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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A right mess! WOYWW, 6th October 2010

Good morning folks!

How are all of you today? I hope you are having better weather then we have - rain, rain, dull, dull and more rain! It is getting right depressing now! I guess I should really live somewhere in the Mediterranean - I don't do well in bad weather!
Sooo onto the thing that is most important today - WOYWW! To be honest my whole craft room is one big mess - I haven't been at home much as you know ( I have done about 5000 km in the last few weeks wizzing around Europe) so all I have been doing is dumping stuff in my room and on my desk and well anywhere I cold find any room to dump something - I had to make a card the other day so I tidyed up enough space to make the card - it isn't finished yet because I need an extra bit which I hope to get today! 
I was thinking about Julias post the other day talking about Tim Holtzian style and how it is hard work! Well it certainly is if you want it to look really good! For this card I decided to take on the tag Linda Elbourne made for me at Ally Pally! Huh! It looked so easy when she was demoing it but when I was doing it it was a big job and takes aaaaaaaaaages!!!!!! Fafing around with all those inks and then the stamps ( and me being freaked out about not cleaning the stamps - I used about half a baby wipe packet! Gosh! Then I decided to make the flowers - they looked a bit dull just inked up so I thought ok I will spray some mica on them - yeh well I bought a lovely spray at Ally Pally from Dyan Reaveley called Dylusions - lovely stuff the only problem was the spraying thingy didn't work so I had mica all over the place, that not working I got a brush out and painted the flowers! Huh do you want me to go on??? Then I decided I wanted to put on a bit of metal so I fish out this heart and put some alcochol ink on it...guess what - that thing also seems to be brocken - the ink came out everwhere but at least some of it did get on the heart! So I am almost there! What a pelave!!! I love the style but again I must agree with Julia! IT IS BLOODY HARD WORK!!!!!!
Anyway have a look at my messy room - don't have a shock - aren't crafters desks suppose to be messy???? Well I am living proof!

So here is my card.....

And here is the rest of my messy room......turn to the right I have a new box where I have put all of my Hero Arts stamps and all my tags ( another box - less room on my desk huh!!)

......turn to the right....my other box is now home for all the rest of my stamps - also my new TH and Wendy Vecchi ones.... and as you can see I have got out my Christmas stuff.....

and here I am spread out all over the couch - I think nobody will be sitting on that one for a while! Also a big box of stamps - ready for Christmas cardmaking and a load of DP and allsorts....

So there now you have seen my shame! I hope you enjoy the snoop! I will try to get round to you this week - last week was just too busy for me - I will try to be better this week - especially as I am actually staying at HOME this weekend!
Have a lovely day, hugs to all of you....see ya soon!


  1. The card is just beautiful! and by the look of all of the Christmas stash you are gonna be having alot of crafting fun!

  2. I have to say, it was worth all the faffing! It looks great.
    If you will swan all over Europe buying up all kinds of crafty loveliness, you're going to have to be a bit messy until everything finds a home!
    Enjoy it all!

  3. Love the snoop as always Cardarian. *Ü* You always have something interesting on your desk - or wherever. The sign of a busy desk is a creative mind. Thank you for all of your visits to my blog and the lovely comments. *Ü* I appreciate them. Shame I missed AP this time, I would have liked to have met you. *Ü* TFS. ~Glen~

  4. Still not toooooo messy ;-) The tag and card are fantastic. Sometimes things just go from bad to worse and sometimes things need a lot of faffing.
    We've had about 2 lovely days in over a week - lovely and sunny yesterday back to rain today, though at least it's stopped now
    Hugs Anne xx

  5. Sending sunshine from Liverpool!
    Love the card it was really worth the effort. As for the mess... where is it? That's the tidiest mess I've seen! LOL! Hope you enjoyed your travels... it sounds like you did.
    If you want to see Armageddon, take a peek at my mess and be sure to enter my blog candy too!
    JoZarty x (33)

  6. beautiful card - I love the flowers with the glitter!

