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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WOYWW, 10th August 2011

Hi my dear Friends!

I am sorry I have been so quiet this week but after coming back to work things have piled up and I was rushing to finish the art journal for my daughter - it was really fun making it and she was really happy - I think quite surprised as she didn't expect it! But a note to myself is that from now on I should do art journaling a page at a time....doing a load of them is fun but on the other hand it takes all the energy out of you for other projects! This week I haven't done anything except a little drawing you will see on my desk! 
I must apologise to all the people who commented on my blog last week and I didn't get round to them I promise I will get round to all of you in the next days! 
Now about the journal - I won't show you all of the pages but just some so you see what I have been doing....you might be surprised that some of my text is in English - since my daughter was a little girl we spoke both in Slovene in English and we still do so now, so that is why some of the text is English and some Slovene! Ok then lets start with the photos:
I put some metal on the corner of the journal and a few dangling bits with her name, the nickname I call her and a little angel ! Also a button and ribbon!

Here are a few pages - the front page .....

and here are some others....  one in memory of our lovely dog Don.....

This one is one of my favourites.... I think I did well on this one....

I think this one also looks good - I saw something similar on the internet and adopted it so that it fits to what I wanted to say basicly it says that life is not always paved with flowers - you have to plant them if you want to be happy.....

Every now and then I left pages empty for her to either write or put photos on them......

This is a page with a photo I took of her a few years ago....I think this page is vibrant and fun....

The last one is about friends - I think all women should have women friends - no man can understand a women as good as a woman can so girly friends are VERY important!

I have shown you the pages that are not so personal as my daughter doesn't like me to show pictures of her on my blog - I will probably get told off for this too but I think you all understand I am  just showing the art of the journal as such ....
I didn't just give her the journal - I gave her a card too and made lovely chocolate cupcakes... very tasty....hmm I might be a better cook then an artist....but hay cooks are artists too....

Here is half of the face of the birthday girl hiding behind our little dog Flo!

Here is a photo of my desk - not very good though - I still haven't figured out this camera - some photos are so clear where as others are just rubbish! 
So thats all folks for today!
Have a lovely day and be sure I will be knocking on your door - I mean blog! He, he...
Lots of hugs to everybody


  1. The stamps from Suzi are just so wonderful and perfect for your journal - the colours look really vibrant and alive...
    I also have a Dutch pretties parcel giveaway on my blog today if you fancy some colour!
    Thanks for sharing your WOYWW desk today,
    Sarah at 3

  2. Just love the journal! It's been a great lookaround - we need cheering up over here right now! Now, you could send Flo over if you like? Di xx

  3. Gorgeous journal....a real keepsake to treasure :)
    xoxo Sioux

  4. What a wonderful journal full of lovely memories. I'm sure she was thrilled with it. Thank you for sharing it.
    A x

  5. Fab post an what a lot of work in it. I'm sure it was a great success it's a life treasure.
    I am surprised your desk is as tidy as it is with all you've completed.
    Love joZarty x

  6. Love, love, love the journal - what a beautiful thing to give to your child. But the sentiment about planting the flowers is my favourite, I'm going to write that down and use it somewhere! Am doing my first giveaway if you fancy a try :) xx

  7. Hi hun
    your journal book is gorgeous, a work of love, beautiful keepsake of memories, bet your daughter was thrilled with it, aww fab piccie, those cupcakes looks scrummy,

  8. Beautiful journal, I'm sure it will be treasured! Thanks for sharing your space this week and I hope the rest of your week goes well!

  9. Oh just beautiful. Lovely work and lovely post. Kim

  10. Čudovito darilo, pisano, veselo, pravi zaklad in zelo lepo izdelano. Lp

  11. Fab journal for your daughter - a wonderful gift to treasure. Love that it is bi-lingual!! Have a good day.

  12. Wish your beautiful daughter a happy birthday from me! That a a super fabulous gift! It is amazing artistically, as well as personally! Fabulous job! I am glad that you shared some of it with us! Happy WOYWW -Amanda

  13. Stunning piece of work and one your daughter will treasure. I love the vibrant colours.
    Flo is a little cutie and looks like a paler version of my own Sorrel.

  14. Dolores, your work is stunning, really beautiful colours and composition, time you started drawing those girls your self...


  15. I meant to add that we must skype soon.. would be a great idea!
    jo x

  16. Love the post ...and the cakes ...but most of all that journal ..its so good ...I love it xx

  17. busy looking desk. Love the journal pages and I bet your daughter did to. Nice choco cupcakes. A favorite! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  18. That is an amazing gift to give your daughter! Those cupcakes made me hungry they look so good and your desk is very tidy!
    Happy WOYWW

  19. It was all going so well and then you showed us a picture of cupcakes! How are we meant to concentrate now! ROFL. Thanks for "sharing" and also for visiting my blog!

  20. I think your journal is beautiful, and it's extra special as it's made with a lot of love for a special person. Love your puppy too, and cupcakes?! Yum!!

    Brenda 73

  21. Great pictures of a super duper journal - love the bright colours you have used. Really terrific! Love your pinkness of your desk.
    Thanks for sharing your desk with us - Happy WOYWW (late I know). Hugs, Neet #7

  22. Great journal pages! Mmm mafini. :) In super roza stena. :)

  23. Wonderful fun post. Love your little journal pages. What a cutie..birthdays are so fun. I could use a cupcake. I really wish there was more time in a day, so many projects and not near enough time. Enjoy the weekend, I'm running behind

  24. thanks for the glimpse. nice pages. Cupcakes look delicious. Have a great day

  25. What a wonderful gift! I am sure your daughter just loves it! Wish my mom made one for me! :^) Patsy from

  26. oooh your journal looks amazing - well done. Love your cute dog too.