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Sunday, May 15, 2011

A lovely rainy Sunday!

Hello Everybody!

How is your weekend going? We had a sunny Saturday - actually quite hot - it was 28 deg C in Ljubljana! I went to the market early in the morning, then did some gardening and in the afternoon I popped over to Trieste, Italy with my daughter and did a bit of shopping! I bought 3 tops, but the one I really like is the one with a Missoni pattern ! Missoni patterns are quite trendy this year but to find one in my size is almost a missoni impossible! So I am quite happy!
Going on to today - Sunday we have lovely rain all day! Usually I would moan about rain but it was really needed - the soil was getting so dry it almost had cracks! And there was so much pollen around that even people who don't have hay fever got it! But the reason I am really enjoying this rainy Sunday is that I can do things that I want to do but don't have time or the will to do during the week when I struggle with the full time job! For the first time in my life I tried serviette technique! As I am preparing to do the whole FAT with Donna of Doings of Doone I thought I better try this! I bought art potch and made something I can not blog about yet but I will when the certain thing reaches the person it was made for! So happy to be able to try all these different techniques! I am not usually so adventuress but it seems that these FAT videos have given me the courage to do things out of my comfort zone -  thank you so much Donna!
Oh yes and here comes a bit of a moan! Besides the nice stuff I have also been doing the most boring job a stamper has to do - sticking rubber stamps to Kling-On and cutting them out! What is most frustrating is the sticking of the b..... thing to the scissors! HUH!!!!! Now I went all out because I have had enough of this and bought the very famous TIM HOLTZ NON STICK SCISSORS! Yeh right! They are only a very expensive stick!!!! And here are photos to prove it.....

Here is the proof!

I used alcohol to clean off all the horrible glue  - I guess I should have had a sip of it myself being so frustrated! ha, ha..... I know a lot of you ladies love TH stuff and I also buy a lot of his things but I will say this load and clear - his stuff is not always what it says it is and everything is too damn expensive! So there I have said it!!!
Ok then I am off to watch more of Donnas videos - enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I will see you tomorrow with something I have made over the weekend!
Oh yes I almost forgot to comment on the blogger frustration - lots of you girls have commented on my Birthday - WOYWW post but I couldn't get back to you - I will try to get back to all of you during the evening! Thank you to all of you for your kind wishes!
Lots of hugs and love to all,

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  1. Hello my friend. I can share your frustration with that job, but when I read you had just the scissors for it I thought you would be ok! What a shame they do not do what they say they will!
    hugs Linbyx