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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WOYWW, 1st December, 2010

Good morning my friends!

It is 1st December today! 1st December!!!!!! Where did this year go??? I just can't believe it! I think the older I am the faster the days go! Not days - years! But I am still not any closer to my pension! If all these retiring laws will happen I will probably never get to retirement! And I am now working my 33rd year huh! Had to have a bit of a moan about that - sorry ( ha, ha you will have to put up with more of that in the future!) 
I didn't have the weekend I was suppose to - for starters I didn't go to my high school reunion - it snowed practically all weekend I just didn't want to drive in that horrible weather - we had some bad accidents on our roads - one was one of the worst in our history - 38 cars crashed into each other - we call it chain crashing! 3 people were dead and about 50 injured! All due to snow and fog and people driving crazy! So no reunion - also not much crafting due to very bad pain in my hand - obviosly arthritis has hit me and on top of all this  I had an eye infection - my eyes were watering so I didn't do much on the computer! I am a bit better but still not !00%!!! 
I would like to thank the lovely Chrissie for an award I have been given and already proudly sits on the side of my blog! I also have to answer 8 questions about myself which I will do in my next post! 
Now onto what is really important today  - WOYWW! As I said I haven't done much crafting as such but I have a few things to show you! 
First something I am really happy I finally got round to do - I labelled my Tim Holtz disstress inks - not just labelled but also colored so that you can actually see the color you are reaching for - love my work ha, ha!

And a bit of my new stuff - I ordered a circle cuttter from EK succes - I still haven't figured out how it works but it does amazing circles and as you can see on my project I have cut quite a few - sooo easy! In the same batch I have ordered this lovely tree punch - I think this is a really good punch for a christmas tree - I had all sorts but this one looks like a proper fir tree ( ha, ha I would know as I work at the forestry library!!!)

And this is my poor hand - actually I have the problem on both hands - swollen and hurts so much I can hardly move my fingers - typing this was really a pain! It really makes it hard to do fine things which is really neccessary if you are crafting!

Well that is all folks! I better rush off now - I am still in my PJs - we have snow outside and I have to clean all the snow off my car and bugger off to work! Huh!! Not fun! I am a moany beast today aren't I??? Ha, ha..
Have a lovely day, get that snoop on and enjoy!
Lots and lots of hugs 


  1. Hope your poor little hand gets better fast! Congrats on getting your labeling done. Well I am trying to get some of these done and try going to bed again. #15

  2. Dont work too hard and drive carefully as here it is snow ice,snow ice...continues like that very dodgy have we seen a gritter pigs will fly...lol.Love the idea of the inks!
    Keep warm and safe journey
    hugs judex~4

  3. What a weekend! Sounds like you made a good choice to skip the reunion and stay safe. Congrats on your award from Chrissie. Nice to be loved, huh?

    I never had a bit of luck with circle cutters, but this one looks easier than the Fiskars one I bought. Those trees are to die for, though. Love the layout. Happy WOYWW. (I'm # 3 this week)

  4. Oh, your poor hand - what has caused this?
    Lovely tree punch - like you say, very realistic.
    I know, I know, I know - where has this year gone. Maybe we were too busy WOYWW'ing to notice. Happy Advent!

  5. I hope your hand improves soon... I have tennis elbow at the mo which is a real pain.
    You are most welcome to the award.. I shall look forward to reading the 8 things!
    Take care in the snow!
    PS That circle thingy looks intriguing!

  6. Hope you are better soon. I don't envy anyone who has to drive in the snow, at least now I have put my wellington boots on with great grip I feel safe underfoot.... have a good day. love your desk, and your post, even if it caused you pain to type it.

