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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

WOYWW, a quicky!

Good morning my dear friends!

I have a bit of a busy day today so my post will be short and sweet! Actually every day this week I have something penciled in, so my list of to do crafty stuff is not getting anything checked off so I am a bit worried! This list is as long as my arm, specially as Easter is almost here! Well I hope to get up to things tomorrow but for today here is my desk....
A view from the top.....Yes I finally got my new dylusions - mark my words this is one of my last purchases for the time being! Our wages are going down 15% so I better cut on the crafty stuff - luckily I have accumulated a lot over the last year or so, so I guess I have a lot to work with but of course new stuff I will not be able to afford! That said I guess if I go to Ally Pally ( still not sure I will) there might be a few more things ! Ha, how quick did I make my mind up! Oh dear I must get my act together!

Anyway what you see are the remnants of my "experiment" which you can read about here, mushrooms from the Dylusions already colored and ready to join the bunny on a card, my morning cup of tea and the dylusions sprays and stamps - I haven't used the sprays yet so they are still sealed! I colored the mushrooms with the distress markers which you can also see on my desk....
Here is a close up.....

That is all on my desk today - I will be back with more cards and stuff in the next few days!
Here are a few photos I took yesterday in the institute garden - a lovely rododendron is just in full bloom.....

Here are just a few flowers growing on the grass.....

So thats another bit of spring for you.....
I said I would be short and sweet and well I tried my best! Ha, ha....
Have a lovely day and enjoy snooping around the worlds desks! It is a lot of fun isn't it???
Lots of hugs to all of you


  1. Gorgeous crafty desk this week .Arent those distress markers lush i have just purchased afew to say the least and have down loaded the colour chart so i know whihc ones i have and not to buy!So hopefully soon it will be full
    Have fab wedensday and creative week hugs judex 67

  2. Signs of spring are EVERYWHERE. I have never seen those Dylusions in the States, so I'm not sure they've made it here yet. But I like your mushrooms. So colorful. You need to pencil in some craft time. All work and no play, as they say! Happy WOYWW from #3.

  3. I'm just enjoying a coffee break while my little munchkins take their nap so thought I'd catch up with a few of my blogging friends and check out what you've been up to this week. So lovely to see the sunshine this week and your Rhododendron looks stunning.
    A x

  4. Great post and beautiful photos of those pretty flowers, I do love to see the flowers popping open in the Spring. I hope your busy day all goes well :)

    Have a great WOYWW and a fab week, Luv Karen #91

  5. Love your desk shot - I want (need!) some Dylusions too... sorry to hear about your wage cut, wish things could start to get better everywhere! Hope you do find the cash for AP - I know it won't be cheap for you, being such a long way....
    Some of your pics wouldn't load (I am at work so not meant to be here, though it is lunchtime!) but they look great. Take care, Helen, 9

  6. Great post with lots of goodies there. You will have to put barbed wire on those bank cards soon!
    Still don't know if I'll get to Ally Pally. There's a petrol crisis here so also worried that my next batch of grandees amy not make it here.
    Speak soon,
    Love jo x

  7. Lots of crafty goodness going on, and great pics too. Take care & enjoy this weeks snoop of WOYWW desks. Zo xx 77

  8. lots of fun things on your desk today! Love the picture of the rhododendron! It gets so hot so quick here that it is rare to get trees that bloom to hang around long! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #138

  9. How lovely are the rododendron's, are won't bloom until June, but we have lots of other things blooming. Now as for your budget, cut something else out, not crafting supplies!!! lol ( sorry to hear about your paycut ) waving hi from my balcony in the hills of North Carolina :)

  10. Those are really funky looking stamps, very cool! Sorry to hear about the pay cut, that's incredibly steep. Lovely flowers too, and I wouldn't be moaning if the weather here was 25C during the day but it's barely been 8C!


  11. I love blossom time and primroses are so special too.I always used to pick a bunch at my Grandma's when I was a very little girl.

  12. Your rhod is gorgeous, ours hasn't bloomed yet!


  13. What a delightful first time visit to your blog! New technology makes it so easy to visit the world and see all the fabulous and talented people as well as their work desks! Love your mushrooms and also love the photos of the blossoms in your part of the world. Thanks for sharing...dix from TEXAS!

  14. how annoying re the wage cut,enjoy your crafting time,have a great week :)

  15. Oh, love your blooms. The calendar says spring but it's just now getting warm here. The rule of thumb in New Mexico is not to plant anything before May 15. Oh well.

    Your desk looks like a lot of fun. Those mushrooms are too dang cute!

    Happy WOYWW

  16. Isn't spring wonderful. Very inspiring pictures. You will always find money for new stash, life's too short, just make sure you use it!
    janet #16

  17. Beautiful flowers. I have a blog award for you on my blog if you'd like to collect it :) http://cardartart.blogspot.com.au
    Have a great day!

  18. 15%??? Blimey, how on earth can they do that? That's a really steep paycut :(
    Lovely flower shots btw - looks as sunny in your area as it is here in the UK!
    Hugs, LLJ ~74 xx

  19. Love the bunny and mushroom so the cards will be equally lovely. Beautiful flower photos as well and primroses, so delicate, remind me of holidays in Devon where they grow wild i nthe hedgerows.

    Ann B

  20. Flowers are lovely, but I think might be a bit thirsty! Lovely busy desk, I might draw some more mushroom digi's! Thanks for my snoop! Bit late, as I'm a very slow reader and an even slower typist! Have a great crafty week! HaPpY WoYwW!

  21. What a creative space with yummie Dylusion stamps on it, not fair I can't have any.
    Love your garden, really beautiful.

    Happy crafting

  22. Sorry about the wage cuts - what a horrid thing to happen, and to a crafter!
    How can you come over here and go to Ally Pally and not spend. Fatal to go to that show! If you do do enjoy yourself!
    Hugs, Neet #5 (who has candy on her blog) xx

  23. Beautiful flower photos. I was interested in your colour testing. I am keen to have the distress markers but as I have just bought the second half of the copic markers which I love, the TH ones will have to wait. Still it was interesting to read your views. Kate x 146

  24. What fabulous pictures. Your desk is looking very creative too. Hugs Rita xxx

  25. Lots of wonderfl crafty goodies on your desk, Your colouring is just perfect, Beautiful flower pics, I am going to Ally Pally on the sunday!!! Hope you decide to come along, Hugs May x x x No14

  26. Yes, I can't believe Easter is next weekend! My few Easter cards are going out this week and I have an Easter home decor item that will require some time to complete. Your flowers are gorgeous and it looks like you got some yummy new stuff to play with! Happy Thursday from #151.

  27. Your flowers are lovely. Looks like you got some great new stuff to play with! Happy Thursday from #151.

  28. Sorry to hear about the cut in wages ...thankgoodness you have stocked up on stash over the year ...that probably accounts for 15% of your wages lol.

    Love the toadstool stamp and I found your experiment very interesting.

    Gorgeous flowers

  29. Stunning new stash, enjoy x
    Sophie no.183

  30. terrible news about your salary cut D - I know what it feels like to have to pull back on the craft spending - it is really hard! Those stamps look interesting - i've heard a lot about the Dylusions around blogland in the last few days... will have to have a look at those.

    The flowers pics are a great reminder that spring is here - always welcome those kinds of photographs...

    Thank you for sharing your workspace - and happy WOYWW 147

    Paula x x x (#51)