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Wednesday, May 20, 2020


My dear WOYWW friends!

Good morning to everybody!HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!🎉 Are you celebrating? Is the champagne out? 😃 Are your desks ready for show? And have you done the special forsaken/challenging project our lovely task master Julia gave us for the anniversary? 😊
Well I am very happy to have come back just in time to celebrate! And it was just health reasons and caring (for Alan) that kept me away! 
My first post on WOYWW was actually in 2010 on the 17th february. It was from my "home" desk and I must say that my desk since then is a lot more messy! I have bought hundreds of crafty things since and many of them because I saw them on WOYWW. I have also learned a lot more since then and even now I learn something every time I snoop around the desks.
But lets talk about the community of WOYWW. Yes lets talk about all you lovely ladies that come along every week and not just to show off your desk but also to support when one needs it. Julia our Queen is such an amazing lady! To start this community and keep it going for all these years - that is an amazing achievement and I salute you my dear friend! Lets not forget all the wonderful crops that we have all been to at one time or another! Lots of chat, crafting and cake!!And all the amazing friendships, that stretch beyond the WOYWW.  So dear Julia and all you lovely WOYWW ladies a big THANK YOU to all of you from me the CARDARIAN.
I could carry on talking about things for ages but I have to get on with the usual business of showing what is on my desk.

Not much crafting going on this morning - a few new bits - 2 die sets from Pink fresh studio and 2 new embossing folders! At the far end of the desk you can see my anniversary challenge project, which brings me to the the other desk , ha, ha the third one I have taken over in the house and this will probably give you a clue of what I have been doing....

So let me tell you about this project! A few years at the crop Annie or WIPSO brought her felting machine to the crop! She showed me how felting was done and I really liked it! So I went home and started thinking about buying myself this machine. It was quite expensive and well as you know if you can't start on something straight away the enthusiasm fizzles out...BUT every now and then I saw some needle felting project on the internet so I kept on thinking about it UNTIL 2 weeks ago I saw Annies - I think it is her niece Maxine at TILLY TEA DANCE do a video on how to do it! My enthusiasm was back so I went on the internet bought the foam, brush, needles, and tool and started on my first ever needle felting....and this is the result....

I am not an artist so don't judge it too harsh...I loved doing it and have already started on a new project. I am looking to find prefelt as I can't find it anywhere at the moment! So there that is my forsaken idea and challenge.
In other news I have made a card this week which took me a few hours to make as all the flowers were colored with coloring pencils! If you want a good blend it takes a long time!Huh!

And made a few more masks....

And thats all folks!
Have a lovely anniversary, I will try to come round to as much of you as possible!
Lots of love and hugs to all,


  1. Well done on your first felting project Dolores. It is beautiful. I look at Maxine's work with envy. It is so inspiring. Worth taking over a new desk for lol. Stay safe and happy WOYWW. Sarah #15.

  2. Morning Dolores. Happy 11th anniversary. Yes indeed. To continue chivvying us all up for 11 years is indeed going some. Well done to Julia! I'm loving your needle felting - it really is great fun, isn't it. I met Maxine last year on one of her demo days, when I was travelling in my caravan. She is delightful, and we had a lot of fun making a picture. Keep at it. Your Christmas present list will be completely solved.
    Take care. Stay safe. God bless.
    Margaret #3

  3. Hi Dolores - I will post a little piece of pre felt if you send me your address! Max will be so thrilled at what you have created. I have sent her the link to your blog post. I love your little felty picture. It is good fun isn't it and very therapeutic I think. Happy bloggyversary. twiglet517@hotmail.co.uk xx Jo

  4. Happy 11th Anniversary WOYWW. Amazing first felting project. My first needle felting project was a little Dachshund. I have only made a few little 3D creatures since then, and now my UFO (a bird design) is waiting to be finished still. I am going to be stabbing with a needle later! Ali x #18

  5. Hi Dolores. It's so lovely to see you back. I hope Alan is ok. How lovely of you to give me a mention on your anniversary post and what a lovely picture you've made....keep it up and I'm sure you will have many happy hours dumfing now you've caught the bug.
    Thanks for your love and friendship over the last 11 years.
    Annie x #11

  6. Your needle felting is gorgeous, Cardarian! I love doing this too but usually end up piercing my fingers (ouch!). The colouring on your card is just beautiful and well worth the effort. Pretty masks too!

