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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WOYWW, I am back!

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I am sorry I have been away for a while but life and work took over so I couldn't do blogging or crafting - well I did  some stuff which you will see as you scroll down the page! But before I start with my showing off I would like to ask all you ladies who intend to go to ALLY PALLY on SATURDAY the 14th to let me know ( just leave a comment) and I will try to find you there as I would love to meet some of you! Thank you!
Now we can start with the show off! Ha, ha...
First is first here is my desk of this week - very boring - just made a card for one of our professors - he went from student to professor of forest engineering - specialised in forest roads and he has a special day today so I made a card for him - we have been working together since day one ! The card is on my desk....

The card symbolises his road to success!

And then I have a few photos from my Easter day with my family at my moms.... our Easter table.... I decorated :-)

Close ups...... the plate....

the famous Easter flower, Easter eggs and of course we couldn't be without an Easter bunny.....

Here is a photo of all of us at the table.....

And to finish off I have another couple of spring photos I have taken lately......

Now I am finished!
Have a lovely day, enjoy life and let me know if you will be at Ally Pally!
Lots of hugs to all of you


  1. What fab pics. Thanks for shring them. It looks like you had a very special time together.
    A x #68

  2. A happy Easter time indeed!! Look out for me at the Paperartsy stand again - same place as Lin had hers.... looking forward to it! there are a crowd of us WOYWWers and Twitters going (possibly more twitters)So glad you decided to come and splurge!!

  3. Thanks for sharing your Easter photos - I did not know there was such a thing as an Easter flower. Very pretty. When I was reading about the card you were making I was wondering what you would come up with. Your card is perfect - the professor will be thrilled. Happy WOYWW Helen 35

  4. great looking desk. Love the card you made for your friend. Looks like a happy Easter for sure. Hope you have a great week. Vickie @106

  5. How lovely to see your family sitting at the beautifully decorated table. What a good job you made of it.
    Love the card, so thoughtfully made and thanks for the delightful spring flowers.
    Hugs, Neet #10 xx

  6. How beautifully you set the table, and such lovely flower photos.
    I do wish I was going to Ally Pally and could meet up with you, I would have brought a coffee!

  7. I really hope that you have a fab time at Ally Pally and meet up with lots of WOYWWers!! your Easter table was very pretty, loved the decoration :) And of course I can send you a Union Jack cushion cover - we can email each other regarding the details later :)
    Hugs, LLJ #3 xx

  8. Gorgeous pictures,happy WOYWW, Shaz #94 xx

  9. What a great card. A difficult challenge for such a specific celebration.
    You show some really beautiful photos. Love your Easter place settings and those white flowers in the final picture look wonderful.

    I'm unable to go to Ally Pally on the Saturday. :0(((( Might head that way on the Sunday. Hope you have a fantastic time!

    ps..I can't believe your craft room is ever messy lol ;0)

  10. Definitely won't make it to Ally Pally as we are going on hols next week. Boo hoo! Can't be everywhere! Lovely to see your Easter celebrations, the table decorations look so lovely. The card you made for one of your professors is so perfect for him! Enjoy Ally Pally and hope to speak soon.
    Love joZarty x

  11. Loving the share of famliy photos, I love the table decoration, so pretty! And the pictures of the flowers are glorious! Love spring! I bet the young man will appreciate his card, congrats to him! Love the color of wall behind your craft table too! yummy color! waving hi from the chilly, windy hills of North carolina #50

  12. aw I am in France this weekend, but soon my dear, soon it will be july... there is nothing more rewarding than to see a person blossom and succeed, your card is lovely, as is your Easter table,

    take care,


  13. Card looks great! Sadly living up north going to Ally Pally is out of the question for me.

    Your Easter table looks beautiful!

    I have enjoyed looking at your space
    Have a good week and happy hopping!

  14. Lovely work and Easter flower - thanks for sharing.


  15. Lovely Easter photos. I love your crafty space. It looks like you have all the essentials tucked in there nicely. What a sweet card- depicting his road to success!

  16. Fab photos... lovely happy table, I am going to ally pally on SUNDAY!!! so please leave some goodies for me..... Hugs May x x x No15

  17. Lepa čestitka in vidim, da ste se imeli za praznike res lepo.

  18. Lovely looking card, and I love your Spring photos. I am sorry, I shall not be at Ally Pally - I made a decision some time ago not to go to shows, but put the money that I would have spent on entry fees, fuel and exorbitant car parks towards any new craft stuff I wanted. Have a good time there, though. xx Maggie #2

  19. Super photos, sadly I won't be at Ally Pally. Enjoy it though. Take care, it's Thursday now so I'm late but I can never get through the list in one go! Love Zo xx 75

  20. Fabulous Easter decorations. Not going to Ally Pally, sob. Have fun
    Sophie x

  21. Sadly I can't fly the 12,000 miles to be at Ally Pally but it sounds like you'll all have a great time.
    Love the photos and all the Easter festivities.
    Have a great week. Neesie #12