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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WOYWW, 20th October 2010

Hello Everybody!

How are you all doing??? I am ashamed to say but I haven't been blogging and I didn't come around all the desks at WOYWW last week, actually I didn't even get around to those who came to visit me! So, so sorry! I promise to be better!!! I do have an excuse as I was busy at work and when I came home I had this order of cards to finish for my friend from Australia! She is now there ( in Australia) and so are my cards which ( silly as I am ) I didn't even take a photo of - I will ask her to do so and then show them to you....they were all Christmas cards just one was a wedding card - I struggled with that one - HOW do you make a card that is all white or off white???? Huh!!! I did put together something but it was a struggle! I messed about with embossing to sort of give the card some texture! Anyway after I gave away all those cards and my friend left I had 2 days of non - stop work at work ( and believe me if you look at a computer all day when you come home you are not keen on sitting down to a computer again). I had to make a birthday card and that is my only offering for today...oh and a bit of an update on my ATG....It works well - I can't believe the amount of tape it holds - I mean I have made a lot of cards these days and it doesn't look as if I used any of the tape yet ( I would have used at least 2 or 3 of those  little tape thingies)....the only downside of it is the size - if you have a desk that is already full of your stamps and papers and copics and whatever else rubbish you have on there you have nowhere to put that big monster! Still I like it and I do recommend it - especially for the ones out there who make a lot of cards - it is a good investment! 
So now onto my desk.... again the photos are not very good - it was dark in the morning ( 6am I took these photos) !
My  actual work space looks quite empty

Swing to the left  - all my Christmas stuff waiting for the next round of cards...I bought some pom pom wool - don't know what I will do with it yet but it might come in handy!

My card.....I did a bit of 2 color stamping....and I used glossy accents to actually make something glossy - I mostlly use it as a glue!

And as it is autumn - just a few colorful leaves - it is from a tree that is in the front garden of our institute - it is so amazing - every year the leaves ar just these amazing colors....on one tree you get all these colors....



 And this is the lovely tree.....

Ok enough of my ramblings....go on rush off to other desks and have a lot of fun snooping around - I will be around no doubt....I have to redeem myself ....:-)
Have a lovely day,
hugs to all of you...


  1. Your coloured leaves are stunning. Isn't nature wonderful.
    A x

  2. Lovely crafting, lovely leaves, and such a tidy desk too. Thanks for sharing. I bet you haven't made any C cards for yourself yet?
    Happy WOYWW...
    JoZarty x

  3. You have a lovely desk this week. I had to laugh about not taking photos of your cards. I've done that with swaps more often than I care to admit. I would never even TRY to make a wedding OR sympathy card. Too stressful.

    Did I mention your desk is very tidy this week (grin)? And I'm glad you like the tape gun. Now to see if the price of it and the tape can be justified. Just because it lasts longer, I assume the refills cost a great deal more, too. Happy WOYWW (no. 12).

  4. What a fabulous post, I don't know where to begin commenting!!
    I wedge my ATG through my craft light arm... I'm so with you, it's a fab thing, but huge and where do you put it!
    I tend to do most of my wedding cards white on white, if you look under the 'wedding' label on my sidebar, you can see some of them.
    The card on your desk is WONDERFUL! I love it, everything about it, someone is going to be delighted!
    Your autumn photos are simply beautiful, what a wonderful time of year!

  5. Oh I love autumn and all its colours - probably my favourite season (not thinking of all the leaves we have to sweep at home).
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful card - loved reading about your exploits and love love love that bendy lamp. ~22

  6. Hi C you look busy but oh so organized and your bird card is a beauty
    Love the photos does'nt Autumn bring us some fab shades
    Thanks for sharing your desk
    Hope you are keeping well
    Hugs Susie xx

  7. Hi Cardarian,
    i didnt make it to many desk last week, will do better this week, gorgeous card, beautiful piccies of the tree, do luv all the colours at this time of year, not the cold though! have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(13)

