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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOYWW, 22. December 2010

Hello my dear Friends !

I have fallen off the face of  Bloggy Earth and WOYWW  so if anybody out there has missed me here are a few reasons why: I was running around doctors having tests, I had a few dinner parties I have every year around this time so that took a lot of time preparing and in between I was rushing to make cards and going to work! We had another lot of snow which I had to battle with and yesterday I spent the whole evening baking! Luckily my Christmas backing is finished now except for a cake my daughter and I will make for Christmas! So all I have to do is wrap the presents and I am ready to go! I have documented all my doings so you will be looking at a lot of photos ....
To be honest I can't wait for all this to be over, so that I can get on the plane and have a peaceful week with my DBF! We are going to the Cotswolds for the New Year, also visiting Bath and Bristol! Hopefully! The weather isn't exactly behaving in England and planes are not coming and going! I am hoping though that by the time I go it will change for the better! We will see!
Anyway onto WOYWW....my work desk is one big mess - almost ashamed to show it - I have exactly 3 more Christmas cards to make and then 3 birthday cards (for my brother, my niece and my boss)  and 1 card for my cousin who has graduated last week!  So still busy with cards.......

This is the snow I have to battle day in and day out....

This is my Christmas baking in the making.....ha, ha that actually rhymes.....

This is for something called Parisian cubes - sugar, dates, figues, walnuts....yummy......

My Christmas tree and Nativity....

The lovely Christmas frog from Donna - I won it almost guessing how many frogs there were in the pile Thank you so much! Love it!

Oh and something new.......So practical and nice....IKEA..... All my papers and stamps go in this lovely new thingie.....

And to wrap this up a few cards I made lately....I wanted to use the angelina that I got from Jo from Jozart when I realised that I don't have the right stamps for what I wanted to make but yesterday the postie dropped them off so Yipeee! I will show what I will make this evening.... here are some of my latest makings.....

And this last one is for all of you WOYWWers.....

.......wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS from Slovenia....thank you for all the lovely snoops I had and all I have learned from you....it has been a lovely journey with you all and I hope we have even more fun in the future!
Love and lots of hugs


  1. Wow my little friend you are soooooo busy. What a lovely lot you have to show us today. Hope all your last minute plans go well.
    Wishing you and yours a very happy Christmas and hope 2011 brings you all you wish yourselves.
    A x

  2. Thanks for a real lovely catch up snoop this morning. Boy have you been busy.
    Hope the tests have come back favourable (I am in the throes of having tests too).
    Lovely cards, can't pick a favourite and the baking looks yum yum yum! Parisian Cubes sound delicious.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and my best wishes for 2011.

  3. Looks like Wipso and I are snooping round together today!!! Your Christmas baking sounds delicious. Thanks for all your lovely comments over the year - Happy Christmas and a fab, crafty New Year. x Jo

  4. Christmas baking and cards in the making . . . what could be better?! But that SNOW . . . not so much :(

    It's been raining here in southern california NON-STOP! I hate that I have to go out in in today and drive. eeeeeeeeeee

    I'm #50 this week. Please stop by and take a look when you get a chance.

    Merry Christmas and I hope the planes are flying out when you're ready to leave! xoxo

  5. What a lot of things you've been doing, love the look of all that baking!
    Your cards are fab too. I hope the planes will be kind and have got back on schedule for your visit. I shall be in Bath until 29th December, we are going to stay with my daughter for Christmas. And a message from you has just popped into my inbox!
    Happy Christmas


  6. I forgot to say Happy Christmas!

  7. Me again! I have added Vesel Bozic to my list thanks to you *wink wink*

    xoxo sherry

  8. Happy Christmas to you, too! You are very good with all that baking - yummy goodies...
    and I love that frog!!
    Have a safe trip over to the UK - hope your plane is on time! I think things are slowly getting back to normal (unless we have some more snow....)

