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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WOYWW, I have a clear desk but.......

Good morning my dear bloggy friends!

How are you all today??? Some of you are basking in the morning sun - some of you swimming in the endless rain! Well we have snow and rain happily married together for the last few weeks! I think my eyes have a membrane over them so if we ever see sun again I won't be able to look at it!! Still there is one thing we can not make to suit us - that is the weather so I guess we will have to deal with it whatever it is like!
I visited my mom over the weekend and since I came back home I haven't done much crafting. Before I left I made some Faberge eggs which you can see here
Now here is my desk for once clear! Nothing on there except 2 eggs that have been colored but not decorated....to me this is as clean as my desk ever gets but I am sure to a lot of you it still looks a mess....

I need to get up to making ATCs for the WOYWW anniversary plus other projects are pending....
He, he but don't be fooled by this photo.....the desk might be clear but my couch that is on the side of the desk is one big mess....haven't had time yet to sort that mess out....

Lots of stuff on there - stamps, cardstock, sizzixs plates, embossing foulders, ribbon,  stickers.....and on the right hand side a bunch of Christmas cards I have started to make ( one a week) but stopped making them as I was busy with other stuff - I better get back on track with that!
So there enjoy the snoop and join in as the world snoop is on at Stamping ground where our Queen Julia reigns! 
Have a lovely week - I will have time this week and will try to visit as much of you as possible!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Great desk all clean neat and tidy, wonderful but the couch that is not a mess that is piles of organized stuff all ready to be used. I so love your faberge eggs, so festive, love the purple one the most.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 41

  2. Christmas cards! Cor!
    Lovely tidy desk, we won't mention the couch.
    Have a lovely week, forget the weather (we have lovely sunshine but it is bitterly cold)
    Hugs, Neet xx 6

  3. Love your decorated eggs and that is one very tidy desk this week :-)
    A x # 46

  4. Mm am bit that way too Delores, very selective photo view of desk.. but hey we like it that way dont we?? Happy WOYWW 200! Shaz in oz.x #9

  5. I was nearly fooled for a moment!! Have a good week - and see you soon, at AP. No doubt at the Paperartsy stand!! Helen, 4

  6. Mizica čaka,ko bo navdih sledi ustvarjanje, pri meni, ko bo čas-tudi jaz sem včeraj vse pospravila-moram enkrat pokazati moj kotiček na kašči-podstrešju,
    Lp Tamara

  7. The angle of the camera can both HIDE and REVEAL a multitude of sins :)

    Can't wait for 1 June myself!! Happy WOYWW.

    MA (1)

  8. Sticker can be amazing that have creatures, animated figures and some other pictures that really like to the people specially kids .There are various types to vinyl stickers that can be used on different locations.

  9. I was about to praise you for how tidy your desk was and then you let us see the sofa but you still get brownie points from me as it still looked tidy.
    Hope you get back to crafting shortly
    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #65

  10. Wow..You've started making Christmas cards. I wish I could get a early start. I saw your eggs. They are gorgeous. Happy crafting #92

  11. Enjoy making your Christmas cards. I do hope you get some sun soon and I am sure your eyes will adjust:)


  12. Well your desk might be clear and your sofa buried but at least the goodies on there are in neat little piles, or at least that’s how they look.

    Loving the Faberge Eggs, what a fab idea.
    I remember seeing the real thing when we visited Buckingham Palace the year before last. Absolutely amazing the amount of detail in them and so many precious stones. Don’t think I argue if someone wanted to give me one.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 72

  13. It all looks very organised to me!
    Karen #102

  14. Happy WOYWW! Your sofa may be covered, but neatly so. I'm not linked up this week, still on Grandma duty for this week and next. /can't wait to get home and play WOYWW again...LOL

  15. Woooo! You are the brilliant one! How inspiring to start the Christmas cards now. Waiting until the last minutes like other people (ahem...me) isn't the best idea. lol! Happy Wednesday and great job on the cards. Your space looks amazing. SueC#94

  16. The old storage couch trick hey? I don't have room for a couch but I make pretty good use of the wardrobe, under the desk, on the spare chair... Maybe I need a sort out! Have a happy WOYWW MMx #73

  17. Hi Dolores
    I thought it was too good to be true, so much empty desk.... it is all on the couch he he. I am amazed you still have snow ... it is still freezing here too, but luckily no snow. I love the green/cream fabric on the cushion.
    janet #27

  18. I know, it LOOKS tidy but I bet, like me, you have a Huge box filled with stuff out of camera range! Have a great crafty week!
    HaPPy WoYwW!!
    ((Lyn))now #51!!

  19. Hey there!! I'm REALLY looking forward to seeing you too!! Woohoo :) not long to go now!
    I love your Faberge eggs, they're really elegant, much nicer than the sequin ones Sue and I made. I won't be doing them again, too diddly and time consuming for me.....there I go again, no patience at all, you see!!!
    We've had some sun this week, yay, but it's still blooming cold for this time of year, brrrrrrrrrrrr. Hope it warms up by June 1st!
    Hugs, LLJ 36 xxxx

  20. In the past week we have had snow hail sleet and sunshine temps between -2 and 8c and now its supposed to be spring!!
    LOVE those eggs ...and your now too tidy desk.
    I hope that after my sons wedding I can get into making atc's ...if I have time left... and mojo xx

  21. that sofa looks pretty tidy to me! fabulous pillows & so much crafty potential in those stacks of goodies!

  22. Far too tidy girl!!! I love the eggs below - so pretty. x Jo

  23. Hi Cardarian
    thanks for dropping by my desk for WOYWW. Its only my second week doing WOYWW. I'm late as I have had two huge busy days and just had no time to get to the computer. Even when I clean up my desk like you it doesn't stay that way too long. My art area is a spare room so the bed behind me is covered in my art junk LOL
    Annette In Oz #74

  24. I don't see any mess! Now if I could sit down for a visit.... :) Still desk hopping am I. :) Happy WOYWW! Nan #19