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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our library conference - nothing crafty but important!

Hello my dear friends!

I am back from the library conference - probably one of the last ones before I retire! We stayed in a lovely hotel and the conference with all its presentations and lectures was very interesting! 
What did we talk about?? 2 very important things: one is about the new mission of the librarian in a more and more digital world, where we are not "keepers" of documents anymore - if any of you out there are librarians please listen to the lecture of professor David Lankes - From Loaning to learning   (link to the video presentation) something really worth hearing! The other theme was how to convince the people who finance the libraries to keep on doing that - the budgets for libraries are getting smaller and smaller but knowledge and education is more and more important but that fact is not always recognized! I am hopeful that the young generations will be successful both on their mission as "new librarians" and getting money to support knowledge and education!
Here are a few photos from our conference....here is the conference center - it is also a big hotel....do you see that blue sky?? We had that all week!


Here is the big hall with 2 screens where the main presentations where held

this is the video presentation of prof. David Lankes...I like that he quoted Nietzsche - a very good quote!

there was a terrace outside the hotel by the river where we went for coffees....these were the views....

We also visited the local libraries....where we were met by a  15th century lady who used to live in the nearby castle and she gave us a  pleasant welcome...

we also did some dancing.....you have to have a bit of fun too!!

we had a very good tamburine orchestra playing for us....

We visited an amazing museum....where we were told all the history of the city CELJE

and the last evening we had a dinner party....the tables where set lovely....

and here I am with my dear friend Anna - we met in 1976 both studying librarianship and have been very good friends ever since...

So that is it - something different nothing to do with cards, tags, Tim Holtz or anything crafty just a little story about the life of a librarian - he, he cardarian!
Lots of hugs to all of you


  1. Najpomembnejši so vtisi
    in besedilo med vrsticami
    pa lep dan

  2. Hi Dolores, lovely post
    it is sad in this digital age that libraries are struggling it is the same over here, budgets cut etc. I enjoy reading and have a kindle on my phone but there is nothing like turning the page of a book, Erin loves books, there is something very magical about sharing a picture book with a young child, a e- book cannot do that.