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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW, Life takes over and then you have no time!

My dear bloggy friends!

A very good evening to all of you! It seems that life gets in the way of my blogging and crafting lately! I had very good plans to write about my travels and post a few posts about what I am doing and also send a few people long overdue ATCs, emails and my address for them to send me things ( Sandra from Stamping for pleasure and Janet from Fairy Thoughts) but all my plans came to a halt when my mom called saying she has some health problems and I had to rush over there (200 km away) to see her and sort her out! She is feeling better now so I am back home and working long hours - I will try to sort out everything and get back to normal but obviosly when you are at my age it isn't that easy to carry on when you have a bit of a shock!
Anyway I will get back to everybody and I will send off the ATCs tomorrow - they are all ready to be posted - just need to take them to the post office!
Next up - my desk - I had a rush job to make two cards for my daughter, she will be going to a christening of her friends little boy so she wanted a card to say thank you for the invitation and also a card for the christening so here is my desk after making them - a right mess.....

and here is what I made.... The card has a vintage baby photo - not the actual baby that will be christened!

I made the little envelope with my new envelope maker which is quite a practical little tool....very easy to make any size of envelope - big or small!

I hope to have some time on Sunday (Saturday I will be at my cousins 50th birthday party - another day when life takes over)  and write about my latest adventures I will get to Sandra and Janet as I finish this post and hook up to the WOYWW central! Whaaaat????? You haven't heard of it! You must have! It has been going on for 4 YEARS!!!!! Well go over to Stamping Ground and Queen Julia will tell you all about it!!!
Ok then I am off deskhoping and emailing people - see you sooooon!
Lots of hugs to all of you
PS : I have recently recieved yet another lovely ATC from Twiglet and as it came after I showed the rest of my lovely ATCs you can have a look at it now... thank you Twiglet - it is lovely!!



  1. Sounds busy! Your card turned out fab, loving the desk! Take care Zo xx 29

  2. Te popolnoma razumem, naredila si čudovite stvari od čestitk za krst do kuvert-ta pripomoček pa tudi mene zanima.
    A si ga kupila nazadnje v Angliji, kakšna pa je cena, če ni skrivnost-hvala.
    Imej se lepo

  3. A lovely desk with works in progress!! Your cards turned out to be amazing. Take it one day at a time! #121

  4. Take care not to do too much!
    Karen #47

  5. Your desk has lots of lovely stuff on it today and I love the card you made so pretty. What is the make of the envelope maker?
    Happy WOYWW and I hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  6. your vintage style cards are so beautiful! I hope all is well with your mother . Best wishes to you, Tamara #101

  7. Goodness, that had to be quite a scare about your mom, so glad you could be there for her and I do hope she is doing better. Waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ♥ ( #16 )

  8. Lovely card! and love your mess err.. crafty desk!!! patsy

  9. Zelo lepo si ustvarjala! Všeč mi je dojenčkasta čestitka z modro kuverto :-))

  10. Yes, life does tend to interfere with our hobby sometimes. I'm sorry to hear about your scare with your Mom and that you are working long hours. Take good care of yourself and don't fret about the blogging and stuff. We all understand.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful messy desk for the snoop, Dolores, the fantastic ATC, and the precious Christening cards! I have just purchased that envelope tool, but haven't used it yet.

    Have a wonderful week and Happy WOYWWing! xxoo Darnell #61

  11. Gosh I thought my days were busy enough at the mo but your sound even busier than mine. Hope things settle down for you soon.
    A x # 51

  12. Glad your mum is feeling better, and you have time to recover... Love the cards for the christening (I went to one at the weekend too!) and your atc from Twiglet. Helen 12

  13. Busy looking desk and the card you made for your daughter to give at the christening. I have seen that envelope maker around but haven't bought it yet...will have to look into it. Sorry to hear your Mom was ill...hope she is all better. Thanks for sharing and I hope you have a great week! Vickie #26

  14. Hello Dolores, sorry to hear you and your mum had a scare, are you in to take a skype call this evening? I will attemptto connect at 8pm uk time?

    take good care, speak soon, dxxx 55

  15. Can you find anything on your desk LOL you have been busy. Good to hear your mum is OK
    I haven't seen that envelope maker before. I have a couple of templates I made so I use old book pages and old map books from charity shops.
    Have a great weekend.
    Carol #140

  16. Love teh christening card, hope your mum;s ok
    Debs #100

  17. Lovely ATC from Twigglet. Deck look very inviting I'm sure there room for one more to come and play, mine is still very messy! Thanks for my snoop, have a great crafting week! HaPpY LaTe WoYwW
    ((Lyn)) #51