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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

WOYWW, Sad news and good news!

Hello my dear friends! 

I am not on here as frequent as I would want to be mostly due to so many things going on and I just can't cope with it all! I am settling into the English way of life but I must admit I miss my family and my country! We hear about immigrants daily in the news and the sometimes really hostile words against them but believe me unless you have to leave your homeland, there is no place like home. Everywhere else you will always be a foreigner. Oh sorry that is just my little political thought after the general election and the now next big theme coming up: Europe! The media has almost bored us to death with the election, now we are going to be finished off with the European theme! HUH!
But sorry really I must get back to what this blog post is supposed to be about: WOYWW. Well I will have to start with the sad news first that are again not crafty but are to do with my DBFs operation. He was supposed to have one yesterday and was called up at the last minute and was told it is cancelled and we were given another date in 3 weeks time! Not fun at all! He already had 2 pre op assesements  and nothing happened now he will have to probably go for the third one! NHS - what can I say? If you don't have the money to pay for the operation you are doomed! But to get to the point of all this writing is that after finding out that the op is off,  my calender has opened for 3 weeks and I have time to go to the BIG WOYWW CROP! YIPEEE! Yes that is the happy good news of this week! 
I will have to put on my thinking cap and start making those WOYWW swap ATCs which I would like to dish out at the event! I haven't been doing much crafting lately so it is hard to start but I guess I will get back into the mood!
So finally showing my desk today....

As you can see I am still crafting on the table in the lounge! I put my craft room decorating on hold because of the op but I will probably start next week as I would like to have my own little space!
Soo what do you see on my desk - a bunch of Lil' Inker dies - love them and I think they will be used for my ATCs but not sure yet! Then there is a Winnie and Walter stamp set - new I must say and this:

It is a zen colouring book I bought in Tesco, supposedly there will be more of them. I love what it says at the bottom of the front page:

I am looking forward to coloring in this book - I think it will be really relaxing!
Here is another shot of my desk from the top....

Here you can see I have taken over most of the table - I try not to invade too much of my DBFs space but the crafty stuff just seems to spread....:-)
One more shot - it was my birthday on Sunday - another year older but we can't turn the clock backwards can we, so we just have to brave it ahead...we went on a trip with the MG club and had an ice cream on the beach in Margate....and here is a picture of another year older me....

Have a lovely week - I will see some of you at the crop, others I will "see" next week at the usual WOYWW meeting!
Lots of hugs to all,



  1. i am sorry that you feel like a outsider in the country that is now your home; please rest assured that that opinion is the minority

    I hope that all is sorted for your DBF quickly

    have a great time at the crop :)

    Happy WOYWW thanks for sharing

    Charlie.x #13

  2. A fun post. I do hope your DBF gets the medical attention he needs. Medical issues upset me in many ways.And I hear you on being in another land. The word foreigner is not in my language. We have many here and I just wish people would accept people for who they are as a person.
    Happy Birthday Early, time flies and I might forget by Sunday. Nice photo too a few years before you catch up to me. Enjoy the crop sounds fun and wish I could join in sometime. Also have fun Coloring with your Adult book! Happy WOYWW

  3. Brilliant pics! I am fed up of all the election chat too - it just takes up so much head space. Love the adults colouring book, I have been swithering about geting one too! Thanks for sharing, Lyns #37

  4. No WAY! That is great news that yo can make it to the crop! Fab. Will come armed with an extra ATC....

    Happy pre-crop WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (1)

  5. Hope you have a great time at the crop....I've sent a few extra ATCs so make sure you get one.

    Annie x #16

  6. I'm not happy about your DBF's operation being postponed - BUT I AM HAPPY THAT I WILL SEE YOU AT THE CROP!! Happy WOYWW, Cindy #47

  7. Happy Birthday for last Sunday! Enjoy the crop. So wish I was going. Hope they keep to the new date for DBF's op - its not much fun having to prepare and then not have it. I have a couple of colouring books - they are just so relaxing and great to do if you can't get to your carft stuff. Hope to see you soon.

  8. Uh I made a really long post ( for me anyway ) about the narrowmindedness (yes it's a new word lol) of some of the British people and Poof it vanished LOL

    Anyway, the long and short is not all of us are the same honey and I am sorry you have been made to feel like an outsider.

    Thank you for sharing your desk this week :) #31

  9. Hi Dolores, so sorry your Hubbys op was postponed. I would be climbing the walls. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #21 xx

  10. Enjoy the crop and that fab colouring book ( i have something similar on my desk) Soojay 18#

  11. Sorry to hear that the op was cancelled, but am delighted that we'll get to see you at the crop. Hope you enjoyed your birthday, I will be celebrating my 40th with you all Saturday. It's tomorrow but I want to celebrate with you all too! Take care Zo xx 51

  12. Enjoy the crop :) I wish I could attend with you. Sending good wishes that the op goes well once they finally get around to doing it. Thanks for sharing :) Shel @ PaperOcotilloStudio

  13. Hope you settle to your new life soon, and yay!! that you can come after all, though shame Alan's op got cancelled. See you Saturday. Helen 4

  14. It is hard to stop the craft stuff spreading isn't it! So looking forward to seeing you at the crop! Chrisx55

  15. Hope you have a great day at the crop. I have seen those colouring books in Smiths and there are lots of different ones. Have a good woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  16. I feel for you and your DBF, because we are now also doomed with NH insurance, which is required, whether you are working or not. Where to get the money can be a real problem for those of us who are not old enough to retire, but don't sell our wares. I hope your DBF gets his operation soon.

    Glad to read you are headed to the crop. I'll be there in spirit, if not in person. Please get one of my ATCs, too.

    Happy WOYWW before the crop from #9.

  17. How lovely for you to get to the crop but not so for Alan who has had his op postponed again. It must be for a reason and maybe that is so that you have time to get a crafting space ready for yourself.
    Enjoy the crop, I am so envious that you are there right now and I am up north. One day we will meet.
    Hugs, Neet xx 19

  18. Dolores, I am so sorry that you feel this way in your new home and here I was thinking you would have all that you desired apart from family, which is the most important to me. Sad to hear of your friends op cancellation but out of misery comes happiness you get to go to the crop what an awesome time you are going to have, Take time to enjoy yourself.

    Sending you heaps of hugs.
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 67