  7. Hi Cardarian
    you have an excuse you have been busy, great piccies, your tag/card is gorgeous well worth the effort.Sun opped its head out for a while here, i hate the dark wet days,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (2)

  8. That card and tag is great - well worth the effort! love the way you have stash piled up everywhere - looks very much like my house at the moment! Thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl (28)

  9. Your card is beautiful, well worth carrying on with - I love it. It is sunny here just at present, meant to be for the rest of the week - we'll see!

  10. wow well worth all the effort your finished product is beautiful!

  11. TH style really does take ages, but the end results are always worth it - as your card proves, it's gorgeous :D
    Jules (72)

  12. All your hard work was worth it cos your card is really lovely. I love your settee too...what fab colours.
    A x

  13. I could n't see the mess ... I was just soooooo excited by the card and tag. WOWZERS ... you did an absolutely fabulous job and the colours are stunning ... Great work X
    This week I am mostly link number 27

  14. what a fantastic name for a blog!
    I love your card, the flowers and colours aer gorgeous.
    Sue xx 88

  15. I love your craft space I love the whole room - and your art card tag is FANTASTIC because it is blloody hard woorrkkk - Do More Mississ

    thank you for your messages and well wishes,
    Dx 63

  16. bless you!!! From your account nothing seemed to be on your side, but my oh my I LOVE the finished result :) Perhaps the broken sprays and alcohol ink disaster all turned out for the best as it looks fabulous! And I'm loving that sofa with all the cushions, it looks sooo comfy!

    WOYWW #78

  17. FANTASTIC art card tag and love the room.

    Kay (no 12)

  18. Love the card . Sometimes the couch is the best place to set.Oh!Love your couch so fun.

  19. Sorry about the accidents...I think you have done a great job on the tag - and it should be YOUR tag - so good for you - you make it your own! Fab settee - have a rest on it. and ...I always, always clean all my stamps!

    Sarah (sasa 18)

  20. Fab job with the flowers - the card looks great! Love the tidy mess.

  21. Very beautiful card D, and what's life without a little mess!!

    Brenda 105

  22. great peek, I love the messy desks, much more to look at! Love the card, I also wish things would just appear as if by magic sometimes, all lovely and perfect, yours is a great job, K x #107

  23. sorry i;'ve not been by in a while - but i am loving the sofa and all of those cushions - i am Mrs Cushion freak - my OH will verify this as half of them end up in the garage.

    Anyway - that card is awesome - i love it and the deep red colour. it looks to me like it was worth the effort.

    As i haven't been here for a while - your blog and everybody elses (even my own)!!

    Hope you are keeping well (despite the gloomy weather) - and carry on travelling and enjoying life!!!


    Paula x x x

  24. love the tag and the flower with glitter is delish thanks for the peek

  25. No shame at all D - I must say your sofa looks gorgeous with all those lovely cushions. Your TH/Linda style tag is absolutely great - but I certainly feel your pain!!

  26. I think you're far too hard on yourself, your tag looks lovely with the beautiful flower on it! Your craft room looks great too (and where is the mess??) LOL.

    Sherry (117)

  27. That's one great couch. Is it me, or is it sagging from the weight of all those goodies (grin)? I agree with you. That style is really hard and does take forever. There must be a million steps before you get your desired look and finished project. I'm glad you got to meet Linda, though and had a good time at Ally Pally. What a fun trip that must have been. Sorry I'm late, but I had intended to stop by and visit anyone who left a comment, then it got me confused, so decided to go through the list after all (#1).

  28. Hi there

    Just stumbled across your blog, really enjoyed looking round your super work.

    B x

  29. Well I think your tag is beautiful. I love the colours. Have a rest and drink that tea, or is it coffee?
    Luv Joanne xx

  30. What a lovely tag! You did a wonderful job on the flower! Your desk is actually very neat! lol You can't see mine because I did not post it! lol

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent!
    hugs, Pat