and a door in the front - thinking it would be easy and practical to clean - well it turned out to be a big lump of cement  making the already small bathroom even smaller so - they had to tare it down and we found a new solution which will be shown to you in the next days!

Ohhh well! I hope you enjoyed " My Mojo Monthly" probably a bit different from others - I hope I can show something different next month! And I hope I will have a bathroom by then! :-)
My apologese again for being away but I will get back to normal after all this is done!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Ooo pri tebi se res veliko dogaja.
    Deklica na rumeni voščilnici mi je zelo všeč, čudovite oči in super ideja so stekelca na številkah.

    Obvestilo sosedom, da obnavljaš kopalnico, je enkratno. Z njim, si omehčala še tako namrgodenega soseda :)).
    Po dopustu, bom z veseljem pogledala slike obnovljene kopalnice. Lp

  2. ooh soon you will have a lovely new bathroom, i did worry yesterday when you made no appearance, thank you SOOO much my book arrived, and I will blog it over the weekend,

    big hugs


  3. Thanks so much for your story and creations. Just think how fab your bathroom will soon look! Love the yellow on the card and the poster for your building is a real star! Great you get to give your art away as it does indeed pile up. Thanks so much for joining in at My Mojo Monthly Cardarian! Stay inspired!
    Sarah (Sasa on Google!)

  4. so.
    guess what?

    i was walking out to the mailbox and thinking about how shitty it was that nothing good ever comes and then....


    i opened the box and there were the SweetAwesomeSuperCuteCool flowers and box that you sent to me!!!!

    it made me so happy and it was so awesomely cool!

    i am so excited and totally totally grateful!!!


  5. Zelo zanimiva izvedba na temo "naj bo rumeno".Drugačna od običajnih, a prav tako lepa.
    Projekt prenova kopalnice je bila tudi pri nas pred časom aktualna, le, da na oglasni deski ni viselo tako lepo obvestilo sosedom.

  6. :)) jaz sem očitno že čist za luno ... Suzi Blu ima štampiljke? Pa še tko kjut ♥♥♥

    Obvestilo sosedom je pa res fantastično :))) tega ne bodo pozabili :))

  7. Ooo, moja rumena deklica. Še enkrat hvala za kartico :)