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Wednesday, July 1, 2020


Good morning friends!

I am back from silence! Some days honestly I am really down and I just can't get my head around writing a blog, but I was thinking if I do a few inbetween WOYWW I might get into it more, so I will do that in the future!
This will be a very long blog post, picture heavy as I have lots to show. I have noticed a weired thing.On my last post some photos have dissapeared and there are now just some weird circles on there and I don't know what that is about! If any of you know can you please tell me what has happened!
Any way her we go....first up desk....new stamps...

This one shows the bigger picture as you can see I do have a messy craft room and since the lockdown happened it has gone even messier! HUH!
I have made lots of cards since my last post I will not show all of them but prepare for a lot!
This first one I think the sentiment is right for these days!

Tonic studios die for flowers and a Tim Holtz bird! The sentiment is Pink fresh studio!
This one has the same bird but was made for my special friend Jo. I used Liberty fabric for the hexies! Really like this one....

I see that there is a lot of cards with foiling around - I don't have any of those fancy machines for foiling but I have used my alcohol inks and some of these really nice rainbow foils and this is the result.....

It is extremly hard to catch the shine of the foil but I did my best...
Now this one is special to me - my friends daughter had a baby and I made a card for the new born .It is a peek a boo card I have tried to catch it on video - I am not sure I can put it on here ... well I couldn't because I don't know how but you can see it in the photo!

Here are a few more cards.....

This is a metalic watercolor one! I tried to be a bit fancy with my photo...not very successful!
Another lacy one which I like...It actually was made out of something I was going to bin but then got an idea and ta da!

Have I bored you enough???? No? Well this is my last bit.....I have made 2 new needle felting projects.....It is such a relaxing thing to do and what is great about it is that it looks a bit of a mess but when you put the frame on it it really looks good!
So here is my first one which I made into a card....

And my daisies...I know it isn't the best of work but I like it.....

I leave you with a photo from my garden...a lovely hydrangea...

Love and hugs to all - stay safe and don't forget that CV 19 is still around!!


  1. The sentiment on the first card is just wonderful and so true, especially in these weird days when some are good but some are tough to get through. You're not on your own feeling down about things, I think we're all feeling the length of time it's taken now but as you say, we still have to be so careful. My fav of all your beautiful cards is the one for Jo with the fabric hexies, such a lovely idea - is that JoZart you're talking about? I do hope she's ok, please pass on my regards to her when you're next in contact.
    Hugs LLJ 6 xxx

  2. Morning Dolores. You have been one busy lady!! Great cards - love the baby one. Your needle felted pictures are beautiful - well done. Glorious hydrangea

  3. I think the missing photos are something to do with where they’re stored, Picasso, blogger, google etc...but dont quote me! Beautiful cards Miss Dolores, just stunning, I especially like the lace effect one that was going to end up in the bin! Who doesn’t love a Ta DA! Card! Well done with the needle felting - I had a go when I went to stay with Jan and she hosted a WI craft morning. I cant say I found it relaxing, but then I wasn’t as good at it as you very clearly are!

  4. What a lot of lovely cards! Love the peek-a-boo!
    The sentiment of the first is perfect!
    Happy Crafting!
    Susan #12

  5. Pretty sure we have all had a period of feeling down during this crazy year. Love all your cards and it is always nice to see you back at WOYWW.
    Sandra de @10

  6. I have found that I needed the WOYWW as an anchor for me and it stimulates me to do something creative as well. It's become a real focal point for my week. Your cards are really lovely and that first sentiment is so perfect - I feel like I should have it somewhere prominent! Have a lovely week, Lisa-Jane #15

  7. On my phone so it's a bit small but great cards. Take care Helen #1

  8. Think I lost my comment . On my phone so pics are small but the cards are fab thanks for visit Helen #1

  9. What a wonderful bunch of creatively beautiful cards. I am very impressed!! Days when one is down is a common thing these days, if that is comforting. Nothing is "normal" at all anymore and might not even be that for long time. So hopefully you find the joy in being creative? - I know I do.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Mariane #20

  10. What pretty cards you make and todays are no exception. Your colouring is beautiful Dolores, and I love that idea of the peek a boo for the little one.
    Well done on the needlefelting, that looks great. I must find mine some time and see what else I can do.
    Stay safe, the two of you
    Hugs, Neet 5 xx

  11. Gorgeous cards....I presume the one is for Jozarty [I hope she's keeping well. We don't hear from her these days]. Well done you with the needlefelting...its looking really lovely.
    Annie x #13

  12. So many lovely cards - I like the bird one with hexagons for Jo - if it's Jozarty she will love those little patches. Send our love too. Your felty pics are fab - I will tell Max to look. She is a bit down at the moment as her business is struggling of course with no workshops etc. SO your lovely pics will really cheer her up. xxx Jo #19

  13. Oh your butterfly rainbow card really caught my eye, love it to pieces. BJ#23

  14. Beautiful cards - i love them all , the cute, clever baby one , the gorgeous backgrounds on the butterfly cards but my fav are those gorgeous needle felted cards xx Hope you have a better week xx Soojay #11

  15. What a stunning collection of cards, Cardarian! You are so talented! They are all so beautiful and so different. Your alcohol ink backgrounds are lovely, and I love the peek-a-boo card - very clever. I do hope you manage to do a video for us to see. I think the photo of the metallic watercolour one has come out very well and you can see the sheen. Your needle felting projects are gorgeous too. You really have been productive! I'm sorry you've been feeling down, but I am sure that all your beautiful card making has been therapeutic and given you a real sense of achievement. Your blog post was a real feast this week!

    Thank you for your visit - I'm so glad you like my knitting projects and the outfit I modelled this week! I agree about the kitties - there is something very special about having two, especially as they are little twin sisters and love being together (apart from the occasional spat, but that's common amongst siblings, isn't it!).

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #7

  16. I hope you have more up days than down days. We have all surely had at least a few down days during this lockdown. It is not often we can appreciate what others are going through - Covid-19 has certainly been an equaliser in that respect. Your cards are lovely, thank you for sharing them all. Yhe butterfly is my favourite. I am going to take a leaf out of Tracey's book and have a scrap journal just for doodling, odd stamping, colouring- whatever cheers me for the moment. Have a lovely week, hugs Heather xx #16

  17. That's a super sentiment on the first card with every other so lovely in design. Adding the foil is a clever way of adding something a little extra but my heart is very drawn to those fabulous felted cards, beautiful.
    I hope the up days outshine the down ones.. look up to brighter days.
    Thanks so much for sharing WoywW Tracey #8

  18. Hi it's looking as though you've been well busy. Great collection of cards and I love a messy desk. I can see you have a good taste in wood mounted stamps too. Have a lovely creative though belated, woywww, Angela x20x

  19. Lovely to see you, and lots of great projects to look at!! I'm intrigued by those stamps on your desk too - they look great. The sentiment on the first card is very appropriate for now, and I love the butterfly cards. I alos like the hibiscus flowers but I think my favourite of all is that needfelt sea scene. Just lovely. Hope you find the missing photos!! Stay Safe, stay well, Cindy #27

  20. A rebounder is a small adult trampoline for exercising on but due to bad back I haven't done any bouncing for a few weeks now unfortunately.

  21. Wow! I absolutely love all of your cards. The rainbow background with the white butterfly is stunning, and I love the felted cards especially. Thanks for sharing. Happy belated WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#17)

  22. Love, love, love the needle felting Dolores and the foiled card is spectacular. You have been busy. Such a variety of styles and themes. Stay safe and Happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #2

  23. Think we have all felt like you over the last 100 days, but you seem to have kept busy with your crafting. Lovely cards. Ani