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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

WOYWW - back to normal!

Good morning my dear bloggy friends!

Finally things are back to normal and I can get up to normal WOYWW ! Last week was a bit hectic - I wrote a long post about our BIG crop on Friday and you can see it here. Beware - ha, ha the post is so long you might shoot roots into your chair! But anyway THANK YOU again Julia and Jan - we had a lovely time and I will never forget my first crop ever!!!!!! Yes that is true!
Now returning back to reality and my desk which is the thing you all want to see - well a few weeks ago I was talking about making a Klimtesque canvas - it is not nearly finished but I think it will be in a few days - I finally decided how I want to make it...As you know I have used Donnas stamp as my main object and all the background will be gold - the true colors of Klimts early decorative painting! 
Here is what was on my desk this morning.....

Lots of gold paint - I decided to use 3 different golds - I started out with gessoing the canvas, then used matt medium to layer a few bits of old paper with gothic writing on it out of my stash of old magazines that have been thrown out of the library! Then the first coat of gold acrylic paint I am starting with a lighter gold and going towards a more darker antique gold color....on the side there you can see the stamp I am using already colored with shiny colors....the obligatory morning BIG cup of tea is there too! Don't ask! I couldn't open the Golden Matt Medium - it is so stuck I will have to wait for my daughters boyfriend to come around and open it - luckily I had another bottle of Liquitex matt medium! Huh!
Now more makings of this week....
I made a cute card for my aunt who is over 80 - I chose spring colors even though it is autumn as I thought it would be a bit morbide to send her a card with darkish colors and leaves falling - it is a bit suggestive isn't it???? So here is my happy birthday card - the stamp is from Kaisercraft a gift I was so kindly sent from Eliza all the way from Australia.....

No special technique - distressed background with Broken china, stamped twice so I could cut out the bird to make it a bit more dimensional two bits of ribbon and coloring with copics!The sentiment is one of our new Slovene stamps.. Bobs your uncle as the English say....
Oh yes I sort of finished off one of the jewelry thingies I have made at the crop with Jo.......I am not sure if I want to do more to it or not - for now it as it is - I am wearing it today anyway....

 And now after I have shown my desk I will give you just two photos of the autumn splendour we have.....

We have been very lucky up till now - temperatures nice 22-25 deg C.....but they say we might have snow for the weekend....oh well....
 Lots of love and hugs to all of you, have a good snoop and a lovely rest of the week!


  1. Back to normal? Can you please explain what normal is hehehe.
    Love your autumn pics and the card you made for your aunt is so pretty.
    A x #68

  2. Wow, the Klimt-esq piece sounds as if it will be amazing. Look forward to seeing the finished piece.

    Carolyn #102

  3. Some super things going on at your desk. Love the idea of using different golds. Beautiful tree pics too. Take care Zo xx 71

  4. Hi Delores :D your rose here is so lovely over here :D and love the birdee card you made, great items to share - and have never been on a crop either seems funny when folks go to them all the time in some places ~ happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #54

  5. Pretty makes and if you could please send us some of that Autumn sunshine we would be very grateful!!

    ** Kate **

  6. The klimtpiece is looking good!
    Happy woyww , have a creative week!
    Trace. X 46

  7. Your projects are great, and the photos are incredible. (I went to Kew Gardens again last weekend, for some autumn colour - check out http://photosbyh.blogspot.co.uk if you have time! ) Helen, 19

  8. Love your card it is very pretty.
    I love your Autumn Splendour photos.

    Carol x

  9. ah yes gold gold and more gold, and I love your finishing touches to your stampbord,

    try turning the pot of gel upside down in hot water that JUST reaches to the lip of the lid - so the hot water can leak a little into the screw thread - it should dissolve the gel enough to release the lid - and next time wipe the screw thread you naughty girl (see you think I am messy but I clean if I HAve To!) also I am quite good at throwing solvents all over the place...( and people)


  10. Drat! I wanted to do one of those stamp board thingies Jo was showing and missed my chance :) Love yours. Lovely to meet you too, and can' believe it was your first crop ever. Will future ones measure up? I hope so.

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (15)

  11. Cant wait to see the finished canvas ...what you have planned sounds amazing. Love the card too ...everything just complementseach other.
    Glad you are back the normal...what ever normal is!!! . xx#79

  12. It really looks like you are back into crafting mode after all your travels and excitement. Your stampboard tile looks great finished... don't forget that you can scribe into it if you want to. Try it on another one first to practice and it will help you see how it looks.
    I am sure your Auntie will love your special card, it's beautiful.
    Hope you don't get snow already! It has been foggy morings here but clear sunny afternoons. We're enjoying our time with the children. Speak soon,
    Love jo x

  13. Next time we have a crop, I am going to outsource the catering as I wanted to do the classes but simply ran out of time!!! The stampboard pendant is gorgeous and I would leave it as it is, it doesn't need any more embellishing in my eyes :)
    Your Slovenian Autumn trees are looking beautiful - the forest near Burbage is turning too and looks gorgeous, even though we haven't had a sunny day all week...
    Take care - I'm sending a big hug!
    LLJ #66 xx

  14. My first thought when I saw Donna's stamp (a month ago) was Klimt!! And now here you are doing Klimt with it too, love his work. You're very good crafting before work, I start at 7 so have to get up at 6 as it is!! Very pretty card for your Aunt, and I agree about falling leaves being suggestive to older people too. Good choice of your to go bright. Loved the post on on the crop, such a great time with amazing people.

    Brenda 3
    PS: Wish I could send you some cake!!

  15. Such lovely projects on the go. The Autumn trees are stunning. It has been so gloomy here this week. x Jo #79

  16. whata pretty card for your aunt and i love the sound of your canvas and looking forward to seeing it progress. Your photos are ace dont you not just love the colours of autumn. I think its my favourite season except christmas which is by far my favourite time of the year

  17. Hi Dolores
    It is nic eto get back to normal isn't it, even after such a good time. You have been really busy and it is looking good
    janet #58

  18. Hi Dolores... again
    do you have an address for Jo as I want to send her something from the crop you can e mail me from my blog
    thanks janet

  19. Glorious Autumn photographs... and it's lovely to get a look at one of your Klimt creations in its very early days. Have a wonderful week!
    Alison x

  20. As for the crop; they always say your first one is special...::wink wink:: waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  21. It is always interesting to hear how others create things like your canvas stages. I do love the Golden products they are my favourites, run the lid of the product under really hot water and it will loosen it for you, it has happened to me.

    I am glad you found a use for the stamps that I sent to you. Beautiful card, I am sure your Aunt will love it.

    The necklace does not need anymore work doing to it, it is perfect the way it is.

    Happy crafting this week
    Eliza 88

  22. Some gorgeous pictures here, I love the jewellery piece, its gorgeous.Have a good week, Hugs Shaz #107

  23. ooh such creative stuff to see! You have been busy. Love it all especially the necklace. Have a fab week xx #122

  24. Love that canvas on your desk today. And your card for your Aunt is gorgeous too! I know what you mean about autumn colours!
    Those photos of the tree are stunners. Isn't nature fantastic.
    Thanks for visiting

  25. Lovely card for your Auntie and lovely start to your canvas.

  26. Oh nice stuff d, I love the card and the reasoning behind it for your aunt, pretty blue. And of course, your talk of mediums and guessing make me feel really should be stretching myself a bit more!!