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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOYWW, 8th December 2010

Good morning everybody! 

It is an early hour and I am half stretched over  my bed with my lap top, writing this post for WOYWW! Do you see the enthusiasm? Well I should be enthusiastic as I have realised in the night that it is another Wednesday and I haven't done any posts in between! I really don't know where the week has gone but it seems that most of it I have been spending working and clearing snow - very little crafting! Yesterday I started panicking because I have realised that I must get on with my Christmas cards if I don't want to end up doing them the last evening before Christmas (happened last year). Anyway I have a lot to show you but it isn't my work! 
First I must tell you that I got my FIRST ATC ...Donna from   Doings of Doone has sent me this really beautiful one! I just love it - such a lovely thing.....

I am not sure what you are suppose to do with it - I was thinking of putting it in a frame and also am I suppose to send one back??? Can somebody explain! Donna thank you sooo much I am really happy to have it!
The good news are not finished yet I also won the contest called "how many frogs are there in the pile" - I got it almost right and won! Ha, ha....thank you again Donna - looking forward to that frog! 
And still more lovely stuff that has come my way - yesterday the postman brought me a little package and it was from Jo from JoZart - I was admiring her work with Angelina and she suggested I should try some and I was sent a little package of it, instructions how to use it and a card made with Angelina - soooo beautiful! Thank you so much Jo, I really love this!I will be making something with it this afternoon!

How nice that people are so good and send me these lovely things - I am thankful for everything !
And now onto my desk...... swing to the right you can see the ONE AND ONLY card I have made this week - I will reveale it in full later as I want to enter it in a challenge, my make up bag....mhmm I have been looking for that one...I wonder how it got here.....and all the rest of my usual stuff....

Swing to the left......

A bottle of Mod Podge which I bought for .....I don't know why but I think I wanted to make something.....then a bag full of my Christmas ribbons....2 new memento ink pads and a lot of other stuff...have a snoop and see what other junk is there ha, ha....
To finish this 2 pics of our snow.....

Most of it is gone now as we have had 2 days of non - stop rain.....at least I don't have to clean the car 3 times a day!
Have a lovely snoopy day - I will be around too but probably late as today my daughter and her friend will come and we will be BAKING a cake and making Chocolate mousse!! I will tell you what is the occasion in one of my next posts... huh rushing now to work!!!!!!
Hugs to all of you,
P.S. You might not have noticed I have changed the look of my blog a little bit - made it a bit more Christmasy - the color scheme is the same as my normal one - I was lucky to find one like that! I hope you like it!


  1. Atc's you keep them i keep mine in well you may laugh but absolutely perfect for them.It is a football card file the ones you buy at the newsagents.I think the one i have is from England football cards.It was £2.49 as selling them off ive decorated the front and where the football cards go ideal size for ATC's .Hope this helps have fun baking
    hugs judex~######6

  2. Well done on the blog makeover, it's great... there are so many things I could comment on today. Your one and only card looks great and like you I don't know what folk do with ATCs once they've swapped them. Do they make a collage, put them into albums, paper the walls with them? I'd love to know.
    Chrissie #7

  3. Loving your Christmassy themed blog and loads of stash on your desk.
    My project is finished now if you want to see what it is now!

  4. Your blog looks great! Love your desk pics, and what a lovely couple of gifts you got.

  5. Your Doone ATC is wonderful and we are a privileged group to own one. So pleased your Angelina arrived, have fun using it! Love your seasonal blog and the snow pics too. Stay warm....
    Hugs JoZarty x

  6. I have my (few) ATCs all over the place - but never hidden away, no return ATC from you is necessary - this was a give away - not a swap - I don't do them often - my followers, Lizzie, Adam, Nat H are the only people who have a piece of my ATC art-

    I will be doing a quartet swap with Kimberly Ward in January 2011 and a really shocking thing for AMY which will take ages to complete - then i will do no more

    for ages

    because I am fickle and i find the size toooo restrictive after a while and I only like to create art if a know a bit about the recipient which is also why I am finding it hard to sell my paintings...

    really do with it as you wish - let the frog hold it?

    Love your Christmas blog. Stay warm and safe.


