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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

WOYWW, 13th October 2010

Good morning everybody!

I see some of you are already linked up and ready to go....I used to be early but I just can't make it as early as I used to anymore.I guess my work schedual gets in the way! 
Anyhow it is time for WOYWW and I have a few things to show off! I think considering all the cards I have been making lately my desk is rather tidy .....well I will be honest because I can't bung stuff on my couch at the moment ( I will be sleeping there for the next few days as my friend from Australia has come back to spend a few days with me before she flies off to Australia) I have to tidy up everytime I make something otherwise it might happen I won't even be able to get into the room!!!!! 
So lets have a look around....
Quite a few liked my couch with cushions the other week  - I had to clear all the stuff off so now you can actually see it   - pretty tidy - still a box with my embellies on it but that will go too!

Here is an overall look at my Christmas cardmaking set up.....I got out all the stuff I would possibly need for making Christmas cards....not a very good idea as I can hardly move now! :-)........

And here is my new stuff  - an ATG 700 !!!! Ha, ha sounds like something James Bond would have....I know a lot of you have it now and well I first bought the PRO - glider  which is smaller and more nice for a our "delicate" hands but getting the tape for it was a real struggle as it comes from the States the tax on it is as much as the tape cost so you are actually paying double for the tape - but I would be prepared to do that if I wouldn't always have to wait ages to get the thing! Plus the plastic bit that you have to through away when you finish using the tape is NOT environmentally friendly at all! Still the ATG is really BIG!!!!! But I guess that has a positive side to it - you definitly can't lose it! ( I better not tell you how many of those small dispensers of tape I have spent looking for for ages!!!!!!!) So I hope this James Bond ATG 700 will serve its purpose! (or should I say serve the queen - ME) It is tucked in the box with my stamps....I also put them both together so you can see the difference....see all that pinky bit is thrown away every time you finish using it!

 To finish off this is a card I made for my daughters friend - it is suppose to be a birthday card - my daughter chose the sentiment...rather then happy birthday .....I think it is quite apt! Sorry the photo is a bit wonky - ha, ha it was taken veeeeeeeery early in the morning! Probably I was as wonky as the photo!

Have a lovely day, enjoy all the snooping around and I will see you all later!
Hugs to all of you.....


  1. Great photos, love the cards. That is a lot of Christmas stash out ready to use... good luck!

  2. Love the card and you don't always need happy birthday on the front you can always write that to the person inside. Pity aobut all that pink thing you have to throw away but I do love the look of that little gun, much prettier to look at than the big James Bond thing hehe Your desk looks organised even if there's a lot there. Ooh I'm not happy with my living room at the moment - cream walls soooo boring; that pink wall in your room is calling to me ;-)
    Anne xx

  3. Hiya

    Love the shot of your desk! looks like so much is about to happen, tha card is gorgeous.


  4. Looking like a great space - hope the tape gun works out - let us know....
    sasa 10

  5. oh great desk lots too see on here,love cheryl xxxxx

  6. Very productive looking desk, i've not even started on xmas things, but i did get myself a pink ATG gun in preparation lol

    P.S love your cushions

  7. Enjoyed visiting your desk and seeing what you are up to, and interested to hear about the pro-glider tape gun because the ATG one is too big and heavy for me ...

  8. Busy as usual D! Love the wreath card, think that's a Hero Arts stamp, right? Have fun with your friend.

    Brenda 96

  9. Lots of lovely photos thanks for sharing your workspace :0)
    Kate x

  10. Just whizzed down through your earlier posts - such a lot of lovely cards - they must take ages to make!!

  11. nothing that fancy on my desk still just rolls of fiddly tape.....lokks good thpough thanks for the peek

  12. Thanks for your lovely comments on my DD wedding. I really do feel I need to get the crafty me back soon.Love your cushions xx

  13. Love the big gun, but your old one is prettier, shame you can't get refills for it easily!

  14. Fab post this week, love the ATG 700 and the card is stunning.
    Have a fab time with your friend.


  15. ooh lock and load Ms Bond It Together ATG 700

    lock and load

    hee hee fab fab post


  16. Fab workspace, I haven't taken the plunge with the ATG yet, but the more I read the more I think I ought to. Beautiful card.

  17. I have the pro glider one... had problems with my ATG version and got fed up with wasting half a roll of tape each time! I have instructions for making a stand for the ATG on my blog - a few weeks back, it makes them easier to pick up!

  18. Why is it your ATG doesn't look phallic like Julia's? OK, seriously, you have a LOT of reasons to like this new gun. Nearly as many as you have stamps in that tub on your table! I think that sentiment is perfect, too. How nice that your friend is coming back before going back to Australia. What fun it will be the second time around. Happy WOYWW from number 2.

  19. I love the pictures of your work area! You look like you are prepared to get a lot done. I had no idea what that big yellow thingie was, and wonder if it is heavy to use?

    Hugs, Pat in the USA

  20. That is one heck of a tape gun!!! Even I wouldn't be able to lose that! Pam (20)

  21. Aha! An ATG convert! You will no longer spend ages looking for the tape again! They are monstrous aren't they - but I do like mine very much. Your card is beautiful - you've really got into the groove of the multi layers and colours thing - fab. As for your desk - still looks pretty organised and useable to me!

  22. Hi Cardarian.
    Love your pink card... very pretty.
    Thanks fro your comment on my blog...I put the wrong posting up for WOYWW this week, but have coorected it now.

    Why do you need that big yellow thing...I really need to know....do I need one??

    Have a great week
    Sue xx 66/88

  23. Love being able to imagine you in your craft space making all those cards :-)
    A x

  24. Don't do what I have done - lost a part from my atg gun - now it drives me crazy! Love your cushions on the settee. #142

  25. I totally like your workspace, and that card is beautiful.

  26. Your workspace looks so crafty, it's great! Life is buzzing for you with all you are doing and so enjoy it all and have fun.
    You'll love your ATG when you get fluent in using it. Just remember to release the trigger to stop and move off. Most people have a break in period with them but then there's no going back, you'll fall in love with it!
    The little pink one looks cute but I agree that the refil rolls are soooo expensive. I only pay well under £2 a reel for the ATG refils, including postage.
    Thanks for a nice snoop,
    JoZarty x

  27. Busy desk, with loads of crafty stuff and a lovely card. Keep seeing tose orange 'guns' they look dangerous!!

    Happy Woyww!!

  28. I'm still unsure about the ATG giant even though I know it will save a lot of money. Maybe if the pink version comes out in the UK I will try it!

    Nice to see your desk again - sorry I didn't make it over last week. I'm trying harder this week - it's just taking time!


  29. Your work ares looks lovely (as does the couch and cushions!) Hope your friend is enjoying her visit with you. Have a great weekend.

    Sherry (118)

  30. Hi D

    Love the card and glad you joined the ATG club!!! I've found it takes some getting used to - but in the longrun, so much cheaper and definately more environmentally friendly as there is not much to throw away...

    i too need to start my Christmas cards - today i am hoping once i've tidies up a space where I can craft - and watch 'Cake Boss' on SKY!!!

    Hope you are well

    Paula x x x