  8. oh love your desk and those leaves are just gorgeous,love that card you have made its just amazing,hugs cheryl x

  9. I do that too - forget to take pics of cards - get so carried away. Love the leaves on that tree, how beautiful.

  10. I love your card :0)
    Our trees havent quite gone yellow and brown yet so although it feels like autumn it doesnt look like it.
    Kate x

  11. Amazing, the colours at this time of year. I love the photos, they really bring the season to life. Nice card!!
    Have a great Wednesday
    Sue xx 72

  12. Lovely card, great pic of the colours on the trees too.

    I have 2 x ATG guns and put them on the rail above my desk where i used to sit my punches. works well. Maybe worth getting one - or buying a towel rail which probably works as well as the ikea rail which i have... and available from more outlets...

    Hope this helps

    Paula x x x

  13. Lovely card on display, gorgeous images and colours. I really enjoy Autumn, and those leaves are simply gorgeous autumnal colours. Thanks for the snoop. Tracy Evans (22).

  14. Looks like you have loads of goodies!


  15. I know what you mean about the computer - it was worse when I was studying! I was going to do WOYWW this week but no time - will play again soon. Love the birdie card.

  16. Nice desk. I, too, have to start on my Christmas cards. LOvely photos of fall & nature.

  17. Hello Cardarian.....loving the colours of that tree and your cards are super. Make sure you take pics of everything...it's great to see them. thanks for your visit. Best wishes Moira

  18. I like your card and the photos. I'm always sending out cards before snapping photos of them! Glad I'm not the only one.

    Terry #4

  19. I love the colours of Autumn - your card and little bird are so pretty.

  20. Yes those are wonderful colors- you can get a lot of inspiration from it! I remember when I went on a vacation in Canada during the fall, I would pick up leaves and press them. Hope you get your enthusiasm for crafting back, and yes, you piqued my curiousity about your wedding card! Patsy from

  21. I love autumn - and your tree pictures are exacty why - the season of colour - love your art work this week too, see you next week,

    dx 104

  22. Your desk looks so neat and your ATG needs a stand so it doesn't take up so much space... I made one for mine from chipboard and it works a treat! Annette #33

  23. Fabulous cards you have made there! I love my ATG gun - no matter how messy my desk gets I can never lose it!! Thanks for sharing (No 46)

  24. Love your card, that bird is so cute
    i haven thought about my Christmas cards yet!

    Happy WOYWW
    mandi xx

  25. Love the card D, great stuff. I also buy things that I might find a use for in the future too! Your Maple is so pretty, I love how they turn all the colours of the rainbow like that. I can't decide on an ATG gun, I have such tiny hands, I really struggle with my Cropodile, not sure if I could handle a big gun!!

    Brenda 87

  26. Love your card, and your photos are fab :D Jules #63

  27. Lovely Autumn pics. I need to get out to the park with my camera - first frost this orning so I'll have to be quick. I was browsing a few WOYWW blogs and found this one
    Beautiful white on white cards which inspired me.
    K (No 52)

  28. The ATG is big - it's practically the same size as your cutting mat!!!


  29. What a lovely craft area. That tape gun is certainly BIG. I'm a newbie to the WOYWW so please be gentle with me!! Best wishes, Kym (No 42)

  30. what a pretty card! i really like it! yes, truly amazing colors of those leaves! uh oh, autumn already? doesn't winter and Christmas come next? and i thought i could make some gifts this year.

  31. Gorgeous Autumnal pics and love the bird card :-) Christine #14

  32. I've not been blogging either, thought I'd have a week off! Beautiful card :-) Thanks for the pics of the beautiful tree, it's stunning
    Anne x

  33. Can tell you are rushed and busy, the whole tone of your post indicates a busy life! Glad you're liking the ATG..alon the top it's completely flat - I stand mine upside down - then I can see it all the time and it takes up much less room! Your autumn leaves are beautiful..makes driving a pleasure, huh!