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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WOYWW, ATCs and colorful spring!

Good morning my dear bloggy friends!

Are you having a lovely bright and sunny morning like we are??? I hope you are...
I have been doing my spring cleaning - so far I have managed to do the big terrace, lounge and kitchen - the bedroom is not a problem but the craftroom - that is a BIG problem! Huh!! But I have a plan and I will tackle it! 
I will soon reveal my lovely new order! :-))
At the moment there is no order - a big mess I should say - I have been making ATCs for the WOYWW swap - I will show some of them as I am giving away loads - I guess it will still be a surprise to the person who recieves the ATC as what she/he sees on my desk might not be what she /he gets.
So the desk of today....I was too early taking the picture to be able to catch a ray of sun on it.....

What you can see are a few ATCs in the front,  my special sequins container 
( I store sequins that are unusual shapes - like leaves, flowers, shells - by the way if any of you know of an online store in England that sells this sort of stuff please let me know), a big bunch of precut ATCs - they are all different sizes - I guess there is a confusion because some places use inches for the size of them and some use milimeters...the fact and the matter is that they should be 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches or 64mm x 89mm but people who sell them obviosly don't know that! Hmm what else can you see - two pairs of scissors, TH DI Vintage photo and a Stampin up stamping pad in olive, oh yes and my ATC stamps, and a little plastic box where I keep my Cut n Dry foams for my distress inks,  also a jar of flowers! If you see anything else - good for you! Ha, ha...
I still haven't started on the Gelli plate! The reason is I want to have time to play and I am putting together a selection of homemade "tools" to use on the Gelli plates! Julia Fei-Fan Balzer gives some excellant advise!
Of course I can't walk away without a few colorful spring photos! Enjoy!
A lovely pink....

two different purples....

and yellow and red....

That's it for today....have a good snoop and expect me to come and have a snoop at your desk too!
It is all the idea of a certain nosey  lady at Stamping Ground - go over there and find out!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. your desk is looking busy today, love the work going on. How gorgeous are the flowers - looks like spring may be with us at last! Helen, 2

  2. Hi Cardarian - I have a Gelli Plate waiting to play. I really need to tidy up first too as I am sure that I am going to make a painty mess! Love the spring photos we do not have that gorgeous blue sky here today ;-( Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 33

  3. Čudovite fotografije,
    veliko sončka
    pozdravček Tamara

  4. Such pretty flowers, and great makes on your desk too. Take care Zo xx 82

  5. I have really enjoyed my visit today....not only for the crafty snoop but for the gorgeous flowers too :-)
    A x # 39

  6. Happy woyww, Loving the bloosom & flowers which are a joy to see after the long winter. Jill #26

  7. Well, you are busy! Very interesting, those ATC. Thanks for the blossoms, they are beautiful.
    Krisha #108

  8. Re your sequins ...just found a shop in Leeds called Sequin World ...they post abroad if thats any help...or maybe a Leeds based blogger could help you out.
    Love what you are working on ...and the flowers are stunning. We have a little sun here but its still chilly. xx58

  9. Looks like spring has finally come to you with such a beautiful display of flowers, I so love spring. We are in Autumn now with the cold weather just starting to roll in.

    You have been having some crafting fun, great ATC's.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza & Yoda 102

  10. Your ATCs look fabulous. I like those spring pics. Happy crafting #6

  11. looks like some great work in progress. I didn't make onto woyww but I am peaking around.


  12. Stunning photos! BEAUTIFUL flowers. Great atc's. wow! Happy Wednesday! SueC#93

  13. lots of loveliness to see there with all your ATCs... must get cracking on mine! The Spring flowers are so vibrant.
    I'll have to share some of my sequins with you too!
    Hope you are well and don't be doing too much before I arrive... no need to tidy and I can help you if you need anything doing.
    Speak soon, bye and love
    Jo x

  14. A great desk and I am loving your ATC card just beautiful and then you spoil us with those amazing photos lovley
    Happy WOYWW #203 and thank you for sharing your desk with us today
    Ria #60

  15. Love your flower photos-I especially adore pansies. Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #114 xx

  16. Great ATC's, what kind of sequins are you after?
    Karen #64

  17. HI dolores spring has really sprung hasn't it... finally. the ATC sa re looking good. the store where i work has a new selection of sequins I can bring some to the crop in june if you would like .... any particular colours
    janet #23

  18. Gorgeous flower pics, Dolores! Those ATCs look good too...believe it or not, I a, going to have my first proper go at stamping with Julia on Friday. I just haven't got time to make fabric ones so she's going to let me loose on her stamps and inks collection...she must be mad!!
    Hugs, LLJ 22 xx

  19. What a busy desk, looks full of wonderful projects!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Amy #77

  20. Lovely ATC's on your desk and your spring flowers are a treat.
    Sandra @13

  21. Humm sequins in shapes. I have to admit I did not read all the comments, but I know I have seen them in party type stores, or even HobbyCraft in the wedding aisle. I may even have some (although they might only be boring stars :)

    LMK what you are looking for before the crop and I'll keep my eyes open!

    Happy WOYWW!

    MA (8) (so very late this week!)

  22. Love the ATCs you are working on. Thanks for sharing the pictures of your spring flowers! They are beautiful!
    Anna #97

  23. Lovely flowers. Thank you. We are so far away from them where I live. I really like your ATC's thought. They look gorgeous. I've been playing with ATC's lately too...what a fun little exercise. Have a good week.
    Sara j # 45

  24. Oh my gosh! Love the ATCs! I so need to start in mine so I can participate as much as possible. Love the pansy, violas and the open tulips are fab! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #98

  25. I am having nightmares over those ATC's! Last time I promised myself I would make a whole lot more if we ever do this again and I have all these ideas in my head... nothing done yet, better get a move on, school is starting in a week.
    Your desk has so many lovely things to play with, I wish I could come over for a play date.
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #17