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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WOYWW from frozen Slovenia!

Hello my dear friends!

I hope you are all well and hopefully not suffering either in floods, cold weather or snow! We are not that lucky as we have had an unusual weather phenomena called "zled" a sort of frost - everything is covered in ice! It happens when it is cold and it rains and the rain turns into ice and it starts building up on trees and shrubs and well everywhere - of coarse it is most devastating on trees because the ice is so heavy the branches just break off under the heavy weight - so we have had about 3,5 million m3 of trees broken or destroyed by this catastrophic ice. 
Here are some photos that look quite "romantic" but in fact they are deadly....

Everywhere you go you can hear the trees cracking and then suddenly a big tree or branch falls on the ground! The road I usually go to work on is closed all  week because of the danger of trees falling on cars! So that is what we have been fighting here all week!
On the crafty side I have made a few things....here is my desk where you see my moleskin and an envelope..and both sides of the desk a lot of crafty junk....:-)

Well lets have a look what I have done with the art journal pages I showed you last week...

changed into this....(and this is my Romance for the Crafty Individuals challenge)

and this.....

changed into this....

I also made a birthday card for a friend, I used a Christy Tomlinson She stamp and lots of different acrylic paints, beads and lace, it is almost like a mixed media project! I quite like this one....

So there that is all from me - sorry it is such a big post but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Hope to see you all at Stamping Ground....
Lots of hugs and love to all of you...


  1. Wow, that looks cold, Dolores! We haven't had cold temps like that yet..but the storms have been terrible. Has your DBF been ok as the south coast has been battered?
    I LOVE that teal and cerise pink double page..my goodness that is just so beautiful. I like the flourishes in the pattern too..yum!
    Hope you are ok,
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  2. Your journal pages turned out fantastic and that card is beautiful. What great makes you have shared this week!

    The ice pictures do look pretty, but your descriptions sound horrible. It must sound spooky to hear the trees cracking. What a shame that there is so much damage. Please take card, stay inside and stay warm.
    Krisha #23

  3. Fab creative work on show today and those icy photos are amazing. Nature really can be scarey at times can't it?
    Annie x # 45

  4. Wow! You've been busy! That Art Journal is fantastic! I love your style and all the bright colors. Your desk looks like mine--I feel better now!

  5. Here in Pennsylvania we are experiencing the same nastiness. 8" of snow followed by icy rain. Lots of downed trees and power lines. I often give thanks for electricity. Anyway your journal pages are great and your desk looks like a fine place to create. Thanks for sharing Carole #76

  6. Fab photos of the ice - take care it sounds dangerous! Your latest projects are lovely. x Jo

  7. Great to see transforming of journal from last week's WOYWW to this week's. Sorry about the severe weather. Sad about those trees. God be with you Delores and keep you all safe. Shaz in Oz xxx

  8. Your artwork is beautiful. You are very creative in your frozen world! :) The ice is beautiful, but can be destructive; I know. We are covered in 8.7 inches of snow and it is 6 degrees. So, I am staying in and WOYWW Blog hopping. :) Sharon #27

  9. Hi Dolores, what beautiful colourful images of your artwork! We all seem to be getting the most appalling weather this year- over here its rain, rain & more rain. Fortunately we are not in one of the flooded areas, I feel so sorry for them.Nature can be quite deadly at times. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #42 xx

  10. It will take a big thaw to melt that lot. It sounds devastating both for you and for all those poor trees.
    Your pages are fabulous and I especially love the one with feathers.
    love Jo x

  11. Beautifully romantic page and thanks for joining in the Crafty Individuals Challenge for February x

  12. Nice pages in your journal. I need to get mine out. I really love the birthday card. Stay warm and safe. Peg R 25

  13. Yikes, that is definitely dangerous with all those branches just falling. Hopefully spring will be on it's way soon. LOVE the She stamp card. gorgeous!! Brigita #93

  14. Argh, the trees! Mr D says that they are dormant in winter and so some of them can lose limbs without too devastating an effect..let's hope so. Hope you are staying warm and secure girly. I love tehe pages but it's the She girl I like best...I NEED to get me one of those stamps!

  15. Nas je tokrad led zaobšel, se pa bojimo vod-ki sledijo.
    Srečno vsem v naši mali deželici.
    Kako kreativno pridna si bila
    in koliko krasnih izdelkov in uporabljenih tehnik si prikazala.
    Nered-ja deloven mora bit, ne
    držte se in pozdrav s primorske Tamara

  16. Your page is so romantic, wonderful use of the Crafty Individuals stamp.
    Thank you for joining the Crafty Individuals Challenge.

  17. Gorgeous art journaling love the vibrant colours. BJ#73

  18. Hi Dolores, sorry I'm so late getting here! Love the pictures - but feel sorry for the devastation it's leaving behind... Your crafty space however is very busy and I love the journal pages you created, also the card. Keep crafting, and hope to see you soon. Helen 7

  19. Gosh that looks mighty cold over there. Such a shame such a pretty sight is causing devastation in the aftermath.
    Hope you are keeping well.

  20. wow zled - those tree photos are awesome. Hope it warms soon so you can drive safetly. love the journal pages and gorgeous card :)

  21. Wow!! All is really fab, I love both your two AJ pages and your birthday card, even not for Crafty Individuals! :) Moreover, I'm a big fan of feathers, birds and peacocks... Love your interpretation for the CI challenge, thank you for playing along with us! Coco x

  22. such a pretty romantic page, perfect for this onths challenge at Crafty Individuals