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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

WOYWW and how dangerous crafting can be!

Good morning lovely blogers!

How are you on this lovely Wednesday morning?? Aren't we lucky with this lovely autumn weather??? Indian summer they call it! Very nice!
So let me tell you a little story how I almost burned down the kitchen.....It was a usuall morning I was rushing around doing 10 things at a time and so amoung other things I thought I would have a fried egg...I put the oil in the pan turned the gas on and went into my craft room just to put a punch away.....then I saw my art journal and started thinking about what I should put on it and one thing led to another when suddenly there was this really weird smell.....Oh dear I have something going on in the kitchen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep the oil was on fire and smoke was everywhere! I ran out on the terrace with the pan so the fire was put out ( you are not suppose to put water on it as you make it worse!), after 2 days I am still airing out the smell and the pan went into the bin! So the lesson here is DON'T GO INTO YOUR CRAFTROOM WHEN YOU HAVE SOMETHING GOING ON IN THE KITCHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Huh!!!
Onto crafting this month is engagements, weddings, birthdays so I keep on doing that and can't really get up to my journaling - well I did a few pages and I thought I took pictures of them but when I downloaded stuff from my camera this morning the photos weren't there so you will see them in my next post.....still at least I do have my cards all documented so here is my stuff.....
One of my daughters friends got married and I made two cards so she could choose - it was an autumn wedding so on one I used punched leaves - the papers are all TH kraft Coordination's....love that paper...

This one is similar but I used the the free stamp from the Craft Stamper and the masking technique...I liked both but because the colors were brighter on the punched one my daughter chose that one!
Next up is a card that is a bit unusual but still I think quite interesting.....my friend has a friend who's daughter has just been engaged to a Mexican.....sooo how do you express Slovenia - Mexico on a card.....huh a bit of a job but I cracked it  - you can be the judge of it....Anyway as you can see we have the Mexican and Slovene flag - two birds kissing with a ring in the middle and lots of gold flakes (another one of my new GOLDEN products - love that stuff)  which for some reason reminds me of  Mexico - must be something to do with the Indian Inka Gold.....the sentiment is bilingual of course too - Slovene and Spanish ( no I don't speak Spanish but my daughter does! Huh!) 
And of course my desk of this morning is coming up......very messy as always....

I am making a birthday card for an old lady....I know I should have used more autumn colors but when you are 88 you probably want something to brighten your day.....

And here is an overall look.....

Ok I think I am done now.....I wish you all a pleasant snoop around the worlds crafting desk, enjoy the lovely days we have and keep crafting!
Lots of hugs to all of you


  1. Oops - the number of times I have forgotten things in the kitchen - not usually on the top though (usually!) it is so easy to get distracted.... love your cards you have been very busy. have a great day.

  2. Well I'm so glad it was only the pan and the egg that got burned! You should get smoke alarms to warn you in advance of it getting serious. We are lucky here as the fire service provide and fit them FREE.
    Your desk certainly isn't a mess to me and you've been making full use of it with all the great things you've made. Great idea for the Mexican/Slovene engagement too!
    Hope we can get together via Skype whilst Donna is here but we'll be out all day Saturday at the workshop.
    Love JoZarty x

  3. Just seen your comment on my blog - the pan pastels are fab - and yes available in the UK - probably all over but I got them from Linda at LB Crafts (I am sure you know them.... lbcrafts.com) They are not cheap though - hence so few colours so far!!

  4. grgeous cards honey, I would have been hard pushed to choose betweent he wedding ones I love them both.

    eek to the egg episode!!! glad you were able to put the fire out quickly...I feel quite faint at the thought of all that stash going up in smoke!


  5. I regularly burn things on a Wednesday when I'm blog hopping around the desks and forget what I'm doing! Loved the autumn wedding cards, especially the brighter one, that's my favourite :D xxx

  6. I have burnt many a dinner by being distracted by my craft room,

    so glad you only lost the pan and didn't set fire to the flat,

    will skype friday hopefully,


  7. Ooops! Glad it wasn't too serious. I have to be very careful about this sort of thing as one of the symptoms of my M.E. is brainfog and I'm hopeless! I often have 5 or more tasks going on and I keep flitting on to another one, forgetting about the ones I'm still in the middle of! Duh. It's a good thing my hubby's in charge of the cooking these days but tonight, for the first time, he burnt our supper! Love your autumn leaves and the pink flowers on your card. Very pretty. Happy WOYWW.

  8. I got a late start yesterday because I fell asleep before I could link up with Julia. Now I'm just trying to catch up. I like the way you have lit your desk with that lamp. And I can assure you, I nearly burned my house down two years ago. I was heating oil for french fries and the oil caught fire. My smoke alarm went off or I would not have known. I picked up a full pan of grease and took it outside, dripping burning grease on the carpet along the way. That's why I now have rugs on my carpet. Yep, same story, different day and continent!

  9. Fabulous cards - I like the one your daughter chose too. The Mexican/Slovenia one is brilliant - what a fabulous idea.
    The smoking pan reminds me that the other week I put a small frying pan on and was stood in the kitchen talking, we thought something was burning under the grill, no nothing, we kept looking at one another and suddenly I remembered the small pan. Chaos!
    Something to do with being BLONDE?
    Thanks for sharing - #26 Neet xx

  10. Hi! Just popping by to say I am having a giveaway and would love for you to enter! I will try and pop back later for a proper look but want to invite all the wonderful WOYWWers for a chance to win!
    xoxo Karen

  11. The Mexico/Slovenia card worked so well. I tried a similar idea with Spain/ Union Flag - didn't work as the colours of those two flags screamed at each other. Glad you did not get burned yourself. Things can be replaced but people can't.

  12. Zelo lepi poročni voščilnici. Meni najlepša pa bo zadnja. Tako nežna,ljubka .... sedaj je verjetno že izgotovljena :). Lp

  13. Tsk Tsk - focus! Glad you didn't have a full scale fire though. Lovely work on your desk. TFS

  14. Apologies for being so late in visiting this week but I really wanted to pop in and see what you were up to last week. Love the card you made for the 88 year old lady - I'm sure she will appreciate it. Hopefully I will get around much quicker tomorrow. Elizabeth x #73