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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WOYWW, 3rd November 2010

Good morning everybody!

Where did the week go?????? I was going to write at least 2 posts before Wednesday but it never happened because again life got in the way! I spent a  lovely 2 days at the library conference chatting with fellow librarians and listening to clever people talking about REPOSITORIES ! What is that?? Well that is going to be a very important thing in the future! I will write about it in my next post but I don't want to make this WOYWW post too long! What else did I do up till Wednesday ? Over the weekend we had a holiday in our country - All saints day or the day of all dead ! It might be a strange thing to some of you but most central Europe has this holiday and it is basicly to celebrate our ancestors! We put flowers and light candles on our relatives and friends graves and we remember the lovely days we spent with them! My father died 11 years ago exactly on the day of the holiday and it is a tradition that we gather at my moms every year on that day and visit his grave! So my daughter and I travelled over to my moms and spent the day there! I have been off work since but I have been running around shops looking at bathroom stuff as I intend to renew my bathroom! Not yet but I wanted to get an idea what things cost! So this morning I woke up rather late ( I saw that quite a few of you have already posted your WOYWW posts) and took pictures of my room which is in a big mess because I AM MAKING CARDS every day! I spent the last few days making thank you cards for the key speakers of our conference - my boss was head of the organizing committe and she asked to make them and last night I managed to make another Christmas card....
So here is my messy room...first an overall look - the picture is a bit blurry - it is still dark outside and you can't get a decent picture!

I have a new basket thinge for my punches on the floor - these are the ones I am using for making Christmas cards....it is pink of course!

Another photo from the other side of the room.....

Stuff is everywhere as you can see and here is a close up of my desk and the Christmas card I have made...
another one of those simple and clean ones....

I will show you my thank you cards in another post as I know you must rush off to see other desks! Have a lovely day snooping - thank you soo much to everybody who visited my desk last week - I haven't visited many but I will  this week because I AM OFF WORK YIPEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!
Lots of hugs to all of you lovely bloggy friends


  1. Messy just means busy really! And it also means more stash for us to look at! Great idea putting your punches in a nice box, especially love the colour co-ordination with your walls!

    Have a great week


  2. Thanks for the great snoop after your busy week. Enjoy your rest this week and get lots of crafting done. Great to spy on a bit of working mess too, lots of lovely stash there.
    JoZarty x

  3. Fab workspace as always! Love that christmas card!

  4. Nice mess!

    Repositories sound like something nast and medical, shocking the things that go on in libraries, lol.

    ** Kate **

  5. Hope you have a fab time off work and can enjoy lots of crafting sessions :-)
    A x

  6. darn it you've blown my theory out of the water, I was postulating that the more pink the tidier the work area - but you somehow manage to be Pink and Messy - what kind of a girl are you missy?!?

    Dx 46

  7. Loving your busy workspace hun .. have a good day ! x

  8. oh great work space,and so much crafty,stuff too ,hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxx 21

  9. I love your post today, and your desk/room looks great as always! Love the colour of your wall. Have a great week (rest of) off!

  10. Hi ya Cardarian
    sounds like you have been busy with things,lovely creative space, fab card,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,(17)x

  11. Nice little angel on your Christmas card. You did well to get such good pictures in artificial light.
    Have a good week.
    Sue xx 73

  12. will bookmark you cos I need to know what reposi-watsits are
    Great creative space and post thanks for sharing your workspace

  13. do be careful with those drawers sticking out - have my health and safety hat on LOL! Lovely crafty messiness-and time off work, bliss.

  14. My punches cause me a problem too really, seem to change how I store them a lot
    LOVE your pink walls

    Happy WOYWW
    mandi xx

  15. such an interesting craft room. love the card. caroline #16

  16. I wouldn't say messy - I would say productive!!! Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 36)

  17. Lovely creation and work area, beautiful! JO xxxx (WOYWW 32)

  18. Lovely post D, lots to look at! Love the pink basket, of course, what other colour could it possibly be!!??

    Brenda 87

  19. great snoop today, loads going on and a very interesting craftyness! Happy WOYWW

  20. Hope your card making is going along nicely - thanks for showing us your cosy workspace.

  21. All Saints day sounds just lovely - hope you had a great time. Love your room - hope you get more light on your desk soon!
    sasa 25

  22. Loved your post this week and fab pics of your craft space to go with it.

    Have a great week.....A.xx(14)

  23. Ooh you have been busy! love your little pink basket :-) Enjoy your week off
    Anne xx

  24. Hope you are having a good and productive time off work this week... you should get loads more christmas cards done eh?

    I think you'll have to move home to a bigger place soon with all your crafting stuff - or change rooms and move into your lounge!!! You seem to have collected more and more since you started your blog; but so have I... you go to another blog, see what they have and need it too - it certainly works like that for me.

    have a good week - and do something relaxing.

    big hugs

    Paula x x x

  25. You have such a lot of lovely things. I love the basket you keep your punches in, what a great storage idea.
    You sound incredibly busy and thanks for sharing the info on your Saints Day holiday. That sounds a lovely idea for a celebration day!
    Hugs Lisa (112)

  26. You have a wonderful craft room! I would love to come and play there!
    Happy WOYWW!

  27. By now your week off is about over, but I'm sure it was fun filled (and maybe a bit of cardmaking). How sweet of you to make thank you cards. I feel that a simple "thanks" is a lost art, at least in the States. Way to go. Sorry I am late getting here. I am so glad for this extra hour this week. Happy belated from #1.