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Monday, October 4, 2010


Hiya Everybody!

I am again apologising for not coming around much of your desks and in general not blogging but lately I am so busy - I do long hours at work because the new study year has just started - we had our "first graders" in on Friday so it was quite busy! I wonder how these "first day" students feel - I remember I was on one hand so proud of myself getting to the point were I was living on my own and being a "uni" student but I remember I was a bit worried the first day which bus should I take, what room is my class in?? What if I am late and the profesor sends me out?? Oh it was stressfull - working at a university library now for almost 33 years I think I was worried for nothing! All the staff here want to help the kids and make them feel as welcome as possible! Maybe it wasn't like that in those days??? Who knows?? Too far back for me to remember ha, ha...
Anyways I wanted to tell you that me and my daughter spent a lovely weekend at my moms ( another 400 km drive - I am not going anywhere for the next few weekends!!!!!!!) We had a load of chat and we did something most of you people probably don't do....you see where my mom lives there are lots and lots of walnut trees - I remember my grandma had 3 really big ones in her garden....my mom went to pick them at some relatives of ours and there was so much of them she gathered a car boot full of them! So all three of us got together - mom was cracking them and my daughter and I were getting them out of their shells and so I took home a big bag of them! What do we do with them? Well our most famous cake called "Potica" is made of walnuts and a lot of our other cakes and sweet stuff has walnuts in them so I will probably be making lots of "walnut poticas" . This took me back to evenings when I was a kid and we used to do this sort of stuff...these traditions are almost gone now but I am hoping they will come back.....
Here are a few photos.....

My mom cracking the walnuts.....

The cracked walnuts waiting to be deshelled.....

And the lovely walnuts ready to put into a cake.....

So there a snippet of my weekend and I hope this week I will finally get up to some nice cardmaking! I have to make 20 Christmas cards and a wedding card  till the 15th of October so I better get up to it - I actually have an order!! Well with all my lovely stuff from Ally Pally I guess I will be able to put something together!
Have a lovely week and I will be back soon with some cards!
Hugs to all of you lovely friends,


  1. Yum yum those walnuts look really fab. How lovely to pick them fresh off the tree too. We had pork for dinner yesterday and had the pleasure of picking our first apples off our new little tree to make apple sauce to go with it. Isn't nature wonderful?
    A x

  2. wow well done to you all, hard job! but I do love things like that that take you back, the memories are just priceless, have a great week, hugs xx

  3. Thanks for sharing the walnut pics with us - will you eat all the Potika yourself? hehe
    Good luck with the cards
    Anne xx

  4. Ah tradition and memories, inseperable - are you a scrapbooker too? Perfect photos. Do you pickle some walnuts?

  5. Actually, I shell walnuts, pecans and almonds most years. I am working on a box or walnuts for my daughter. I crack them outside, then while I watch TV, I shell them and bag them for the freezer for her. I have 2 more evenings left, and will have a huge box done! Whew!