  7. Lovely desk - looks to be full of goodies to play with. Enjoy your stuff from Jo, she is a treasure to have as a friend. Love that atc from Doone - you lucky thing. Look up artists trading cards in Google for the full low down. They are for trading and not for selling etc. so I guess you could or could not send one back. With one like that I would definitely frame it. #21

  8. Lovely neat desk. Thanks for the snow photos... I am in Australia preparing for a Summery Christmas!
    Susan xxox #13

  9. Black card really makes a design 'pop' doesn't it? Your snowy pictures are beautiful,
    Thank you for sharing them.
    Have a lovely day
    Sue xx

  10. well done on the atc love your desk and the snow pictures
    vicky 79

  11. Great job on the blog make over!! Don't you love getting thins in the "mail"? Very industrious looking desk this week. Looking forward to your cards. #92

  12. Oh the ATC is stunning! By all means keep it so that everyone can admire it. Lucky you!

    Maarit #37

  13. Oh the snow photos are wonderful. We haven't had snow here. I'm one of the lucky ones I guess. And I love the new blog look. It is a good match for your regular background.

    An ATC is an Artist Trading Card. Since this was not for trade, you are not expected to return one to Doone. However, ATCs are always given, never sold. And I keep mine in plastic sleeves that baseball and other sports trading cards usually are kept in. They are the same size.

    I plan to frame mine, though. Like you, it's too pretty to put in a book somewhere. Happy WOYWW (#4).

  14. Love your snowy pictures and your ATC that you received is absolutely stunning. Wonderful creative desk. Tracy Evans (No. 3).

  15. thanks for the crafty snoop...what a busy desk...hugs kath xxx No 47

  16. For it being early in the morning, you sure covered a lot of territory! Doone's ATC is fabulous - it is one of my favorites that I saw. I didn't know what to do with them either, even tho I think they are wonderful, so i'm glad you asked the question. Of course a card holder would be perfect since they are collectibles...I had never thought of that. Love the snow, the desk, the holiday blog look. Merhaba.

  17. Lovely peek at the snow this week. Hug Pam x

  18. Awesome workspace, love the ATC. Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Marjo #45

  19. Lucky girl to receive all those goodies. I also keep ATC's in trading card folders that you buy from the newsagent. Had thought I would put them on cards but then I can't give them away. So the stay in the folder and I look at them and try to work out .... how did she do that?
    Love you snow pics.

  20. That snow makes me feel cold...I've had my share and I don't miss it! Lovely goodies...isn't it fun to get things in the mail?

  21. Lovely ATC! She is sooo clever, I have one too! Very busy desk, and that snow looks freeeeezing!! Happy WOYWW! #53

  22. Love your pics! Thank you for sharing.

    Pop over to my blog for my brand new blog candy!:)


  23. I like your festive blog! And you are not alone in wondering where the week has gone...it's all starting to make me a bit panicky! Love your ATC, will blog about mine in a couple days, what a genius she is. Keep warm and hurry to show that card, it looks lovely.

  24. Love your new look blog - very festive. The ATC is gorgeous and look forward to seeing what you make using the Angelina. Elizabeth #95

  25. how nice that your blog is also showing the Christmas spirit! my, my, you've been lucky! congratulations on your win and the new stuff. isn't it great to get something in the mail?

  26. What a stunning ATC you got! Lucky girl that you are, I would have to frame that one... but I have to admit most of mine are in a divided tea box with a glass lid so I can see them...

  27. The blog looks lovely - very festive! Great ATC from Doone too. Hope the snow is giving you a bit of a break now.

    Bernie #81

  28. Love the festive look! Doone's ATC is lovely. I think I would frame it too.

  29. Love the new look blog and the snowy photos are great, we had our first, very minor, snowfall last night in Michigan. Lovely ATC and RAK from Jo too, enjoy.

    Brenda 83

  30. Hi Dolores, congratualtions on winning one of the frogs, lucky you :-) The ATC is gorgeous, I've always loved that image of Donna's. No you don't need to return an ATC as Donna was doing a giveway not a swap but of course you can always return one if you so wish ;-)
    Anne xx