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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

WOYWW, Cards and stuff...

Hello my dear friends!

First I must apologize for maybe not coming back to everybody who commented on my blog - I lost track a little bit and then the week just flew by and here we are Wednesday again and I haven't come back to everybody! Huh!  Will try to be better this week!
We have very crazy weather - one minute lovely sunshine, next minute rain, storms with hail, snow and lots of floads! The sun is out at the moment so lets hope it stays out for a while! 
So lets get straight to the point....
If you remember in the summer Jo and Donna came to visit me and one of the first things they asked was if I am a messy crafter - I said I am messy but  the only thing I am very strict about is cleaning my stamps - I saw the looks in their eyes thinking - Huh she is a neat one....during their stay I might have convinced them about my messiness but if I didn't I am sure the following photos will convince anyone....Beware! People who are extremly OCD shouln't look at my desk......

My couch has gone from bad to worse......

I hope to tidy up a little bit this afternoon as I can't really work on my the desk anymore! Huh!!!!

To show you a couple of cards .....this one is a birthday card.....sorry my photos are not very good - the light this morning was horrible.....

And here is one of my Christmas cards.....stamp is Oxford Impressions, all the rest are just bits and bobs from my stash - the sentiment is Hero Arts....

And as last a bit more of the colorful autumn - the tree that has provided all these lovely leaves is outside the library where I work.....such an amazing variety of colors.....

Short and sweet today.....I wish you all a lovely autumn day and a joyful snoop around desks under the supervision of our lovely Queen Julia!
Lots of hugs to all


  1. Hehehe I had to do a double take on the leafy pics...I thought I was looking at buttons :-)
    It pays to read properly first eh?
    A x #64

  2. Hello! Fab desk pics, crazy yes but full of fab crafty stuff! Lush leaves too, it's all changing colour here and I'm thankful that I get to see it from my craft room. Take care. Zo xx 82

  3. Well that makes me feel better as I was so worried that when we stayed with you, we made more mess than you were use to or could cope with. Now after seeing your desk this week I feel much better!
    I look forward to seeing your angel!
    Have a good week and I'll be in touch.
    Jo x

  4. Love your mess, you could photograph it and then hang it on the wall! Very lovely birthday card, for some lucky person! Thank you for my snoop! Have a crafty week HapPy WoYwW!
    ((Lyn)) #22

  5. really busy crafting desk. love the card & the seeing the autumn leaves . I can never get tired of seeing the wonderful autumn displays of colour on the tree. jill #61

  6. Well your desk doesn't scare me!!! Your cards are great, and I love the leaves. Helen, 4

  7. Yep, you're a messy crafter, same as me! We're convinced. However, I'm sure that really is the only way to craft, to be honest...LOL

    Yes, Lil Miss is back from Turkey and had a good time. Wedding plans are...well...being planned! hehehehehe

    Thanks for stopping by!

  8. I love nothing more than seeing a messy desk - I know there is crafting going on! Love the leaves too - I miss driving down Skyline Drive int he Autumn and seeing all the leves changing.

    Happy WOYWW!!

    MA (2)

  9. Your desk definitely scares me!! I have to keep my worktable clear just cos I need the space for laying out fabrics. But it was messier this week with all the ricrac and ribbons everywhere!
    Our trees are all autumnal colours as well now, just like in your photo! That would make a fiendishly difficult jigsaw :D
    Hugs from Wiltshire,
    LLJ #58 xx

  10. I love Autumn colours. Don't worry about your workspace - mine looks about the same - I will have to tidy up before I can work on it but I am at the NEC with Max tomorrow so it will have to wait. Love your cards. x Jo #70

  11. Haha, that's definitely a desk and a half right there! But I'm sure it'll all be good in the end! Love the cards and great photos of the leaves. We've had it cooler but no snow yet and no rain for a while either.

    Brenda 3

  12. Forgot to say I've never seen any Nigella stuff, I just know she's all the rage!!


  13. wow you are a messy crafter but we are all different, i enjoyed having a good nosey to see what I could spot ..lots of great and wonderful crafty goodies , and the leaf photos are fab I love the shapes have a wonderful week and I hope you clear enough space to get creating x #67

  14. Hi Delores
    Yes I think you are officially the messiest desk I have seen this week. But hey who cares. Your glorious leaf picture would make a gorgeous paper back ground.
    Have a great crafty week
    janet #25

  15. I don't call it a mess, I prefer the term, "orgnaized chaos"..lol Those leaf colors are brilliant! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  16. I am one of those people that tries to keep things tidy but looking at your stamps and dies makes me want to craft. Your cards look fab too.

  17. Just a quick note to let you know the Angel Swaps info is on my blog... Thanks for joining in and don't forget to name them for fun!
    Love Jo x

  18. Jo was talking about you (all good obviously) the other day when I was on the phone
    Thanks for the photo of the leaves - what gorgeous inspirational colours.
    Love your mess' - well nothing like being truthful - I hope you get it tidy or you won't have room for you in a short while. LOL
    Thanks for visiting me - have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs, Neet x 43

  19. loved the leaves....in Central CA we don't see that! So beautiful. I love to see messy desks.....I hate to have one......but do!

  20. I had to look twice too at the leaves what an amazing array of colours. Dont stress about the desk just shove it all to the side only clean up when you have lost something. LOL

    Lovely cards


  21. Hi Delores, thanks for visiting. Those white pots are Fresco paints from Paperartsy. They are wonderful and give a chalky look finish. I bought some colours and white so that I can mix colourwash in to make other colours.

  22. Hello again. Thanks for your kind comments. I bought my die from Countryviewcrafts.com. It is out of stock right now but you can go on their website and request an e-mail when it is back in stock. They are pretty good and I had to wait for an e-mail before I could get it. Worth a go!