  9. Wow you certainly have been busy, A great selection of cards.
    Well i hope the weather behaves for your west country visit, you'll be down my neck of the woods, as i live in somerset :D
    Happy WOYWW & Happy Christmas too
    hugs Minxy #4

  10. So busy. Thanks for sharing. Ikea is the best store for storage ideas. #58

  11. Ok, this is the last time I'll visit you today *I promise???* LOL

    I was wondering why you told me Happy Birthday and then I realized that I told you I was #50 today. *hee hee* . . . I'm #50 on the WOYWW list! :) My birthday isn't until February 9th and I will be 58! Yeah . . . where did 50 go anyway!?

  12. Hojla, kako si ti pridna.
    Pri vseh teh opravilih si uspela izdelati še voščilnice. Izredno se mi dopade modra bunkica ♥♥♥.
    Želim ti vesele božične praznike, ter veliko zdravja v prihajajočem letu 2011. Lepo se imej na potovanju in srečno z vremenom.

  13. Everything is looking great! Merry Christmas!

    Katie (47)

  14. Lovely festive post that you have shared. Thanks so much for your good wishes especially those for my little grandee in hospital. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Stay warm and hope the tests come back well.
    JoZarty x

  15. So much stuff going on! I hope you get your break over New Year, looks like you need a rest! Love the new Ikea "thingy" but I can tell you now that if you can fit all your paper and stamps in it then you don't have enough paper and stamps!!!!

    Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your New Year.
    Brenda 45

  16. Wishing you well for your trip to the Cotswolds. I think it will be beautiful, even in the snow. It is quite close to where I live and it is a lovely part of the UK.
    Good luck and happy Christmas.
    Sue xx 15

  17. absolutely gorgeous! Have a lovely Christmas

  18. i love your cards. I hope your plane is able to get through the snow to England and you have a lovely Christmas.
    Do you know the name of the thing you got from Ikea, it looks just what I need.

  19. Lovely cards, and I do like your set of drawers.

    Have a lovely Christmas, and a great New Year.


  20. Sretan Božić, susjedo. :)

    Sviđa mi se ormarić iz Ikee. Ja još nisam našla adekvatan smještaj za 12x12 papire, kod nas u Zagrebu prodaju samo organizatore za A4 papire. :( Znaš li možda kako se zove model tog ladičara? Da provjerim dimenzije na Ikeinoj stranici... Unaprijed hvala. :)

    Pozdrav iz Hrvatske!

  21. What lovely cards ...and that date and walnut thingy sounds so yummy. Have a fantastic time over Xmas ...xx

  22. Yummy, yummy and reallly yummy!! Thanks for the peek and sharing.

    Happy Holidays and creative crafting in the New Year.

    Hugs, Marjo #5

  23. Ohhh you are a busy bee but the goodies you are making are worth all the effort. Love the cards and I want to know more about the Parisian cubes. Have a lovely christmas
    Sandra #81.

  24. thanks for sharing all those christmas pics...hope you have a happy christmas and that the weather doesn't stop you getting home to be with family...all the best for 2011...hugs kath xxx

  25. Well! The baking has made my tummy grumble and your cards are a delight to behold, I have that Ikea drawer for my stamps too! Hope the planes are playing nicely and you get to where you plan to go!!
    Merry Christmas to You and Yours, Annette #35

  26. Hvala na brzom odgovoru!

    Pogledat ću Alex liniju.

    Oprosti što ne pišem na slovenskom, učila sam ga na fakultetu 2 semestra i sve razumijem, ali mi ga je teško pisati. :O

    Svako dobro u nadolazećim blagdanima!

    Vse najboljše, lep Božič in srečno novo leto :),


  27. Wow what a lot to show and all so wonderful - have fun in Bath in the New Year I am a bit of a country bumkin but Bath is my favourite city - Happy Christmas ~ Nicky 52

  28. You definitely have been busy. I do not think your desk is messy; instead it looks well used. :)
    I hope your trip to England goes well.
    Merry Christmas!

  29. wow! you HAVE been busy, cakes decks, cards, dinner date, doctors, more cake, super woman!!! Hope you had a super Christmas!! Happy New Year!

  30. Ooh you were really busy before Christmas I see. Lots of lovely pics. Lovely cards :-)
    Anne xx