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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WOYWW, Autumn projects

Hello my dear friends!

How are you all doing?? Has the cold weather hit your area??? Not yet??? Well we were quite lucky, October was warmer then it was for ages - I think I haven't had the heating on for one single day but they say next week it will all change... Maybe that cool weather coming will give me more will to make Christmas cards....anyway I will show you my desk - it was my intention to make something christmasy so I pulled out one of my new dies ( Sizzixs) and it didn't cut very well - I ask Why do they make the dies so that you have to use shims even for their own cutting machine!!!??? It upsets me to think you have to keep on buying extra plates to be able to cut things! I know it is all a business but still isn't it enough that we buy the machine and the die ???? I just wonder....
Anyway here is my desk with the dies that didn't cut through....huh!!!

Next up is a birthday card I made recently.....the stamp and background paper is Crafty Individuals, the letters are TH Typset and the leaves were punched and then colored to suit the card!

Next another little autumn project....my daughter and I made some quitten jam and I gave the jars a bit of a makeover with dylusion stamps and some old material I found in the cupboard.....he, he if I am a crafter my jam jars should show that......

And here is an autumn leaves shoerenade........

Have a lovely day, enjoy snooping around peoples desks, check in at Julia's headquarters and have fun!
Lots of hugs to all of you....


  1. lovely Christmas card & jam pots. Autumn is my favourite time of the year . I just love seeing all the leaves changing colour. Happy woyww Jill #37

  2. Your jam jars are fabulous, what great presents they'd make. We like the crunchy leaf photo. Autumn is our favourite season.

    The bears #62

  3. Great pics of your projects and peek at your shoes. have a lovely week.
    Sandra @65

  4. I do love that Crafty Individuals stamp, so useful. I so agree with you about keep having to buy plates & shims!As you say, its business, and they know we will keep buying! Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #56 xx

  5. HI! Love the goodies on your desk. That is an amazing die (sorry it was a bear to cut), but the idea of a snowflake wreath is so appealing. I have so many plates, I end up having to sit there and think what would be best sometimes. Annoying. Love your fall birthday card. Not sure what makes Quitten Jam? I tried googling,but to no avail. Is it a mixture of fruit maybe? Thanks for the kind visit today. I will let you know how I like the board and stamps. We seem to like a lot of the same supplies! Winnie#55

  6. Sometimes those thin die can be fussy. I use waxed paper under my paper and a shim or two of paper on top to get a clean cut. We are enjoying the cool fall weather too. Happy WOYWW Peg R #71

  7. Hi Delores, why don't you try putting some waxed lunch paper or freezer paper on the die wax side down before the paper and then cut, also add another piece of rubbish paper to the cut when it doesn't work right the first time, this gives it a bit of extra tension to cut in the area it didn't. Hope this helps. I use wax paper all the time now as it helps the die to release easily. Good luck and happy crafting, hope you can get your Christmas cards done soon. Great Autumn photos too.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 17

  8. Your jam looks yummy and cute all decorated. I do agree about the die cutting machines and the dies. Makes me crazy at time just trying to get one die cut. I thought it was just me.
    Krisha #18

  9. I've never used sissix. I am more than happy with my Cricut...that's when I do any actual crafting lol. I mostly do digital. Your card is beautiful and I love the jar labels. Thanks for sharing.
    Karen no.51 x

  10. I totally understand your frustration! One of the main reasons why I don't drag out my pazzles much. My expressions did the same thing...I hate fiddling with things...I do that at work (Network and Engineering/Computer junk) When I come home, I don't want to fiddle....what has helped me, is using Wax paper on intricate cuts like you are showing us. I bought some wonderful tools to help punch out (mentioned on a blog 2 back about the turkeys) and for shims, I use cardstock...Hope this helps.

    robin #74

  11. I am glad you shared the downside to the cutters. I have been seeing such amazing things being made with them and have been trying not to be tempted. I have more things to do than I have time for as it is. I forget that sometimes the not quite right helps as much as the we have it perfect.

    #70 WOYWW

  12. Okay you got me. I make jam and jelly almost every year (once you start, it's hard to stop, yes?), but have no clue what quitten jam is . . . next stop, google!

    Your jar labels are wonderful!

    Happy WOYWW to you,
    #79 this week with
    a mess, bunting, and
    tiny book

  13. Love the cards - it's been mildish here too, hope it doesn't mean we get a sudden hard cold spell! Have a good week. Helen 31

  14. Hi Dolores. I love the colours of autumn but don't like the cold weather that comes with it. Sorry to hear your 'toy' isn't as successful as it should be.
    A x # 47

  15. Sorry the snowflakes didn't cut properly because they're very pretty. You have been having an Earth Mother time making all that jam, I haven't done any yet :-(
    We have lots of lovely scrunchy leaves though, all of a sudden the trees have turned colour..gorgeous!
    Hugs, LLJ 35 xx

  16. Oh, D, you are not alone..I have been playing with a new die with exactly the same results..made by sizzix? infuriating! love the TH inspired card

  17. Contact the maker. Really, you may be surprised. Spellbinders is really good about sorting out problems, maybe other makers are too? Oh and re: the Gelli plate at WOYWW crop idea? I know Julia has one too so maybe between a few of us we could all have a bit of a play....would the hall mind the mess? I do wonder
    Busy with DS's visit yesterday so Happy (late) WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (12)

  18. That is so disappointing when a die doesn't cut properly. I expect more from Sissix. The card is fab, really autumnal. Hugs. Pam#39

  19. Čudoviti izdelki
    in krasne fotografije
    lp Tamara

  20. It is SO annoying when that happens with dies. I bought a Tim Holtz alphabet (really expensive) and returned it as it wouldnt cut properly. I know one shop that no longer stock Sizzix as they have had a lot of complaints about it.

    Love the card, I have that stamp too its so detailed and pretty.
    Happy belated WOYWW

    kyla #61