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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Faberge eggs

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I am still doing the rounds from last weeks WOYWW - huh! Well Easter was inbetween and I have been away so there is a bit of an excuse! Still I hope I at least visit people who have visited me....
I have something to show you - I always thought one of the most beautiful Easter art were the Faberge eggs! These amazing detailed jewels fascinated me since I was a little girl! I guess all of you know the story of the Faberge eggs! The Russian Zcar gave his wife and daughters these lovely little gems for Easter every year!They were made by the jeweler Faberge especially for the royal family! 
I have made a few for my family - my mom, my brother and my daughter!
What I made is not even close to what the actual Faberge eggs look like but it is an experiment!
I colored the stiropor eggs with metal acrylic paints and then decorated them with german scrap, gems, glass flowers, pearls....
Here is what I have made

As this is something very much "vintage" it is my contribution to the Slovene crafting challenge CRAFTALNICA....
 I hope you like my faux Faberge eggs! 
Lots of hugs to all


  1. Zelo lepo si jih okrasila. Skoraj taka so, kot prava Fabergejeva :-)

  2. Vau, kako čudovita jajčka si naredila! Takoj ko sem jih zagledala, so me spomnila na dalnji vzhod; fantastične barve :-))

  3. Meni so zeeeeelo všeč....pa še take "kraljevske" barve si izbrala. Krasni jajčki. :)

  4. Čudovita jajčka :) Ker si tako pridna in ustvarjalna ti podarjam nagradico - poglej na mojo stran.

    Lp, Natalkakotalka

  5. Vau...prav fancy zgledajo:) Lepo!!

  6. Čudovita, zelo razkošna, malček pravljična.
    Lp Tamara

  7. They are just superb! Exquisite and I'm sure they will be treasured keepsakes for each Easter to come and other times of the year too.
    Just recovered from the curly girlies sicky bug in time for Holland!!! Will have my ipad with me so hope to be in touch.
    lots of love Jo x

  8. Prav carsko so videti. Zelo lepo. Lp

  9. Krasna jajčka, lepo si jih okrasila in resnično izgledajo kraljevsko.
    Pozdravček od Lili