  7. My hands look just the same as yours. This cold weather really makes mine painful and this year I am really going to struggle to write Christmas cards so I may print out inners for my cards instead.
    Stay safe and warm.
    A x

  8. The punch is great, but it's what you've done with the punched pieces that really rocks. I love all your nicely labelled ink pads. Very inspiring. I really must do that sometime. Maybe next year!

    cheers, rachel #54

  9. What an awful weekend, just as well you stayed home. I love the card you are making. The circle cutter looks interesting, I always end up with a little curl of paper that is slightly short of were I started. Can't explain why?
    Sandra #70

  10. Hi ya hun
    aww hope your hands are soon better, wow that was some crash 38 cars,luv the circle cutter have fun playing with it, fab card,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (23)

  11. I hope your hand gets better soon hun. I love your card. That circle cutter looks great

    laura 83 xx

  12. thanks for sharing with us today - love your cards with the trees - good luck with the circle cutter - keep warm lv and ((HUGS)) Liz

  13. I agree about the passing of time as one gets older ...but its cruel that the years fly by when there are less a head.
    We have snow too but if you dont drive you have a problem as they have stopped all the buses in the surrounding areas.

  14. Oh poor you - that looks really painful. Hope it improves soon - take care - keep casy and safe. Your tree stamp is perfect - a real tree!

  15. Ouch! Hope your hands are better soon xx

  16. It really is awful weather, you did the right thing by not going out. Hope you are better soon.
    Sue xx 78

  17. Love that punch. Hope the hand gets better. Darn snow! Always seems to ruin plans here too.


  18. Sorry your weekend was not as you had planned, but better to stay safe - I am finding this as I get older, would have gone through allsorts to get somewhere when I was younger.
    That tree punch looks great.
    I didn't get the stamp on my blog from Bladerubber (I did see it in there though) but from the Craft Barn as I had an order and it made it up if you know what I mean ha ha!

  19. ooh stay warm and fight off the arthritis and infections, see you in the week,


  20. Hope you heal quickly! The cards are cute.

    Terry (24)

  21. Sore hands are bound to make you feel like a moan and we're OK with that - what are friends for! The snow has a lot to answer for - will they re-schedule the reunion? Like what you've done with the circles - and are those more ribbon lengths I see?!!

  22. Želim ti čim prejšnje okrevanje, da boš lahko nadaljevala z ustvarjanjem, kajti tako uporabni in lepi pripomočki kar težko čakajo, da jih primeš v roke. Pozdrav.

  23. You are welcome to a moan... what are friends for? Great snoop around your place again with lovely projects and equipment there. It looks like it's the best thing that you didn't go to that reunion with all the mayhem on the roads. I'm so worried now about getting home on Friday as airports are closing in England due to all the snow.
    JoZarty x

  24. It's good to vent and your hands look like a very good reason to moan :) Like the way you have labelled your distress inks - particularly the colour touch. I've seen the circle cutter demonstrated on You Tube and, of course, the users make it look so easy. The Christmas tree punch is terrific. Elizabeth #85

  25. Hey, that labeling is inspiring! Gosh, you guys really got hit with the snow and so sorry that you missed your reunion because of it!
    Hope you are completely at 100*/* soon!

    AmberInk got lucky @#1!

  26. Ugh, I hope things improve for you D, what's a crafter to do if she can't craft? Go ahead and get it all out, we'll listen! I've been following that snow in the UK, looking at news reports, photos etc, it's incredibly severe this year, much more so than other years. Love the labeling of your inks, such a useful thing to do.

    Brenda 90

  27. I still have a crooked finger, that's been over a year now, I don't think it will ever go straight again! I think that's probably way all my digi's lean to one side, Hope your hand is better soon, Happy WOYWW!!

  28. Love your inks all organised and labelled - we all need to have moan at sometime thats what friends are for :) Hope your hands are feeling better soon ~Nicky~30

  29. Hope you hands get better - and hope the great circle cutter will give those poor fingers a rest! Great inks - we all need a bit of order in the craft roo!
    sasa 7

  30. Another week seems to have around so quickly. It's nice to see a lovely neat and tidy desk with lots of goodies on there to have a good old play with. Thanks for sharing your workspace. Best wishes, Kym xxx (WOYWW No 40)

  31. cute cards. Sorry so late on the WOYWW.

  32. You are a winner - come see what you won

  33. Oh your poor hands. Is it an injury or I hope like me you don't have arthritis?
    Take care!!
    Sue xx