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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WOYWW, 3 wonky hearts and a door!

Hello my dear friends! 

It is really Wednesday again??? I just managed to get around commenting on peoples blogs -  not all of them who can manage that in a week??? I can't! I read all the blogs I comment on and it takes me ages to get round to the ones that commented on my blog and a few others I just randomly pick but there is no chance I could do all of you WOYWWers! I am just honest here!
Anyway lets get on with the usual Wednesday business! My desk as of this morning has my altered book on it - I have started doing it again and I as I did the initial bit what this book is about I am now moving on and so I stamped a door twice so I could cut it and make it open and as you can see when you open the door you find art - and art for healing will be the theme of my book.....

I find that it is not easy to work on pages once you have sprayed tem with mica! Glue doesn't stick very well and not every coloring medium works on it so I guess I will have to think twice when I put some shine on pages!
This post will have a lot of photos so Julia if you don't like it don't don't look ha, ha...
I have been busy doing things over the weekend so here are my 3 wonky hearts! I made Valentine's day cards with washi tape, ribbon and dylusions! 
I am absolutly bonkers for washi tape - and as you can see by the variety of tapes on the heart I really am!!!

I am also bonkers for ribbon ......

and here is my Dylusions heart! I sprayed the Dylusions on a "hearty" stencil.....quite a mess really!

So there - a few ideas for you to make cards for your hubbies, wives, lovers, partners or whoever you love!!!
Not finished yet!!
I did finish my splatter card....it was suppose to be an Easter card but I couldn't fit the Easter egg into it so in the end it was turned into a thank you card!

A bit of a shabby chic card but it was fun to play with all the embelishments....
Still not finished! I will have a quick moan! I think crafty stuff is getting more and more expensive, not to mention postage and import tax when you buy something in the States! Huh!!! I have been looking for some of these stamps all over Europe, couldn't find them  so I had to buy them in the States - you end up paying an extra 25% of what you payed for the order! I am not happy! Well I am happy with the haul - have a look at my new stuff!
Tim Holtz stamps, bigz die and texture fades, Hero arts stamps and Balzer stencils and lovely Christy Tomlinson She art stamps!

I also have a couple of new Crafty Individuals stamps....

I love all my new stuff and I know what I will make with it so watch this space!
 Now I am finished!! Huh! Are you still there??? Never mind I will come round to see you!
Lots of hugs to all of you, enjoy the day!


  1. I love your new stamps! They are all great! And I like the door into your altered book, great idea! Happy WOYWW! RosA # 64

  2. your new stamps are fab!!! and your cards too!!!! Love CI stamps too!

    Have a wonderful WW!

    die amelie x #66

  3. I know what you mean about postage rates and taxes when ordering from afar. Sometimes it stops you buying even when you can afford it.
    Love your wonky hearts, they are quirky and it makes them really individual. I also especially like your splatter card and it looks straight out of a craft magazine! It has worked really well. Make some more and it will develop in different direction. Love it !
    Will be in touch very soon.
    Jo x

  4. Love all your new stash!. I agree with you about the import tax, we get the same problem in England if you buy from the USA. Over about £20, they start adding Tax at customs, then The Post Office adds money on top for the 'inconvenience' of collecting the tax!Have a great day, Hugs, Shaz xx #69

  5. We love the idea of an art heals book, what a great theme. Your new stamps look good too.

    The bears @#80 this week

  6. That's some stash buying! I saw some gorgeous stencils yesterday on Lin Brown's blog which I fell for but can only get them from the US, so won't at the moment (despite her suggestion of several of us clubbing together) Your cards are gorgeous - especially the last one with the flowers. I love it. Helen, 9

  7. O kako si bila spet pridna. Vstop v svet umetnosti skozi vrata je prav čudovita domislica. Srčki so itak vedno zakon, zadnja pa mi je hudi lepa. Ta škropljena tehnika mi je bila vedno všeč. Pozdrav!

  8. You have some gorgeous project! And wow - some fun new stamps. Have fun playing! I have never been able to get to more than 20 desks - there are just too many people participating and not enough hours in the week. I visit randomly too. Happy WOYWW! Tammy #90

  9. I know what you mean about getting around to all the WOYWW blogs. I usually start with the comments on my blog, then the blogs I follow and then start on the list from Julia's. I have yet to see EVERY desk! Overseas shipping in expensive, it works the same way with orders coming into the States, but we all grit our teeth when it is some thing we really want LOL Those stamps would be worth it!!
    Krisha #109

  10. Wow. Great desk. What a haul. It is a real nuisance having to pay for the PO inconvenience. Right rip off if you ask me.
    Anyway Happy WOYWW
    Alison #72

  11. What a fab selection of cards, I adore the washie tape heart, very cool indeed, and yummy on the stash haul, have fun playing x
    Happy Desk Hopping Day
    Hugz Minxy #59

  12. So sorry you had to pay extra for your stamping goodies!! If it makes you feel better, I have the reverse problem! Hugs! Loving your new goodies and your embellished layout!

    Happy Crafting!
    Jeannie #12

  13. Wow you have some fantastic stuff that you are sharing with us this week the cards are great love the wonkiness of them, your page with the door is a great idea
    Ria #44

  14. I'm still here and I didn't look away once! Not likely! LOVE the washi tape card..and the fact that you're using it...I must get round to actually using some of mine! Gorgeous thank you card..my word lady, you are a chamelon crafter when it comes to style - you can really do anything. Loving the new haul from the USA...am not going to get involved in the discussion about duties and taxes...

  15. I love your wonky hearts!! They made me smile...who said love is perfect anyway?. You do have a wide range of styles..and do it all so well!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  16. So many gorgeous cards and some really fab new stash that I look forward to seeing what you make with it all. :-)
    I'm rather late in getting round today but have had to wait til my twinnie grandees went home first...they arrived yesterday morning and had their first sleep over without Mum and Dad last night....just magic :-)
    A x #62

  17. HI dolores
    Phew I made it to the end, it was a lovely colourful journey. I know what you mean about the postage, but if you want something enough that the way it is. Many sites over here give free postage when you spend a certain amount.... I always try and take advantage of that.

  18. You have been a busy beaver and I love your cards especially the thank you card that has got to be the best card i have seen in ages, truly beautiful. That haul well I think I want that checked stamp and door, gosh and to go shopping again would be a killer after my last shop LOL

    Happy WOYWW

    Who has been around all the blogs from time to time in one week but it took me a week to do it and many hours whilst on down time at work LOL Yes I read every one and every word.... honest.

  19. Nice stamps! Love the altered book. I try to hop over the those who post very last so they don't fell left out. I'm a bit late desk hopping... Happy WOYWW! Nan 107

  20. Zelo lepe so prav vse, ampak zadnja je pa prava bomba :-))

  21. Uh kako si pridna. Vrata so odlična ideja. Zelo simpatično si uporabila tudi washi trak.
    A zadnja ... ta je top. Čudovito si kombinirala štampiljke in cvetje. Lp

  22. New stamps are lovely and the cards have turned out beautifully. It can be quite a shock to see how much some places c harge for postage.

  23. What a great haul. Sorry you had to pay more for it, but I am sure the beautiful things you create with it will make it all worth it.
    April #101