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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WOYWW, 10th November 2010

Hello my lovely friends!

I seem to be very late - I looked at our Queen Julia's blog and there already seems to be 50 posts on there and it is 9 o'clock! Huh! Well I am a bit slow this morning - I did get up before 6am and played in my craft room! It was so tidy I thought I better mess it up before I take any photos! Ha, ha.....It was tidy really! I should have taken a photo before but I didn't so you will have to deal with the mess now! We have a new shop for crafty stuff in Ljubljana called Memories - they opened on Saturday and I have already been there twice! You can imagine I haven't just been looking! I spent a whole lot of money and stocked up on stamps, prima flowers, alcoholic inks as I intend to venture into that technique, a bit of TH ideology etc, etc.....yes I also bought the TH non stick scissors as I had enough of all that sticky stuff catching on my other lovely scissors! You will see some of my new stash on my desk but I will be showing more of it - hopefully on cards - in the following days!
Enough talking lets get those photos out.....

Here is the left side of my desk.....you might be able to spot my new scissors and alcoholic inks....oh yes and I have a new MS snowflake punch! Yipeeeee!

Here is the middle of my desk - I wanted to be fancy today so I distressed a bit of cardstock with blue tones of TH DI and then sprayed it with pearly Tattered angels and then punched out the snowflakes - to match with the snowman... a bit me finks.....just to make it a bit complicated...:-).....Making a card for a challenge - not finished yet!

And a view of the right side of my desk......

The ATG is sticking out of a box - I am loving it - now I have got use to it can't live without it!
So there this is my desk for today!
Have a lovely snoop my dear friends - I have decided that today I will have a lazy afternoon - will take my laptop to bed and snoop around your desks! He, he...
Lots of hugs to all of you from


  1. Lucky you, having a local craft shop. I still miss the one that used to be in my town. Love your card.

  2. ohh such a nice crafting space! I love your card, and all those MS punches!! my dear son is looking too , and of course he spotted your candy cane.(wink)

  3. Hi Cardarian
    oh its only polite to buy goodies when they put them out for you to look at! lol, gorgeous card on your desk, have good eve, happy WOYWW, sue,x(23)

  4. Dolores I am SO Envious of your MS punches - but I Will Not Give inTo Temptation - they Are Too Expensive...hee hee -


  5. Simpatičen blog, ki si ga bom popoldan, ko bom doma, v miru pogledala :)
    Če te kaj potolaži.. tudi jaz sem bila v Memories že dvakrat in spet me vleče tja :)

  6. It can be both a blessing and a curse to have a good craft shop so close to you!! Great idea with the snowflakes, I always try to dab ink on afterward and then get mad at myself when I rip off one of the limbs accidentally!

    Brenda 90

  7. Oooh - gorgeous card in progress, and all those MS punches!!!! Go on Doone, give in! They're such good quality!

  8. Thanks for the snoop- how lovely that you have lots of wonderful stash to play with! That always brings out the creativity!
    Patsy from

  9. That's a lovely creative tidy mess! I think those MS punches are breeding on the RHS of your desk....I wish they would do that here!
    Now you have Alcohol Inks... have fun. Get an air can (the aerosols of compressed air really intended for dusting pc keyboards and camera lens) and drop AI onto glossy card and blast with the air can... It's a great result and such fun.
    Enjoyed your post and thanks for visiting me!
    JoZarty x

  10. I agree, if they look nice and you want them, buy them!
    Glad you liked the freebie!!
    happy woyww!

  11. Oh you're really getting into the old TH style of colouring and layering, huh! Love the card. A new shop huh - danger danger!!

  12. The MS punches are very addictive aren't they?
    Love your Snowman card.

    Have a great week.A.xx(4)

  13. Your little work room always looks so warm and inviting!!

  14. Whatever you do do not lose the bit that goes on top of the tape in the ATG gun like I have done. It is a pain now to use it - think I will have to buy another one.

    Love your card - very classy and I bet it lookjs even better in real life.

    Great shots of your crafting area.

  15. Your desk is so colourful and I love what you have going there

  16. Great deak, love your card. S #12

  17. Your work area always looks SO cosy and welcoming! I can just imagine you beavering away and having a wonderful time.
    I hope you enjoyed your afternoon snoop. It's taking me a while to get around this week as we swanned off to London on Wednesday.
    Chrissie #11

  18. Your card is looking wonderful so far, love the colour too :-)
    Love that pink Christmas card below :-)
    Anne xx

  19. What a busy but very productive looking desk. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  20. It's bad enough that I am running nearly a week late, then I have been plagued with that pesky 503 error all night. Just wanted to drop in and let you know I was here this week. Your card is so adorable. I love snowmen. And that MS punch is??? Couldn't make it out.