    Happy WOYWW 11th anniversary,
    Shoshi x #20

  7. I say!!!! - I love the cards you made. WOW. I would love to felt myself but not been there yet. (buying book needs reading, he he) Dolores, you are doing it good. I am looking forward to see more felting from your hand.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW Anniversary
    Mariane #25

  8. Happy 11th Bloggyversary Dolores! I'm so glad you liked the video, it brought a lump to my throat too, especially seeing Janet Fairythoughts. There's so much to celebrate isnt' there even in these crazy days. I love the needlefelting you've done, so pretty and fairly quick to achieve maybe? That London fabric you've made a mask from is fab, it's good to do some different ones, lol!
    Hugs LLJ 4 xxx

  9. HI Dolores, I totally agree with you! We have all made some lovely friends, thanks to Julia. I LOVE your needle felted piece, it's truly gorgeous. Have you asked Max (it's Twiglets daughter) if she has the prefelt you need? I know she sells kits and stuff to work with on her website, and etsy pages. Or she may be able to tell you the best place to find it.Sending big hugs and much love to you & Alan, hope we will get to meet again soon. Stay safe, have a lovely week, Hugs, Shaz #12 X

  10. The needlefelted picture is just gorgeous, and looks like you've been felting for years. It's a very relaxing past time isn't it and Maxine is so inspiring. The card is also lovely.
    Hope you have a good week, and Happy WOYWW anniversary,
    Diana x #28

  11. Beautiful piece of needle felting, looks very professional to me. Those yellow blooms really are lovely on your card. Thanks so much for sharing Happy 11th WoywW Anniversary Tracey #10

  12. Hello my friend, I remember your desks from way back.... and the felted picture is gorgeous, well done for taking the plunge. Take care, stay safe.. Happy 11th anniversary.. Helen #2

  13. Happy 11th Anniversary Dolores. Seems we both came back just in time for this great project. I adore your needle felting project. It is fabulous and I think you did a great job.

    Loved the card you made, too. It is SO well done and shaded. Glad you are making masks, too. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  14. Lovely to have you back on WOYWW Dolores, but sorry to hear the reasons for you having stayed away. I do hope you and Alan are both much better in health now.
    Well, ,that was a big surprise to see you have got into wet felting and in such a lovely way with those gorgeous pieces you share with uks today. Well done you, have many a happy hour doing your new hobby.
    Happy Anniversary, Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  15. Happy anniversary Delores, well done for getting that felting done, it's beautiful. Thanks for sharing
    Chris #8

  16. Loving your Needle felting projects, well done the card and masks too. Thanks for all your kind words and wishing you a very happy woyww 11th Anniversary. Big hugs, Angela x17x

  17. Thank you for visiting, Cardarian - so glad you enjoyed my tsunami of UFOs! Getting them out to photograph them all has actually inspired me to do something about them at last, and I've taken the first step by bringing some of them downstairs to work on from the comfort of the recliner. Who knows - I may finish them yet!! I do agree - when you do a lot of different things you can get bored doing one thing and need to set it aside in favour of something else for a while. I can go for years without doing any embroidery and then suddenly the bug will bite me again and I can't get enough of it. Here's hoping, anyway!! I should have taken a "before" photo of my pantry because it was a real mess. I am pleased with how it is now.

    Shoshi x #20

  18. Your projects are so pretty! Happy anniversary. Have a wonderful week. Dorlene #41

  19. I tried felting but it was not for me but love your felting, and you card with the flowers on, hope the health reasons are okay now, Take care and stay safe Lilian B #21 x

  20. Oh Dolores, your desks take me back to your ‘home’ posts! Bet Alan can’t believe the impact that WOYWW has had on him! I love that you feel that WOYWW has been a positive influence, I certainly know what you mean about the stuff you’ve had to buy because of it..me too! There’s no WOYWW without you and the others though, so don’t over credit me! I am knocked out by your needle felting, how wonderful and luscious it looks, you clever thing! Bet Maxine will be so proud of you! She’s a very clever gal isn’t she, and hey, I feel a dumping machine is in your Near future for sure! hugsxxxx

  21. I've been tempted to start felting myself since I saw it at a friends house, she is a real felting artist and I was in ooh and aawe, but I never started it myself, I have too many 'loves' and projects on my own plate already and after all, I am a mostly a paper lover. I cheer you for starting with the felt and it sure looks lovely!!! Have fun with the second project! Happy anniversary dear one, stay safe! Big hug from Holland. Marit #32

  22. Well done you! I think your picture is lovely, don't put yourself down, you have done well.
    Happy Anniversary
    Stay safe and take care
    Christine #31

  23. Happy belated WOYWW Anniversary! I have finished my marking so can now comment on blogs. Your felting is fantastic. well done on taking the plunge and having a go. Take care my friend and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro x (#19)

  24. Happy belated 11th WOYWW, dear Dolores, isn't IT amazing!? 😊 and so grateful to have your friendship through it!
    Wowsers loving your working with felting really you colours, very beautiful!
    And yes soo is your card eautifully coloured!!
    Thanks for sharing, and may God bless and keep you and all whom you love safe and well.
    Prayer hugs, Shaz in Oz. X 7

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    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}