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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW - all about the crop and my desk....

Good evening my dear bloggy friends!

I am very late posting - the reason is I came back from England last night,  went to work early this morning and came home late and honestly I am soo tired but I thought I just must jump in to say a few things before I trott off to bed!
Number 1 : THANK YOU JULIA AND LLJ for a wonderful day at the crop! I know you had a lot of work organising this and it was absolutly amazing! It was just a great day of friends and crafters meeting and enjoying doing what they like to do,  having some really good food (LLJ thank you it was all yum, yum) and enjoying our occasional teas ( mhmmmm Julia you did very well with that) and we even had an amazing cake (Fairy thoughts - Janet uhhh I must get that recipe!) and lots and lots of chat!
Here is a picture I snagged from LLJ blog - I didn't take a single photo at the crop!!! Imagine that!! I was chatting and eating and drinking tea and finishing off some of my atcs and suddenly they said we were going home and they all packed up ( I had to also!) so in the end I didn't take a single photo! Please go to LLJs blog you will find loads of photos there - others have also put on lots of photos so have a look!

Number 2: THANK YOU to all the lovely girls that attended the crop! I had a wonderful time chatting with you and find that everytime I go I meet some lovely people! This year I was especially happy to meet Shaz Silverwolf and her husband - both amazing kind people! Shaz laid out a table full of lovely things for us to take home! All sorts of die cuts and other nice things! Her husbund helped my DBF with some computer problems! Thank you so much!It was also lovely to meet Debs who was sitting next to me and gave me some nice crafty tips! I can't mention all of you but you were all wondeful!!!
Number 3: ATCs - I gave everyone at the crop an ATC and got ATCs from most of the attendees! I have sent one off to my original swap partner who was Minxy! Now I didn't have anymore to send from England but at home I have another few so I will send them tomorrow to a few people in England and other parts of the world  - I won't say who - let them be surprised!
Here is my lovely collection of ATCs....

From left to right Kyla, Jo, Wipso, Donna, Janet, Helen, LLJ, Cash, Julia, Mary Anne, Shaz and Zoe!
Those are the ones I have recieved up till now....love them all - thank you to all of you!!!
If anybody would like to swap with me let me know and I will send you one!!!
So there that is done!
Number 4: Finally my desk - I haven't done anything but what you can see are bits of lino cutting I did when Jo was here and a crackled butterfly me and Jo made with this new kid on the block called Kroma Crackle - very good cracks!!!

I promise I will share some photos from my travels in the next few days just give me a day or two to organize myself!
Ok then time for bed!
Have a good nights sleep and I will see you all soon!

Lots of hugs and love to all


  1. Ah, Dolores...ours was the easy part...you had the longest journey to make. So glad you did though, because it was just fab to see you and have longer to chat as well! The day seemed to whizz by...how can time go so fast?
    It will be fab to visit when you are in the UK! Am looking forward to it already :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 35 xxxx

  2. You're so lucky - you got to go to the crop - glad you made it home safely.
    April #137

  3. Oh you poor thing being so tired from travels but what a place to go to England to be with some of the wonderful ladies on the group, lucky you, I am so envious, truly I am. I one day hope to go and meet everyone. Your ATC collection is really growing and such an artistic bunch.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 18

  4. I'm so jealous of you girls who got to meet up and have such a fantastic day together! Thank you for sharing all the amazing ATCs! What fun the swap was! I hope you have a wonderful week! xxoo Darnell (I'm just visiting this week, so no no.)

  5. Vidm, da si se imela čudovito med krasnimi ljudmi in zelo, zelo ustvarjalno..:):):)

  6. What a wonderfully happy post today. You sound to have really enjoyed the crop....hopefully one day we will get there :-)
    A x # 48

  7. It was lovely as ever to see you again, and thanks for the atc. we did have fun didn't we?! Let's hope Crop III takes place before too long.. Glad you got home safely - and if I ever get to Slovenia you'll be the first to know...!!!

  8. It was lovely to see you again, we sure had a fab day. Glad you are home safe, now rest and take care. Zo xx 65

  9. Hi Dolores - glad you had a good chat and enjoyed the crop. Maybe next time I will make it there.
    It's been lovely to see you on all the photos from Jo and now the crop with Jan's gallery.
    Have a rest and get back into the swing gradually.
    Hugs, Neet xx 17

  10. Hi Dolores, it was lovely to meet you too! Thank you for the nice comments too- Hubby loves anything to do with computers, so he's always happy to help anyone. What a gorgeous day it was too, you must be exhausted with all the travelling. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #32

  11. Those really are great cracks, aren't they? I can see I'm going to end up with a new product on my desk.

    It was so great to meet the person behind the blog on Saturday. Thank you so much for helping make it a truly wonderful day.

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Love Rachel #29

  12. Lucky you to go to the crop! The pics on LLJ blog were fab. Looks like a great time was had by all! Love your ATCs! Hope your rested and ready for a crafty weekend. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan G #103

  13. Hi Dolores
    glad to hear you made it home ok I hope you get a rest at the weekend. It was a great day looking forward to the next one already.
    I found some sequins for you so if you e mail me your address I will get them posted off to you. love the cracks too
    janet #26

  14. Dear Dolores . . . you are my official swap partner from WOYWW4 . . . PLEASE could you get in touch with me to let me know your address so I can get my ATC to you.


    Sarn x

  15. Hi Dolores - glad you made it home safe if very tired! Was so lovely to meet you and share our goodies and ideas :-)
    Looking forward to the next one
    Debs #74

  16. You offered to send me an ATC and I would really like to receive one. It would be a treasure to me. I can't locate your e-mail. So if you send me yours I will send you one also. Thank you so much!