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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WOYWW, Vintage cards and something Klimtesque!

Good morning to all of you lovely bloggy people!

Even though it is a very dull morning here in Slovenia I am shining like the brightest of summer days! Why are you asking????????? BECAUSE IN 3 DAYS I WILL BE MEETING A LOAD OF WOYWWERS FOR REAL!!!! YIPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, so happy! I am jumping up and down ( well no I can't because of my knee, but I am doing the happy dance!)
So now that you know the happy mood I am in let me show you my desk - my weekly contribution to the Queen Julias nosy gathering.....

So what do you see?? Well as you know I have bought some of the new Donna stamps from The Artistic Stamper . In my head I have this idea of making a mini Klimt-esque canvas with lots of gold, similar to Klimts paintings which I have been studying these last days....the focal point of this canvas will be Donna's stamp! I was initially going to paint it with Twinkling H2Os which I have ordered but they haven't arrived yet so I am giving it a go with regular gel pens - I have bought the Copic ones ages ago and before that some cheep ones from the stationary shop and I find that the cheep ones have a lot more mica and are really shiny! The only thing that is better with copic ones is the variety of colors - so here is the close up of my coloring...not finished yet - but I am getting there....

The body and the face will be colored with Prismacolor pencils the canvas will have lots of gold on it - don't worry I will show it on here when I am finished! So that is what is on my desk....
I have been making cards too....my sister in law had her 50th a while ago but because I wasn't here at the time I decided to make a meal for the whole family on Sunday so she wouldn't have to cook as she doesn't like to and I gave her a flower and and a card - she was very happy with her surprise meal! The card I made was vintage as she likes that....

I got these new Oxford Impressions stamps and I really wanted to try them out! I used a sepia versafine ink pad but the paper although quite smooth was still a bit too grainy! 
The next day I made another card for my friend at work with similar material but another stamp - this time I used a speciality paper and I think the result is much better....

The sentiments as you have noticed are in Slovene and I am very happy to say we now finally have stamps that have Slovene sentiments ! 
 So my dear ladies - not long now....I have calculated the hours - about 72 hours and I will be there crafting away with all of you! 
Have a lovely day snooping around desks - I will be joining you all later in the day!
Lots of hugs to all of you, see you soooon!



  1. I am green with envy and sad that I won't be able to be at the crop but it is cost prohibitive from here. Take lots of pictures! Love the cards and I am glad you can get the sentiments in your native language. Thanks for sharing. Have fun next week end. Vickie #41

  2. Lovely cards and so nice to see your WIP. Hope you have a great day Saturday...alas I can't go cos I will be at our little Grandson's firsth birthday party but I will be there with you all in spirit and will look forward to seeing all the pictures when you get back.
    A x #68

  3. Gorgeous cards and I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time with the woyww's. thinking of you all.
    Sandra @31

  4. Love your cards, and can't wait to see the Klimt-esque canvas when it is finished.

  5. What a beautiful card, and a busy desk - see you on Saturday!! Helen, 6

  6. Your canvas idea sounds really interesting. We love Klimt's work.

    The bears @#97

  7. your cards are fab,have a super time at the crop :)
    have a great woyww
    kay #48

  8. there is a happy dance happening here too, I want my hug.....

    Jennie has promised me she will do Salome in a larger size too,

    Liz & I had huge fun withthe fishes this last weekend,

    dxx ( deskless)

  9. Happy WOYWW. Gorgeous WIP and wonderful you can get stamp sentiments in your own language. Jealous that you are going to the Crop on Saturday. I have seen sense and admitted it is too far for me to travel at the moment - shame I can't afford a helicopter! Ali x #67

  10. hi there Cardarian,
    only 2 sleeps left now and we can all see your dance, I hope you will share it with us :). love the cards and it is great that you can now get slovenian stamps.
    janet #49

  11. Wonderful work, and I do hope you have a brilliant time at the weekend! I'm so sad I can't join in - seems silly if you're coming all the way from Slovenia!! Happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  12. Hello! Love your vintage treatment of the photos on the cards. Your coloring technique is wonderful for that stamp. I had not known about those - will check out The Artistic Stamper! Have a wonderful time at the WOYWW crop! ~Stephanie~ #141

  13. I was hoping to meet you but I am ill with a sore throat and a bad cold and feeling rotten. I will be there in spirit. Have a great time.


  14. Oh those cards a so lovely - colours/photos etc. Hope you have a fab time with all our WOYWWers at the weekend. Take lots of photos - we need to see you all!!! x Jo

  15. Love your cards! Enjoy your weekend! Chris#111

  16. Wish I could meet you all! Sadly, not this year. Have buckets of fun and take lots of pictures!!!

  17. Didn't see your post until just now and you are probably on your way to England. Or there!
    Have a wonderful time at the crop, shame I still don't get to meet you (must try Ally Pally some time)'
    Thanks for sharing your lovely work
    Hugs, Neet xx

  18. Happy WOYWW! And have fun crafting!Tamika #14

  19. Hi there! Some how it totally escaped my notice that you had come all the way from Slovenia on Saturday. There were so many new friendly faces and just not enough time. WOYWW weekend needed next time I think!

    ** Kate **